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Cindy Will Be on Ballot

Cindy Sheehan has now collected enough signatures to be on the ballot against Nancy Pelosi. Only 6th independent in California history to do so.

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I hope and pray
that Cindy Sheehan
will beat the DICKENS
out of this hugely disappointing woman
nancy pelosi.

So what the hell makes Sheehan qualified for the job, other than her name is not 'Nancy Pelosi'?

well, according to the constitution, to qualify to be in the house of representatives you have to:

1. be at least 25 years old. . .
2. have been a US citizen for the past 7 years. . .
3. live in the state you represent. . .

she meets all three criteria so i guess that's what makes sheehan qualified for the job. . .

what the hell makes sheehan unqualified? Tell me that and i will answer your question.

Well whooptie-doo.

Go cindy

Congress impeached when they should not have (Clinton), and Congress (Pelosi) refused to impeach when they absolutely should have (Bush and Cheney).

Pelosi is the nation's problem and San Francisco's responsibility.

Spoken like a true idiot liberal!

A monkey would better represent the citizens of this county as

far as Nancy Pelosi is concerned

Impeachment is off the table huh! Fuck her

She is not upholding the will of the people and she is

not speaking for me or alot of other people in

this county

We hope Cindy takes her down

When a figure like Pelosi, who comes from a very liberal area, is seen as supporting / enabling what the constituants see as criminal and ethically wrong, the time is right for a Sheehan to knock her out. This is no different than the Obama - McCain strategy, just on a smaller scale. Ron Paul's star rose on the national level and continues for much the same reason. Ron is change against the Republican Party and NeoCons.

Let's also look at why Cindy could win:

1. Pelosi was honored to be a first for women. Replacing a woman with a man could be taken the wrong way. Cindy is a woman, so no argument. Pelosi will still be historic as Speaker, whether she holds it for 1 day or 1 decade.

2. Voting The War - Pelosi backed the Bush administration in many votes and as Speaker, eg tabling impeachment. Cindy is a national symbol for mothhers who lost a child in a war waged for oil and profits by the Bush administration. Again, this seems like a win for Cindy.

3. Long established record - This is the argument McCain is making against Obama. How's that turning out? Pelosi's not exactly in the Oval Office. We're not talking about having our finger on the button. Besides, Americans are in favor of term limis for House and Senate. This was part of the Republicans' "Contract with America". This current election is all about change. Win for Cindy.

4. Loss of Power for constituants - When it comes to Washington, it's always nice to have your representative as high in the chain as possible. Pelosi wins this one.

5. Qualified? Is Cindy qualified to represent her constituants? America put Thomas on the bench based on the presense or absense of a pubic hair, not his legal qualifications. Elections are popularity contests. Opinion polls show super low ratings for House, Senate and White House. I don't think many people feel our goverment is qualified to boil water. See my earlier point on change.

6. Money - getting on the ballot is one thing. Advertising / marketing and getting the word out is everything. Can Cindy raise enough money to make an effective run? If she is smart, she will turn to the internet with a "fire pelosi" website, encouraging all of America to contribute to her cause. She can raise money on the Articles of Impeachment issue with a national audience and win local votes the same way. Ultimately she has a relatively small geography to hit, so a few million could go a long way. If Pelosi's political enemies see advantage in her replacement by a naive freshman, they may help out, too.

That Nancy Pelosi would violate her oath of office and not defend the trampling of the Constitution by the Bush Crime Family has put us in a Constitutional crisis that we haven't seen in 200 years. She has betrayed America and the American people regarding her sworn duties as a Congressperson and as the Speaker of the House.

History will record that her single act of "taking impeachment off the table" will rank next to the betrayal of America by Benedict Arnold.

Future generations will spit on her name as millions of Americans currently do.

Hear Hear, I agree! She is a traitor.

Marilyn Gjerdrum

You, my friend, truly have a way with words. Way to respond to the substance of the argument!

You're making those who oppose liberalism and progress LOOK BAD. If you actually had something of substance to say, you should have said it.

How about showing us your understanding of:
1) The Declaration of Independance
2) The constitution.
3) The bill of rights.
4) Your view on what it means to be a US Citizen

I never see anyone of these responses framed around those items, always smoke and mirrors, cheap responses or insults...



she doesn't need Pelosi's millions but several hundred thousand would send the message.

Irony: Send a bit of your Stimulus Check to Cindy's campaign and stimulate the Democratic Party to Impeach.

Cindy will make history again when she is elected to the House and ousts that traitor Pelosi!

Cindy Sheehan and Nancy Pelosi deserve each other.

Like NP isn't LIB enough. Go for it douche bags.


whip that treasonous bitch's ass, kick that lying slut to the curb, Cindy!!!

teach that gutter whore for the GOP a lesson about HIGH TREASON!

Now tell us how you REALLY feel!

Go Cindy!!


What a mature, rational comment. Spoken like a true adult.
Any wonder why voters don't take you seriously?

when you wake up from your head up ass 'fog' you're in, once the martial law declaration happens, then let's compare notes about civility and political discourse, you turd!

kiss my ass! Pelosi is a lying gutter slut and whore for the MIC. and worse, she is a treasonous, lying pile of shit that betrayed her fellow countrymen and women with her lies, her deceit, and her sorry assed complicity and; "impeachment is OFF THE TABLE" line.

when twenty or thirty million of this nation's people are 'dead' in the ensuing CIVIL WAR and four or five years of mayhem and destruction, come back to me with your civility then.

what kind of crack do you smoke. this is goddamned war. kiss my fucking ass! THIS IS WAR!

But I live in Ohio and my representative "Latta" is a Republican and is secretive as hell.

I want to commend Marilyn Gjerdrum, Youngharry, dikyzr, and 4Peace for their excellent posts. Please keep up the good work, I appreciate. Cindy is very special.

And I cannot say enough about davidswanson.



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