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Cindy Sheehan Kicks off Campaign Against Pelosi

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When Cindy first came out I wrote that I supported her and would send her money and bingo .... I am not allowed to post there.

We need Cindy in congress. I have dealt with the "Pelosi's" all my life. The kiss-asses that make sure what they do is good for them and pretend they are working for you. Nancy never fooled me.

Tomorrow I am going to vote for Robin Weirich. I feel good about her.

I wasn't banned (well .., yes I was -- but for another reason) from a military forum // I'm a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant and find myself believing that 9/11 was an inside job and that the war we are involved in [Afghanistan/Iraq] is based upon a pack of lies. It's both of these matters (my past military association, and my personal beliefs) that led me to comment my feelings in the military forum. Thinking I might reach others and share in the TRUTH, I found myself grossly mistaken -- they didn't want to hear the TRUTH.

I had made numerous postings in the forum, not always finding agreement in thought but things were kept pretty social. It just happened to be that one day CINDY SHEEHAN became the subject of conversation; I chimed in and stated that I was in complete agreement with CINDY and tried to relay my understanding of her pain and sufferings as regards the loss of her son and the lies that led us to war // well, that turned out to be a big MISTAKE and one that set the stage for my later ban from further participation; although it was stated my ban was for other reasons -- I knew better.

I still support CINDY SHEEHAN and became interested in what she had to say when GWB refused to stop and give the woman a few kind words of compassion to the answers she was seeking // the same any mother and father would be seeking if their son was killed in a war that makes absolutely no sense. I believe in protecting our nation, but I certainly don't believe in being the bully in the classroom that imposes themself on innocent others at innocent others expense -- and that's what we have done when it comes to this fabrticated 'war on terror'. The leader of the mob rule mentality (GWB/'dick'Cheney) is wrong and yet feels that anyone who speaks out against him (them) are on the side of terrorist // that should be any rational person's first clue when it comes to understanding this mess.

In the case of my comments regarding CINDY SHEEHAN, I found myself in discussion with many pro-war types, one of which was a mother who claimed to have two sons in Iraq. I expressed my best wishes to the woman, and wishes for the safe return of her sons, but challenged her anger when it came to the remarks she was expressing against CINDY. Many folks felt CINDY was on the outside and couldn't see matters for what they truly are -- the reality of it is, they were the ones that couldn't see, and blind as they were in their attitudes -- thought otherwise.

I'm not sure I support CINDY SHEEHAN for Congress but I sure don't
support PELOSI // Her turncoat, her true colors have been exposed by telling us impeachment is off the table// She certainly needs to be reined in and replaced ASAP with someone who does have the best interest of the American people as their guiding principal. PELOSI is not that person.


The people of San Francisco oppose the war and the people of San Francisco favor impeachment generally (by 60%). So how the hell will Nancy Pelosi win against Cindy Sheehan? I believe it is a mathematical impossibility for Pelosi torture lady to win -- unless she steals the election.

Vote Cindy

"She-can" Sheehan!

... All we have to do is awaken the power in the people.."

John Lennon

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