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The White Rose and the Rose Parade

By Cindy Sheehan

Since the conquest of Poland three hundred thousand Jews have been murdered in this country in the most bestial way ... The German people slumber on in their dull, stupid sleep and encourage these fascist criminals ... Each man wants to be exonerated of a guilt of this kind, each one continues on his way with the most placid, the calmest conscience. But he cannot be exonerated; he is guilty, guilty, guilty! — From the second leaflet of the White Rose. [5] ”

My first encounter with the White Rose Society (a small group of Munich University Students who were executed for their opposition to Hitler and the Third Reich) came on my way from Dallas to Crawford, Tx on August 6th, 2005.

I rode from the Veteran’s for Peace Convention in Dallas on the “White Rose,” a bus that had a huge ‘IMPEACH’ written on the side of it. On the bus was a picture of Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans and some of the quotes of the series of 5 leaflets that the Society spread denouncing Hitler from June 1942 to February 1943, when they were caught and executed. They were an obviously brave and moral group of wide awake Germans who sacrificed their lives to try and change the horrible direction that their nation was going in.

Gold Star Families for Peace and the Camp Casey Peace Institute has joined a group called the "White Rose Coalition" that will be carrying a large copy of the Constitution at the end of the parade and the Backbone Campaign’s Chain Gang will be following the parade. Many activists will tag along with our “Impeachment” banners, signs and other means of protest to call national attention to the accountability issue.

Being involved in this particular action has engendered the most hate mail for me since I left the Democratic Party! I am “ruining the parade.” I am the “representation of everything that is evil in the world today.” One woman named Carrie, was “sorry” that my son is dead, but he volunteered to “honor” this country with his service and even though Carrie is no “fan” of Bush (yeah sure), I have really “crossed the line” this time.

First of all, we are not protesting the parade at all, except that it is a symbol of corporate excess and it is my opinion it is not really moral to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on parade floats when people are still being killed in Iraq and suicide rates for our Veterans are skyrocketing because the VA system in under-funded and apparently not a priority for BushCo and Congress Inc

I can’t remember a time in my life where anyone protesting at a parade would have upset me at all, but since Casey was killed in Iraq and since I have faced and witnessed so much violence, oppression and hardship in the world, it is absolutely stunning to me that this protest would create so much vileness and venom. There are so many more important things in the world besides parades and football games. I have also tried to imagine an Iraqi happening to catch a glimpse of the Rose Parade on TV somehow and marveling how everything is so happy and beautiful in America when our nation has utterly devastated and destroyed theirs.

Since the “conquest” of Iraq, over one million Iraqis have been slaughtered or have died from the tragic, but unavoidable consequences of invasion and occupation. BushCo have desecrated our Constitution and the almost complete fascist take-over of our media and the blatant stealing of our freedoms here at home have bypassed many Americans while they are slumbering in our dull, stupid sleep.

As long as people like Carrie have their “circuses” to divert them, then they don’t have to bother their “beautiful minds” with the crimes of BushCo---but ignorance is not an excuse for being awash in the blood of nearly 4000 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

I spend every second of every day mourning my son and longing for his future. I am sorry if someone wearing an “Impeach Bush and Cheney” t-shirt will ruin a parade for somebody, but we are trying to prevent many more people from having their entire lives ruined.

We cannot allow this criminal regime to continue as in the words of the first leaflet from the White Rose Society:

It is certain that today every honest German is ashamed of his government. Who among us has any conception of the dimensions of shame that will befall us and our children when one day the veil has fallen from our eyes and the most horrible of crimes ... reach the light of day.

"People before Politics"
Support Cindy for Congress!

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We have no idea the shame that our country will awaken to when the veil has fallen from our eyes. Meanwhile it would appear that the immoral majority just wants their bread and circus. Normally I would never watch the Rose Parade as it holds no interest for me, but the idea of seeing these activists inspires me to want to watch it. So there you have it some are made happy and others are made sad/mad/bad by the same event.

May the people of California move us all closer to the day when we can hold accountable those who have harmed so many and so much of our world.

Cindy writes:

I have also tried to imagine an Iraqi happening to catch a glimpse of the Rose Parade on TV somehow and marveling how everything is so happy and beautiful in America when our nation has utterly devastated and destroyed theirs.

Get a clue Cindy:

Iraqi's were celebrating this new years eve with fireworks and celebrations in the streets of Baghdad!

