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This is a DYI (Do it YOURSELF) General Strike.

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This is a DYI (Do it YOURSELF) General Strike. I cannot, nor do I have the time or organization to set up protest in every town, city & hamlet throughout the U.S.
This has now turned into a Global General Strike. With 4 other countries participating, so far.

I have tried to provide all of the necessary information that YOU will need to plan/set up & hold your own local protest at:

I also encourage those of you who have signed up to vigorously promote your protest. To contact local activist groups, through, the internet, etc.

It is imperative for YOU to promote the General Strike for it to have any success. This should include, but not be limited to: writing/publishing articles, essays, poems, posting in forums, commenting in blogs, newspaper ads, online ads, phone calls, letters to editors, opeds, freeway banners, bumper stickers, car signs, yard signs, street signs, every online newspaper allows comments (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.), call in to radio shows, print & distribute flyers............IF YOU FAIL AT PROMOTION BUSH & CO. WILL WALK AWAY.........SCOTT FREE, with congressional medals of honor & big fat speaking checks from Halliburton.

What is the number one thing a strike requires? STRIKERS

How easy/hard is it to find people who want to protest against Bush & Co.???


They have what, 150,000 members. Hum that was easy, start calling/writing.... that's 150,000 more people to hit the steets, to stop buying. How much do you want to make a bet they'd be happy to protest....if they only knew about it.

We only have 2 more months & this is only step one. August we need to put together park FAIRs across the country, with booths, clowns whatever to distribute info to the general pop. We need to form local recruiting chapters. If you want to join the Army you don't need to go to Wa. or DC. or Va. there are recruiting offices in every town.

This is our last chance to bring Bush & Co. to justice, end the American nightmare, restore the rule of law & make the American dream a reality for all Americans.

I applaud your courage. I know that some of you are burned out, frustrated, dis-illusioned, with protest that go nowhere. This can & will work....but only if YOU make it happen.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions do not hesitate to contact us at


Side 1:

Big oil, big media & greedy politicians have told us the BIG LIE.

They want us to blame China, India or speculators- anyone but them- for the increase in demand & high fuel cost.

But that's a BIG LIE. Why, because they omit what driving low mileage tanks & humvees all over the desert, or transporting equipment & troops- not just service members but private contractors which outnumber our troop levels, or what effect the surge is having on supply & demand. Did you notice the highest spike in prices at the pump coincided with 'the surge'. Did you know that the Department of Defense is the biggest purchaser of oil in the world?

Here's the next BIG LIE: Protests are ineffective. Remember the President of the United States asking the Saudis to increase oil production not once but twice & both times the Saudis refused- even with a multi-billion dollar arms deal on the table, claiming the problem was speculators not supply & demand? But then as soon as Europe erupted in gas strikes the Saudis did a 180 & promised to increase output.

But don't look or wait to find these stories on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NY Times, etc. Why, is it a conspiracy? NO, but they all profit from war.

Don't expect the Democratic controlled Congress to end the war, either. 151 Democratic Senators & Congressmen have at least $190 million of their own money invested in weapons manufactures who hold contracts with the Department of Defense doing business in Iraq.

And both presidential candidates from both parties have accepted campaign contributions from the military industrial complex.

But there is an EXIT STRATEGY from Iraq & from high GAS PRICES.

Join millions world-wide in a series of strikes to END THE LIES.
From big oil, big media & greedy politicians.

1. Economic Strike ON NOW.

2. Impeachment Protest July 3th & 4th.

3.Global General Strike 9/11/08 'till 10/01- OCTOBER SUPRISE!

Side 2:

Articles of Impeachment
Summarized and bolded to help you digest and memorize. Distribute freely.

1. War Against Iraq (False Case for)
2. War of Aggression (Conflating Iraq with 9/11 to Justify)
3. WMD's (Misleading Us That Iraq Possessed)
4. Imminent Threat (Misleading Us That Iraq Posed)
5. War of Aggression (Illegally Misspending to Begin Secretly)
6. Invading Iraq (Violation of House Joint Resolution 114)
7. Invading Iraq (No Declaration of War)
8. Invading Iraq (Violation of UN Charter)
9. Body and Vehicle Armor (Failing to Provide to Troops)
10. US Troop Deaths and Injuries (Falsifying for Political Purposes)
11. Permanent U.S. Military Bases in Iraq
12. Control of Iraq's Natural Resources (The Real Reason for the War)
13. Secret Task Force to Develop Energy and Military Policies
14. CIA Agent Valerie Plame (Exposed, Obstruction of Justice)
15. Criminal Contractors in Iraq (Immunity from Prosecution for)
16. Reckless Misspending (Iraq and US Contractors)
17. Detaining Indefinitely And Without Charge U.S. and Foreign Citizens
18. Torture (Secretly Authorizing and Encouraging as Official Policy)
19. Rendition (Kidnapping, Black Sites, Nations Known to Practice Torture)
20. Imprisoning Children
21. Iran (Misleading Us on Threats, Supporting Terrorism to Overthrow Government)
22. Creating Secret Laws
23. Violation of the Posse Comitatus Act (Using Military Illegally in the U.S.)
24. Spying on Us (No Court-Ordered Warrant, Against 4th Amendment)
25. Our Telephone Numbers and Emails (Unconstitutional Database of)
26. Intending to Violate Laws (Signing Statements)
27. Defying Congressional Subpoenas
28. Elections (Tampering with, Corrupting the Administration of Justice)
29. Voting Rights Act (Conspiracy to Violate)
30. Medicare (Misleading Us to Destroy)
31. Hurricane Katrina (Failure to Plan for Predicted Disaster, Failure to Respond)
32. Global Climate Change (Misleading Us, Undermining Efforts to Address)
33. Terrorist Attacks (Repeatedly Ignored High Level Intelligence Warnings)
34. 9/11 (Obstructing the Investigation)
35. 911 First Responders (Endangering their Health)

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