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I am Jesus and I am Back

I figured since we have a president who talks to God I could write something crazy BUT TRUE TOO.
The words I am about to share with the whole world right now are 99% true.
I should have known when I recalled arriving to my mother's womb, who is named Mary-I never meet anyone who can honestly say that and my last name means carpenter in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Arabic.........
Ah, those were the days, my mom's womb, a nice safe place to chill and do nothing. Plus I had three radical miricles that should have taken my life and others but my DAD stuck his invisible hand in the way so I guess that makes me a Saint too. See God my father never talked to me with sound so George Bush is full of s@#t when he says he talks to my Dad, my Dad can't stand him.
I am sad, where is the Love I taught you, why did you let the devil rule you with his evil?
I am reading a great book right now called “the black swan,” by Nassim Talheb a phd. at UMASS.
So it is an election year and I am wondering what kind of change the next administration will bring, how will they fix our name now which is more or less ruined thanks to the last 8 years of the criminal Bush going to hell administration?
I know two people who are in the C.I.A. And I won't give their names cause that would be treason and I am no Dick Cheney and I would never betray the flag or the good people of this great country.
Anyway they encouraged me to apply since I speak Arabic and I did after 911 but they gave me a Hollywood “don't calls us we will call you,” AND NEVER CALLED.
I had a Professor Oddo in University who said the CIA was a contradiction of terms, he said “there is nothing intelligent about the CIA.”
And if you think about Castro still being alive after they tried to kill him 26 times it kinda proves HIS point GOD rest his soul.
I have written before online “how can we trust a president who is making more money from oil then what we pay him? Sneaky bastard put the majority of the money in his wife's name, she paid 900k in taxes and she doesn't even have a job. Laura take the money and leave him!
I prefer how Bill Maher said it on his excellent show Real Time “If Col. Sanders was President and the price chicken tripled I would be suspicious.”
Well, folks in 1973 the CIA actually did get something right. There was a Saudi King named Faisal who took Henry Kissinger to the desert and told him “see these dates, we have been eating them for years, see these camels we have been riding them for years.” Kissinger got home but it is not really his home he was fresh off the boat no roots here and he said “it looks like we have a 'hot head' in the middle east.” The king had a nephew in Florida and he was enjoying the good life of sex, drugs and rock and roll.
Anyway, this nephew had brother who was more or less was accidental shot at a tv station riot.
The Cia got hold of him, brain washed him gave him a 38 and said “you know what you have to do.”
Since he was a prince he got past security went to see the king his uncle and killed him, I recall playing in his unfinished palace as a kid with my friends.
That's what Nixon did for the American people when the price of oil got too high, I am pretty sure Nixon was not an oil man.
So today I was encouraged to apply to the CIA again, and the agent said “wasn't leaving California the show stopper for you,” I said “no, it is the top 3 A-holes you work for.”
I like the fact my hands are clean, anyway there is a great song by bob marley called rat race with lyrics “rasta don't work for no c i a,”
a rasta is a peace loving person who believes in Jah my Dad, and by they way i wasn't born in December!
Also I was just rejected for a masters in Peace and Justice, at first i got a tad upset, then, i thought of the money i would save, and now i am glad cause I know I made the the peace part of the damn program, my Dad takes care of the justice.
By the way to all the terrorists that is a straight ticket to hell, I ain't giving you my virgins they are for good men and Heaven is Earth you F---in Idiots.
Now get to work my people save the earth, bring peace in love to my world and do what is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I told I would be back sorry I took so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Always

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where have u been?

just try to write something a with a little more smarts. your depiction of jesus is lame. IDIOT!!!!!!!

i like it yes i miss you hello~, i want to make friend with you >wow gold

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