This comment would be hilarious if it weren't of course so completely tragic what is actually happening in Iraq. It's really just amazing how someone can so willfully turn such a blind eye to the suffering of others. How come I have seen photos of Iraqi parents weeping and carrying their dead children, how come I have seen the footage of Iraqi civilians who've lost limbs or parts of their faces or even parts of their heads, and this person hasn't? Does this person not know about Blackwater going on shooting sprees and getting away with it? Does this person not know that $9 billion of American taxpayer money is missing because of the Wild West atmosphere among U.S. contractors over there? I guess the bottom line is that some people refuse to look. 1 million Iraqis have died because of this unnecessary war; that's not counting the injured, not counting the refugees, and not counting the daily terror that many of them live with because their streets are not safe.

I was at the Rose Parade today and am very proud of what we did in trying to make people like this person think about what is actually going on in the world in our name.

And thank you for being there, Cindy, and for all your bravery, honesty, and clear vision!

That Sheehan has gone totally NUTS. To everyone outside her little fringe group of admirerers she is a joke. Goahead Cindy, protest at parades, or anywhere else. You have as much impact as a fart in the wind.

Don't expect corporate media to show any of the protest. Won't happen. But the people actually there will see it, and it might make page 23 in the L.A. Times.

This is very harsh, but still it is the truth and we must face up to the truth, as difficult as it may be and then the truth must be rightfully acted upon - this is what constitutes moral behavior.

The truth is that that the only difference between the Bush administration and the Nazis is that Bush did not load up the Iraqis in railroad cars, transport them to a remote area and then kill them. George and his minions killed them in their homes, villages, and cities. Over one million killed, millions displaced, the entire physical and social infrastructure destroyed - this is genocide folks - WAKE THE HELL UP!

Not those on the right, and not even a good majority of those on Left, except the few fringe wing nuts like her.

Cindy 's 5 minutes of fame are gone but she still remains desperate for attention and addicted to the spotlight.

Cindy Sheehan; yesterdays news. So 5 Minutes ago, not even Hugo Chavez cares!

As for these bogus claims about millions killed in Iraq and destroyed infrastructure - the Iraqis have insisted those figures are not only exagerated by about 900,000 and are wondering why lying liberals didn't give a rats ass about the million of Iraqis that Saddam killed. They wonder why you didn't run off at the mouth about that. They know you to be fools. They also know you do not and never will represent America, what America stands for, and that you are and always will remain cowards and puppets to terrorists like Al Q.

You're bullshit is falling on deaf ears.

You're bullshit is falling on deaf ears.

Please share your sources, what methodology they used, and let's compare it with the 2006 Johns Hopkins Iraq Mortality Study, conducted in conjunction with Al Mustansiriya University in Baghdad and published in the Lancet (a prestigious British medical journal), the work of JustForeignPolicy.Org, which has extrapolated those findings and updates them on an ongoing basis, and the independent confirmation of these results by the well known British polling firm Opinion Business Research.

Nobody disputes that Saddam Hussein was a vicious dictator. But he was captured four years ago and has actually paid for his crimes with his life. If you're going to bitch about people ignoring the crimes of a dictator, how about turning your attention to the one in Pakistan? You know, the guy who illegally seized power in a military coup in 1999, declared a bogus state of emergency and replaced the Chief Justice of Pakistan's supreme court with a compliant yes man to help him hold on to power, who is still very much alive, and has been continuosly propped up by the Bush administration with billions of our tax dollars?

I am sick and fucking tired of you soulless partisan assholes who do nothing try to project your own hopeless cowardice onto the millions of us who actually care about stopping the needless death and destruction and taking our country back from the un-elected fascist bastards who have been holding us hostage for seven years.

You and your ilk are the ones who don't represent what America stands for. You don't even have the nerve to use your name here. But WE'RE the cowards?

Fuck you. Crawl back in your anonymous hole and come out when you have a clue.

Latest video at
What Else Was on Those CIA Torture Tapes?

I can relate to your tirade about these geniuses who hide behind anonymity! You and many other courageous individuals who comment here with some form of ID often pose the query CUI BONO, Who benefits?

A good source for some answers to this question as well as Cindy's question to the "shrub". . . FOR WHAT NOBLE CAUSE DID MY SON DIE? try reading the two recent books authored by James Petras:


I suspect that the anonymous posters here are likely numbered among those who perceive ideological benefits from these policies of what are supposed to be American government officials. A look at the sources of political campaign funding as reported in Petras' books provides a great deal of material for energetic debate except that the platforms for such debate are controlled (and I do mean 'TROLLED') by the alleged "liberal press" which is in the pocket of those interests Petras describes.

