You are herecontent / Cindy Sheehan Calls on Reyes to Subpoena Pelosi for Role in CIA Torture Tape Destruction

Cindy Sheehan Calls on Reyes to Subpoena Pelosi for Role in CIA Torture Tape Destruction

Washington DC -- Congressional candidate Cindy Sheehan has called upon Silvester Reyes to subpoena Nancy Pelosi to testify before Congress on her knowledge of the CIA torture tapes. Reyes, head of the House Intelligence Committee has issued subpoenas to acting CIA general counsel John Rizzo and the former head of the National Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez, to testify on January 16th.

"Nancy Pelosi knows what is on those tapes. She should be subpoened to testify to the specific use of torture on the tapes. The public deserves to know why the Bush administration and Ms. Pelosi would both be motivated to have the tapes destroyed," said Sheehan.

Sheehan, who is calling for Congress to impeach the President, has publicly asked Pelosi to come clean on what she knows of the President's torture policy.

"Ms. Pelosi was present at the CIA briefings. She knows what they are hiding. Mr. Reyes should also call on Ms. Pelosi to testify."

Reyes was named to his position as head of the committee by Ms. Pelosi.

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Ooh-ooh!!! Can we ask Israeli citizen, Michael "Mr. Talmud" Chertoff, TOO, kidz???!!!

(clipped headline and article)
"Chertoff Concealed Role in Tape Destruction - . . . Chertoff was head of the Justice Department's Criminal Division when CIA officials inquired whether its agents could be charged with violating the federal anti-torture statute for employing interrogation methods such as waterboarding. The tactic causes detainees to slowly drown, and is generally terminated before the detainees die."

(full story)

Of course, you older kidz all remember Michael "Mr. Talmud" Chertoff as the US Attorney for New Jersey that made sure all those "5 Dancing Israelis" from MOSSAD front company Urban Moving Systems all got home back to Israel .. . safe and sound . .. right after 9/11 . .

"Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11"

He's ALSO the guy that wants to pull another NSA-esque "Crossing the Rubicon" Illegal Domestic Surveillence by turning the Military-Industrial-Complex's FOREIGN Spy Satelite system against WE THE PEOPLE . . .

"Chertoff Attacks Bill of Rights, Corporate Media Ignores Story"

He says it's LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL . . .because HE says it's LEGAL and CONSTITUTIONAL . . .

. . . hey, any remaining BushCo fanz and FOX NEWS supporters can CLEARLY follow THAT logic and reasoning, kidz . .. ;-)

Connect the dotz, kidz . .. see the pattern . . .No man can serve two masters . . .;-)

This ol' fool from North Cackilacki just feels that our "Special Friends" . . . Jonathon "Nuclear Secrets For Sale" Pollard and Jack "Candy Man" Abramoff . . .could use some company . . .during this "Special" time of year, kidz . ..;-)

. . . LOTS of company . . .LOTS and LOTS of company!!! . . .;-)

"Fox News: Israeli Spyring"

"The Israeli Spy Ring"

"When friends come to call,
It's the hap - happiest season of all.
There'll be parties for hosting,
Marshmallows for toasting,
And caroling out in the snow.
There'll be scary ghost stories
And tales of the glories
Of Christmases long, long ago."
- The Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Steve Wariner (lyrics)


Pelosi is criminally derelict in her duties as Speaker of the House. Moreover she is in violation of her oath of office and needs to resign or if she refuses, needs to be impeached.

Apparently she doesn't seem to understand that by allowing further funding of an unprovoked and illegal war in Iraq makes her complicit in war crimes. Moreover that she fails to do her duty in putting impeachment on the table makes her an accessory after the fact in all of
Bushes crimes.

She needs to get herself a good lawyer.

The operative word in the whole can of shit is TORTURE. Torture is illegal. It is unconstitutional. If the dumb-asses in the Congress pass a law condoning torture it is still illegal. If Congress members watch videos of torture and don't report it, they are complicit. If they don't know if waterboarding is torture, perhaps we should try it on them so that can give their considered opinions from experience. They say experience is the best teacher.

After the 1st year of the 110th Democratic Congress, the Dems get "a pat on the back"! Yep, things are really going, going, gone in "a new direction". But wait, things aren't what they seem. They took the Constitution "off the table" and no one is accountable for anything. Oh YEA, the Dems took over the credit card payments for the occupation of Iraq even though American voters have had enough borrowing already, and the Iraqis want it ended. Well, let's "scratch" 07. What about '08? Check out those sliping poll numbers; slip, slip, sliding away.

She did mean "...except if Pelosi knows about destroyed CIA torture tapes."

Pelosi, you need to just step aside for a REAL woman and public servant > CINDY !

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