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Cindy Sheehan Hands Nancy Pelosi Letters from 8,000 People Asking for Impeachment

By Donna Norton, Sonoma County PDA

This Is What Happened--And It's Disturbing

The event was very low-key and "normal." On Monday, January 14th, Cindy Sheehan brought the impeachment letters (over 8,000) she had collected in 8 or 9 large bins and displayed them symbolically on a table in front of the Federal Building in San Francisco. There wasn't much going on, only a few people entering the building. Cindy's table was to the side and away from the door, nothing was blocked or being disturbed. There were a few people with signs, some non-MSM media, and I don't know, maybe 30 people had come for presenting the letters and petitions. It was a week-day morning, so most people were at work. Cindy, Cynthia McKinney, and a few other local officials and figures spoke. (Let me emphasize, it was NOT rowdy, disruptive, or disorderly IN ANY WAY. Could have been a Chamber of Commerce group holding a press conference to announce their presentation of an award to a government official.)

I don't know the details concerning the arrangements with Pelosi's office, as I just got a call the evening before to see if our Sonoma County PDA impeachment group would like to join Cindy and bring our petitions (3,000) for presentation. The arrangement seemed to be that a staff member from Pelosi's office would either come out to officially accept the documents, or would accept them in the lobby. This was fine-- citizens (over 11,000) presenting their wishes to their representatives. No one planned or expected to "storm" the building, take over anyone's office, or make a scene. Just formally transfer the citizens' documents. The call came that a staff member was on the way down to accept the letters and petitions in the lobby.

We picked up the bins and began to enter the building. Other people were entering with no problem. (It was the normal security routine--take off your shoes, remove all metal objects, and present your ID.) When our group began to enter, we were barred. We could load the bins onto the conveyer, but that was it. We were told "demonstrators" and "protesters" were not allowed in the building. Of course we questioned this. I questioned it! Nothing loud or disruptive, just trying to grasp the message. No further or more detailed explanation was forthcoming. I noticed that almost immediately a few police or security officers appeared. So we were forced to abandon the bins, now just sitting there on the other side of the glass, and walk away. (As I say, the intent was NOT to create a distruptive "demonstration"--which almost certainly would have been negatively exploited by the MSM.)

It left me with some extremely disturbing thoughts as a citizen. Basically, citizens who DISAGREE are excluded from the process of THIS government. It's no longer OUR government, as we've been excluded. If we DISSENT (offer an opposing view), we're labeled and perceived as DANGEROUS. You can see where this framing leads.

It's time those who haven't been paying attention realize how deep this framing goes in remaking America.

How healthy is a government that suppresses dissent--that labels it as dangerous? As a nation we've always considered governments that suppress dissent as dangerous and anti-democratic. Our perceptions have been correct--suppressing dissent is a threat to democracy. It makes no difference if it's practiced "over there" or here. So what's led us to embrace the policies we've opposed and defined as anti-democratic? The phrase, "9/11 changed everything," comes to mind. Dramatic changes in government policies and laws have indeed taken place since we adopted this phrase as the frame for those changes. It's provided a vehicle of fear to steer us away from our inherent democratic moorings. 9/11 is our new historical anchor-point. It's used as a reference to remake us into what we've steadfastly rejected as a people. But 9/ll is simply a point in the longer history of this nation. This nation's much deeper roots go back to our Constitution and the principles it embodies. Dissent and open debate are not suppressed in that document, they're protected as critical elements of a democracy.

The citizens gathered at the Federal Building in San Francisco were "dissenters" in resisting the new framing of 9/11 that's remaking their government. They were presenting documents demonstrating support for our Constitutional anchor--urging support for impeachment of those who have undermined it.

It's interesting that supporting the Constitution is considered unwelcome and threatening to our post-9/11 government; that those supporting the Constitution have become the "dissenters"; and, that dissent is being suppressed as a matter of policy. Is this the new America we've bought into?

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this is what the "officials" and perhaps even some in the group have missed. the officials don't realize this is not about "demonstrations" or "protestors." the groups were serving as a conduit for "petitioners."

The right of petition is expressly set out in the First Amendment:

"Congress shall make no law … abridging … the right of the people … to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


WHAT is a Constitution?!

"Is this the new America we've bought into?"

Welcome, Donna, to the real world. Where have you been these last few years?

The "War on Terror" is every dictator's dream come true. For it allows him to declare anyone who disagrees with his policies a "terrorist."

It worked for the Nazis, and it's working all too well for the Neocons, both Republican and Democrat.

The real threat to America lies with those who refuse to expose the WOT as the insidious political fraud it is. That especially includes the Obamas and McCains, and all of the corporate news.