I am almost finished with THE POWER OF ISREAL. . . book and now I have a much clearer understanding why there was next to no coverage of the September 24, 2005 march in DC. I feel a great deal of regret for fellow citizens who blindly trust American government officials and swallow the "news" spoon fed them by the propagandists masquerading as journalists in the "mainstream media"!

With the stranglehold on the news, the arrests for expressing opinions or operating cameras, the courage displayed by the people protesting is admirable. (because you know that your names are now on a list somewhere)
These people wanting their rights back have to follow the streetsweepers at the end of the parade? I almost cried. But at least the people are allowed to assemble, Thank you Pasadena, + California.
The Iraq war is wrong, even Walter Cronkite said so. But the larger issue of losing constitutional rights ; and making it legal to do bad things, the impeachment of Bush and/or Cheney before it is too late...
Clearly, a mess.

I cant see where to add my name, but I am not Anon., Kathleen O'Grady

How many know that Dubya's grandaddy actually did business with Hitler?

Pass it on.

Latest video at
What Else Was on Those CIA Torture Tapes?

There is a very interesting film I saw the other night. The first half hour or so is fascinating about the different incarnations of a lot of religions based on astrology. The rest is about the history of the US financial system and federal reserve and the need to keep war going for those that lend us their money. I finally "get" what a few people have tried to tell me over the last couple of years. A bit on Prescott Bush and the Nazis in there. Going to watch again, because there was a lot of information to soak in. I recommend it. Watch online at It run close to two hours.

Not that the moderator will post this, as you people who always whine about your "First ammendment Rights" being taken away by us "Evil Republicans" never actually post anything from us. The only people who actually take away peoples rights of speech are Liberals who never allow Conservatives to speek. Come on, prove me wrong, I DARE you.
You people are nuttier than a fruitcake. Millions of people? Where are you pulling your numbers out of, Sheehans enormous flabby butt? You guys have no clue what has been going on over there. you worship the enemy, and decry our own military. you hate our country and assist our enemies. you are seditious little traitors who should be ashamed to even live here. You all suck off our freedoms, because you are too afraid to live in any of these "Utopias" you all claim to worship. You wouldn't last 5 minutes there. Well let me tell you something dirtbags...this "Peaceful Religion" of yours, only wants one thing. It want to dominate the world and turn it into one big Shari'ah run theocracy. All of you who are lying about Bush taking away your rights have seen nothing yet. they will not rest until there is a mushroom cloud over the United Staes. they have said so dozens of times. Go to and read up little hippies. Learn about your peaceful friends and the 10,200+ terrorist attacks they have committed since 9-11. Go on cowards. And maybe, just maybe, one of you could talk Muffin Top Sheehan into getting the severe mental help she so desperately needs.

It is with utmost sincerity that I offer a plea to all people in her voting district, DO NOT VOTE FOR CINDY.

for yourself, you won't be "Anonymous" anymore.

reynaldo i trevino Fuck you Anonymous Cindy voter will vote that nancy right out. you and your fucking bUShies crime family and all of you who thing that you are,well nothing is what you are a long with"...The man that ...murered Osama Bin Laden the balance of terrorism in washington and in the new media "FOX MSNBC ABC CBS NBC/MSN...,Secret Service."Musharaf Donald Rumsfeld Rudy Giuliani Karl Rove Hillary Clinton House of Congress The Republican Party Christian Operation of the white power/s/er nancy Pelosi fuck you.

I hadnt realized you are the Absolute Moral authority on the Planet. Your self centered "Look at me, Feel sorry for Me" act getting kind of old. Casey Not only VOLUNTARILY Enlisted, but Re-Enlisted, that tells me your Son had more Selflessness in him than you will ever have. Your a Hypocrite who could have spoken up when you met the President instead of waiting months after.

Your a Tool, I'll leave you to figure out what type.

I'm sure this site will never allow this to be printed as it shows divergence from the typical Monnbattery posted here.

OIF Veteran, 1st Cavalry Division

ANOMYMOUS (and you others out there who feel inclined to bash CINDY SHEEHAN) --

I encountered people like you in another forum, people who had served our country by way of military service, but for some reason failed to understand that war is wrong, especially a war that is based so deeply on lies as is the case with Iraq and Afghanistan.

I too am prior military, retired US Army Master Sergeant -- a volunteer for duty in Vietnam back in 1966-67; I served a total of 26 years active duty in total and today KNOW (in my heart) that my time was well spent in defense of our wonderful country; but I also KNOW that the powers to be (those at the very top in control of the military today) could care less what becomes of our truly brave warriors as they send them off to fight (and extend their damn tours time and time again) in a war that is based upon one lie after the other. The soldiers may not know this (understand this) but the powers to be -- they know, and they could care less.

