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My America Doesn't Torture!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one made me speechless.

The use of torture presents one of the gravest violations of human rights and American ideals we have ever endured. We need a movement to end this crisis. We need to stand up and say: My America Doesn't Torture!

The picture may make you sick, but we have a duty to face the ugly reality of American torture that President Bush has laid upon us.

I took action to make sure no Administration allows torture to disgrace us ever again, and I hope you will too.

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They want donations! KMA. I voted democrat and got a bunch of Republicans!


America currently has two parties, Republican and Republicans in Blue Drag but they both wear Red Underwear.

It's time for a REVOLUTION!

I hope everybody saw the Washington Baseball game where Bush threw out the ball...

I think the little boys and girls in the government should be scared...
Is there 3 steps?
1.A protest of people just showing up.
2.A vocal protest of anger
3.A violent protest..

It appears many are edging to step 3...

Are we about to have the same reaction when Bush speaks at the military bases?

These people we employ in the company called the US government live in a bubble,,
I don't think they realize just how angry the American people are.
I don't think I would want to be at the other end of 300 million angry Americans.
I wonder if Ms.Pelosi realizes this anger is also aimed at her.

The only reason why the Neocruds haven't declared martial law is because US Patriots still have guns. I do not subscribe to superstitions but the Zionist Star of David = 666, sycophantic lemmings have lost possession of their souls and civil war against US Patriots is practically inevitable. Bush has referred to our Constitution as just a "goddamned piece of paper". Any sycophant who respects Bush has lost a lot more than cognitive thinking. We have an important mission to educate and inform family and friends in the military and local police communities about the truth. Please tell them to question EVERYTHING, including what we are telling them. Encourage them to think critically and to do their own research to verify that we are telling them the truth, including the disturbing facts of "9/11". The Neocruds are afraid of us because we know what they are.

i never heard them called 'Neocruds' i'm still laffffing. thanx

Viet Nam drafted Combat Veteran WIA '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana
Billings Peace Seeker, member
MPFI, partner
PDA Fair Trade & Impeachment Teams



...and as they get ready to hand over COMPLETE control of our economic system to the private bankers that run the Federal Reserve, it makes me kind-of wonder; have we already lost?

This is what "Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" is all about.

9/11 gave them the chance to commit a coup-de-tah on this country, just like they did in Chile on Sept. 11th 1973. As it just so happened, 9/11 took place early in the Bush administration, before the ink could dry on the insurance policy. Just makes you wonder how "lucky" these guys who wanted war for profit in the Middle East and a reason for the Patriot Act, just how "lucky " are these guys?

They did that so they could test out their economic model of savage capitalism, and now, they have brought it home.

The dems in congress know they have to "play the game" and reap all the rewards, or they will be part of the "mud people"; us.

Makes revolution lok good. But HR 1955 waits in the wings, along with those Halliburton camps.

thanx Willy Loman:) my sentiments where can i find more on Disaster Capitalism .... or are we talking Speculative Excess across the board?

Viet Nam drafted Combat Veteran WIA '68
Co-State Coordinator PDA Montana
Billings Peace Seeker, member
MPFI, partner
PDA Fair Trade & Impeachment Teams

This is Keith Olbermann and Naomi Klein talking about it...

This is Bill Maher and Naomi Klein...

This is something I wrote about Chile, 1973 and "Shock Doctrine"...

This is "The Miracle of America"...

Lots of links within those articles.

Great book. Very well researched.

The fact that BushCheney have dishonored America & our military in their march toward more war crimes is only one aspect of this disgusting action, it also shows how little regard they have for our soldiers & marines that they don't care how much their criminal acts put our troops in more danger. The right thing is for them to be cellmates in the most horrible prison we can find.

...and brand of cigarettes--that's all we were supposed to give up if we were ever captured. If they demanded anything else, we were told to refuse, and that we would be protected under the Geneva Convention.

I wonder how that works under this kind of torture, or waterboarding, or rendition, or indefinite detention, or any of the other things they do.

You're right, Mike--these criminals just don't care.

R Ap

the collected evidence shows without a shadow of a doubt that the US government has gone rogue

when the 5 former secretary of state gathered for a joint statement in Athens, Georgia recently it was to strongly recommend the closing of Guantanamo military prison.

the meaning of 5 heavyweights like Powell and Kissinger et. al. is to say but one thing - one thing AMERICA

close the prison in an act of reconciliation with the rule of law or





Darwin26, Remember back to 1968 in Nam. I was their as a 19 yr old Marine(enlisted). Remember finding Americans floating in the rivers with their fingers stitched together behind their backs or portions of skin peeled away from their body. Did you get mad? Did you want to get even? Torture is not a Presidential order, in most cases it's an individual act rationalized by "saving lives". You are right, America does not torture, but angry people do. Yesterday or today anyway you look at it war stinks!

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