It's past time we declare war on the "War on Terror."

regarding, "Welcome, Donna, to the real world. Where have you been these last few years?"

i don't see anything in donna's report that suggests she's not been in touch in the last few years. when she comments on the america "we've bought into," i would venture to say that she is referring to america collectively, not herself as an individual or you or me.

i'll never understand why people insult, intentionally or otherwise, people who are clearly making efforts to right some wrongs. it's not like she's just sitting on the sidelines. and, even if she or any of us were to have suddenly seen the light, how 'bout just welcoming them and thanking them? i'll bet someone somewhere caught on before you.

Living in a nation under accelerating two-party fascism makes one belligerent at times. All of your points are well-taken.

Meanwhile, the Granny Warriors TRY to hand New Hampshire the money for the VOTE FRAUD recount . . .

. . . but PAYPAL apparently sabotages the effort, kidz . ..;-)

(clipped headline and article)
"Paypal Freezes New Hampshire Recount Funds - Deadline missed as Granny Warriors' account is locked down - Paypal has frozen the fundraising account of the Granny Warriors, a Ron Paul supporters group who had been pushing for a recount in New Hampshire, causing a 3pm Tuesday deadline to be missed and the application rejected for lack of payment."

(full story)

From the Granny Warrior website:

"PayPal Freeze out"

Hmmm, how will the New Hampshire "Live Free Or Die" folks handle this latest "damage control" development in their VOTE FRAUD, I wonder? . . .;-)

I just keep seeing the image of John Belushi and Dan Akroyd as "The Blues Brothers" trying to get the money to the state bureaucrats to save the the children's orphanage, while everyone in the world is trying their best to thwart their efforts . . .;-)

I mean, where would society be without Draconian deadlines, service charges, and late fees . . . which are obviously far more important than FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS . . .and ACCOUNTABILITY!!! . . .;-)

Just like protecting the "Democratic Party" and "Israel" is apparently far more important than fulfilling one's oath of office to support and defend the U.S. Constitution . . well, to Nancy "Off The Table" Pelosi, anyway . . .;-)

Curiouser and Curiouser, kidz . . .;-)

Rock On Granny Warriorts!!! Rock On sister Cindy Sheehan!!!

Sometimes you don't have to "win" . . .to succeed . .. ;-)

"Well my temperature is rising got my feet on the floor
Crazy people rocking 'cause they want to go more
Let me in baby, I don't know what you got
But you better take it easy 'cause this place is hot
And I'm so glad you made it, so glad you made it
You got to gimme some lovin', gimme gimme some lovin'"
- Gimme Some Lovin' by The Spencer Davis Group/The Blues Brothers


What's all this talk I hear about protesters not getting to see their representatives? Why, the problem is those people are going about it all wrong! Do lobbyists have any trouble getting to see representatives? Of course not! All the protesters have to do is bribe the ...(what? they don't have the big bucks?)...NEVER MIND!

with Dan Akroyd, and Jane "you ignorant slut" Curtin! ;-D

My goodness, we got more news from SNL back then than THE PEOPLE do now.

This is SO not pertinent, but a funny story I feel compelled to share (though does touch on shortcomings of current public education). My parents were able to persuade the Hemingway house staff to give away one the favored descendants of Ernest's cats to them to give to me for my birthday. The kitten followed me throughout the tour of the house and grounds while on vacation in Key West back in late 70's.
Some months later we found out she was pregnant (in CT) and my little brother, who might have been ten, exclaimed "Kai, you ignorant ....."
Parents let us stay up at a very young age to watch SNL, and I thank them a lot for that. R.

Naomi Wolf is right. That recent incident at the Univ. of Fla. in which a student was unnecessarily tasered by security officials, while former presidential candidate Sen. Kerry did nothing, and most of America's press blamed the student for being obnoxious (that is now a taser-able offense!), was a vertical moment in our regression to fascism.

How can we contact Pelosi to let her know how disgusted and disappointed we are with her lack of performance? Only people who live in her district can contact her through her official website.

call her office which is listed on her website and talk to a staffer and tell them to pass on the message. also ask them for her fax number and you can fax her a letter.

Only three days ago, in the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Bush delivered what his aides described as the keynote address of the trip when he spoke of setbacks in democratic reforms in remarks that his aides said were aimed at Egypt, among others.

“You cannot build trust when you hold an election where opposition candidates find themselves harassed or in prison,” he said in the speech. “You cannot expect people to believe in the promise of a better future when they are jailed for peacefully petitioning their government. And you cannot stand up a modern and confident nation when you do not allow people to voice their legitimate criticisms.”

Now there is the pot calling the kettle black!

I think it's time for Ms. Pelosi to start looking for another job. If she doesn't want to hear and see what the people say and write she doesn't belong in office.

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