Looking around on the web this morning, I discovered this letter sent to a Congressman (Mr. Welch from Vermont) // I hate to break it to you like this but CINDY SHEEHAN may have lost her son in this war, and because of it feels inclined to speak out against the same -- she certainly isn't alone in her pain:
I also submit for the record [CONGRESSIONAL RECORD] a letter that was read at the Hartland town meeting from Lisa Johnson of Essex Jct. about the death in Iraq of her son Captain Pierre Piche.

May 11, 2007.
Dear Mr. Welch: my son, Captain Pierre Piche', should be
teaching young people history or political science right now.
Like many of the young people who represent the best that our
country has to offer, he is a casualty of the war in Iraq. He
was killed in a Blackhawk helicopter on November 13, 2003. He
was sent to fly over a high-risk area in Bagdad because he
was being required to attend a mandatory R and R. He did not
want to go. He knew it was very dangerous and he also knew
that was completely illogical. It turned out that these
soldiers were being sent in to be part of a photo op for the
president. I have to live with this knowledge every day.
My son served proudly in the military for ten years before
being sent to Iraq. He earned the rank of captain with blood,
sweat and tears, and he loved every minute of it. Before my
son was killed he told me that he did not like what he was
seeing in Iraq and he did not want to be a part of it.
My son Pierre gave the ultimate sacrifice, knowing that he
had been deceived. It is difficult for all of us who oppose
this war to observe the ongoing carnage and wearing down of
the fabric of the American spirit as this war kills our young
people, eats away at the economy and, worse yet, the hearts
of the American people. For me, the betrayal is pointed and
more personal.
There must be accountability for the real reasons for this
war. Keep up the investigations. Keep up the pressure, and
add to the pressure by investigating the two people most
responsible, Bush and Cheney.
Your courage is needed because this war has to end.
Thank you.
Lisa Johnson
by John Buchanan, journalist

Hey Cindy,

When you win the election and go to Washington, will your first action be to impeach yourself for giving aid and comfort to the enemy, which the last time I looked was an ACTUAL reason for impeaching someone?

I mean, really, wanting to impeach someone just because you're nuttier than a fruit cake is no reason to throw a temper tantrum at the Rose Bowl. Yeah, getting on TV is fun, but most of us content ourselves with making faces at the camera in the background of a live report. But actually planning to get on camera to prove to the world that not only are you a complete idiot but, that you are entirely ignorant of reality and history, now that's the sign of a sick mind. Get some help, dear!

Never mind that by the time she would get to congress, bush would already be on the way out.

So is a stain on a dress a good reason to impeach someone?

No, a stained dress is not reason to impeach. However, perjury (ya know, swearing in a court of law that you'll tell the truth and then, well, not) is a good reason for impeachment. Nice fallacy though - keep working them! The entire leftist argument machine requires as many as you can come up with.

Although I'm sure you understand the difference, I'll bite: No, a stained dress isn't a good reason to impeach anyone. However, perjury is a excellent reason to impeach. If I'm wrong and you don't understand the difference between a stained dress and lying under oath, I'll be happy to explain it for you. Just let me know! ;)

Dear Cindy,

I am terribly sorry for loss of Casey. He was a patriot and he would probably be embarrassed by you (the rest of your family sure is and that's why they have left you).

Please consider getting help for your problems. Ruining the Rose Parade for families who have waited all night to see the floats is rude and doesn't bring any positive attention to your stupid cause. It only makes you and your America-hating partners look more pathetic and desperate.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis? How about hundreds of millions of Muslims? That's one I'd LOVE to see.

What is quite clear is that posters, who comment the way you and the previous poster comment in anonymity, make useless "contributions" to the discussion with absolutely no intellectual foundation.

Hiding behind that macho "anonymous" tag takes about as much courage as the Isreali "Defense" Forces literally shooting fish in a barrel when they "defend" themselves from "terrorist agression" bombing civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and Lebanon.

Yeah, I know! I'm an "anti-Semite" except you don't have a clue how the term semite is actually defined.

I'm with Yank! RICO AIPAC, PNAC and all of the knee-jerk Isreal First organizations who bankroll all those puppets of theirs in Congress and the Executive Branch. Before you all go criticizing, try reading James Petras' books cover to cover. Then lets talk, not before!


... the place where your head and ass come together as one.

You people really are just bat-shit crazy. Swear to God, one year from now you'll still be shrieking "Impeach Bush! Impeach Cheney!" Move on, indeed.

