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In 2014 the Panama Canal Expansion Project will be completed:

In order to prevent the Ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach from losing its $300 billion Asian cargo container vessels business that require deep water ports, it will be necessary for the California Congressional Delegation to remain vigilent and to "closely monitor" the FY 2009 Federal Transportation Budget and vote against any and all federal funding to dredge Gulf Coast ports, such as, the Port of Houston and the Port of Tampa for deep water purposes.

Currently, there are no deep water ports on the Gulf Coast. However, in the "NAFTA scheme of things," there will be attempts to upgrade the Gulf Coast ports similar to the I-69 funding in the states oh Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana.

While California ports would lose some business from vessels that require shallow water ports only to Gulf Coast ports, the cost savings, should the California Congressional Delegation vote against dredging, would be realized.

The movement of goods to other states and ports does not justify the wrecking of the California economy, and the U. S. economy.

Robert E. Fisher, MSW
Former City of Los Angeles Legislative Analyst/City and California Local Government Rep before the California Coastal Commission 1974-78

cc Gov Swarzenegger,
Sen Boxer,
Sen Feinstein,
Sen Reid
Rep Jerry Lewis,
Pacific Maritime Assn

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Robert E. Fisher, MSW


Terry McAuliffe, Chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign, is a "wannabe" minor player. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush and Dick Cheney are the major players.

Recently, Terry McAuliffe, and the Clintons each made millions in investments in Asian stock transactions.They are greedy, and want to continue their practice.

Therefore, the reason that Hillary Clinton will not quit the race is, because Bill Clinton wants to become de-facto President of the United States. This way, he can continue his NAFTA/free trade policies, which include raiding the Californiia ports of Asian shipping goods. Also, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Dick Cheney are members of the Tri-Lateral Commission whose goal is "one world government." Their NAFTA/free trade policies are a means to an end.

Hillary Clinton and her loyal supporters are mere "pawns."

Now Hillary is raising the "feminist's card" accusing the media of an anti-feminist slant/bias. Let's bring the above to the top of the radar screen.

Finally, the Clintons "pimp" the Hollywood crowd for contributions, while behind their backs, they attempt to sell the California ports "down the drain."

Robert E. Fisher, MSW
Former City of Los Angeles Legislative Analyst/Rep before the California Coastal Commission 1974-78

And let's not forget Obama's in this one as well.

Thank God Ron Paul's a congressman again, he may have dropped out and lost the race for president of the united states in 2008, but the revolution will be around forever.

Robert E. Fisher,MSW

For your information, Barack Obama is not listed on the Tri-Lateral Commission or the CFR lists: Why don't you stick to the truth and stop "swift boating" Obama?

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