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Will Media Broadcast "THE PEOPLE'S PARADE" At The Rose Parade New Years Day??

Here's a little puzzle to ponder. Consider these two American institutions... then guess which institutions they are??

One institution is over 200 years old and the product of passion, commitment, creativity and pain-staking labor. It is present every New Years Day in Pasadena, California, but it is NEVER seen.

The second institution is a spectacular floral extravaganza, over 100 years of age. It is also the product of passion, commitment, creativity and pain-staking labor. It, too, is present every New Years Day in Pasadena, but it is ALWAYS seen. The vision of the second displays its majesty. The majesty of the first displays its vision.

The first, much older UNSEEN institution allows the second institution to be seen. Without the presence of the first and older institution, the younger institution might not be.

Can you guess which institutions these are? Allow me fill you in.

The first institution, the UNSEEN one, is the Constitution of the United States. The second institution is the annual Pasadena Rose Parade. The Constitution, the underpinning of our Democracy, gave forth the freedoms of expression and assembly which allow the Rose Parade to take place. The Rose Parade owes its existence to the Constitution.

This year, as a gift to the nation and as a reminder of how revered the Constitution should be, a consortium of patriots will join together in Pasadena to VISUALLY unite both institutions.

On New Years Day, thanks to the 2008 White Rose Coalition (WRC), a GIANT rendering of the Preamble to the Constitution will be carried at the end of the Rose Parade by American patriots in the PEOPLE'S PARADE FOR DEMOCRACY. Accompanying the Preamble will be the famed chain-gang bobble-heads of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice, adorned in prison garb with chains and teeny balls. See youtube video of Bobble Heads in action:

The 2008 White Rose Coalition is a convergence of patriots from pro-peace/pro-impeachment organizations across the nation, including the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (LANIC), CODEPINK, Troops Out Now, World Can't Wait, ANSWER, Progressive Democrats of America, the Green Party, Veterans For Peace, United For Peace and Justice, The Backbone Campaign, Office Of The Americas, Brave New Films, and more. They have assembled under the banner of the White Rose Coalition in tribute to the resistance movement in Munich in 1942. Coalition members will use a wide variety of visuals during the Rose Parade broadcast to push the urgency to END THE WAR & IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY!

The 2008 WRC is the brainchild of Los Angeles attorney, Peter Thottam. Thottam, a former Green Party candidate for California Assembly and Director of LANIC, has assembled a stellar array of progressive leaders to march in The PEOPLE'S PARADE. They include Camp Casey Peace Institute founder and San Francisco Congressional Candidate, Cindy Sheehan, CODEPINK Co-founder, Jodie Evans, CODEPINK human rights activist, Tighe Barry, who was recently arrested in Pakistan for challenging Musharraf's martial law, and Marcy Winograd, President of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles and 2006 Congressional candidate for California's 36th District.

THE PEOPLE'S PARADE will begin at approximately 10:30AM (Pacific Time) and wind down Colorado Boulevard, ending at the steps of Pasadena City Hall. There, Cindy Sheehan and others will hold a press conference on impeachment and the war on Iraq.

Since Speaker of the House, Pelosi, and her Congress, have failed to honor their Constitutional duty to initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney, and the U.S. Legislature continues to fund the war on Iraq, the pro-America White Rose Coalition believes it is time for Americans to take the most visible and proactive roles possible to return the nation to its democratic principles.

With the bipartisan passage of H.R. 1955, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Act of 2007, and its Senate clone, S. 1959 pending passage in February, it is abundantly clear that Democrats and Republicans in Washington are colluding to suppress dissent. The effort to undermine the First Amendment is underway as this suppressive legislation proves.

As consequence, the White Rose Coalition intends to usher in election year '08 with overwhelming visibility to advance THE PEOPLE'S cause: END THE WAR & IMPEACH GEORGE BUSH AND DICK CHENEY!!

Across all fifty states of this Union, Americans want an end to war, and Bush and Cheney held accountable for their crimes. If elected officials won't uphold the Constitution, it's up to THE PEOPLE to RISE!!

2008 must be the year for the American people to work in consort to return their beloved nation to its Constitutional roots. No torture. No manufactured consent for war. No corporate profiteering at the expense of the masses to enrich the few. No arrogant self-exile from cooperative efforts to safeguard the planet.

Alternatively, Americans must demand the establishment of an America that is respected and emulated by the community of nations - not for its military prowess, but for its contributions to humanity.

Every New Years Day, the domestic and international press broadcast the Rose Parade to a worldwide audience of millions. The questions this year are:

Will mainstream media broadcast the Preamble to the Constitution and the PEOPLE'S PARADE that will follow right after??

Will mainstream media grant the same center stage visibility to a facsimile of the Constitution that it grants to floral facsimiles of lesser importance?

The answers, my fellow Americans, depend on the patriotism of the "free" press, which like the Rose Parade and all forms of artistic and political expression, our Constitution provides for and protects.

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I'll be there marching at the end with some friends from San Diego and Palm Springs. Look for the big bright yellow banner with afterdowningstreet on it.

NBC cut away.

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