And you thought restoring the Constitution was "batty"! Just wait until we tackle crazy shit like "Human Rights" in order to salvage the "Geneva Convention" .

You CIA and, let's say, "CIA-inspired" dildos are not "our worst nightmare", but simply an ugly impediment on the way from WWII to the future the American People (and indeed all the people of the world) really deserve. We will run over you and then stop, shift into reverse and back over you again - and again and again as necessary to smooth the road back out.

And you motherfuckers can't utter a single word of the operative truth. Which is of course that Cindy Sheehan's threat to Nancy-The-Whore Pelosi is indeed gaining more traction every day (no doubt many have made a New Year's Resolution to do all they can to ensure she unseats Pelosi in 2008). Otherwise you assholes wouldn't all be piling on here (after leaving all the other threads, and the entire forum alone; now and all through the autumn). This isn't rocket science.

We are far more numerous than you; we are smarter than you - and we have the entire 200+ YEARS OF TRUE AMERICAN TRADITION, not to mention THE LAW backing us up.

So, make your bellicose threats - and lash out with your spasmodic, dying sporadic retribution - and prepare to get crushed by the decency of the American People anyway, you Totalitarian Fascist motherfuckers.

Semper Fi,

-Matty in Florida

... take your Zoloft. Wipe that spittle off your chin. You're starting to frighten the children.

cindy,quote from john lennon's working class hero:"first you must learn to smile as you kill,if you want to live like the 'folks on the hill'."

GROW UP!!! I have read you nutty columns over the years and I am sorry your son died but for gods sake that doesn't make you an expert in forgien affairs. For the record, there is no proof that even 100,000 iraqis have died let alone 1,000,000 so please be honest and at least admit that your 1,000,000 person figure is based on a freaking poll, not an actual count. As for impeachment, the DNC would love to do so since impeaching bush and chenney would give them TADA PRESIDENT PELOSI. Why haven't they? My view is because they know if they did, thier lies would be exposed. There is no valid reason to impeach bush when he has less than 13 months left in office. (no I am not going to register so that you can claim to have another member)

Seek help Cindy. Your hatred and anger is destroying you.

Yea, Cindy it's sad when a barking moonbat like Kos think's your an even worse barking moonbat than he is, and a majority of the nutroot's the whole of the DNC and media wont' even play your record's any more.

You were just a useful idiot to them when it counted. Now your just a useless idiot that doesn't count for squat.

I gotta question for ya' Cin. Where were you protesting in the run up to the war and up until the time Casey was killed during the war ?

Oh that's right Cindy I forgot you and your ilk like ANSWER and Code Stink and the libtard's that frequent these socialist-progressive sites are a bunch of gutless wonder's and crapweasel's.

Your such a good American Cindy but you'll run off to Caracas and hug and kiss the ass of a communist dictator thug like Chavez or grabass with the likes of the racehustler the Hon. Rev. Jesse Jackass (who fathered a child out of wedlock) all the while calling for Bush's impeachment. LMAO @ YOU !

Bet your just dying to get into Havana, Tehran, or Pyongyang.

There must be a connection between having absolute moral authority and being a flaming hypocrite.

"Look at me I'm Cindy Sheehan, attention whore extraordinaire,I have a monopoly on grief, watch as I turn the waterwork's on and off when the camera's come around ! "

Why choose the Tournament Of Roses Parade ? That's easy, you people have no vested interest in America or the joy's of it and it's people. Your nothing but a bunch of anti-establishment leftist's and communist's and have been from the beginning.

Casey died honorably for a cause he believed in. I doubt any of you people, even you Cindy would do the same. Your all a bunch of shameless, spineless, coward's and tratorious scum.

So keep hatin' on America and carrying water for our enemies while your useless token Democrat Congress in Washington sit's back and laugh's at you. We member's of the "culture of corruption" will continue to do the same.

The one thing the DNC and the GOP have in common is they think your all a bunch of useless idiot's too.

Let's not forget a majority of your Halliburton and big oil stock owning, millionaire Democrat's voted for this war too. I guess there all gonna swing from the gallow's with Bush-hitler-chimpy-McHalliburton too huh? LMAO !

I got new's for you folk's. There will be no impeachment, and no one in the Bush administration will be brought up on charges in this completly just and legal war now or ever.

You guy's can take off your tin-foil hat's and all go home now.

Oh by the way Nancy Pelosi called and she say's she misses you guy's dropping by to make her bagel's and tea and water her grass.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go fuel up the black helicopter....

.....and dont' forget to vote GOP in 08' !

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