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The Most Important Election In The United States of America in 2008

By Guadamour, Dandelion Salad

The most important election in the United States of America in 2008 is not the one that will take place between Barack Obama and John McCain, nor will it be if the Democrats gain a commanding majority in the two houses of Congress.

Ultimately there is little difference between Senators Obama and McCain. This statement is made much to the chagrin of Obama supporters who are treating him like a messiah who will lead the nation out of its floundering confusion. Given that Obama has done little, has little experience and has been raised and educated as part of the ruling elite, I believe Obama supporters are going to ve severely disappointed.

The same is true whether it’s the Democrats or the Republicans who control Congress. Both parties are bought and paid for by corporate interests and do the corporations bidding, and allow them to plunder the riches of a nation in decline. There is little difference between the Crats and Repugs.

The most important election currently taking place in the USA is in San Francisco where the Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is being challenged by the Independent Cindy Sheehan.

Nancy Pelosi became the first woman speaker of the house when Democrats were voted into majority in the 2006 election. They were voted into office with the understanding that they would end the war in Iraq which the vast majority of the American public wants, and Pelosi’s constituents overwhelmingly support.

Speaker Pelosi didn’t do anything about the war, and has defied the will of the voting public by declaring impeachment “Off-the-table.”

Cindy Sheehan is known for her protests against the war in Iraq where she lost her son Casey.

Sheehan’s contention is that her son Casey was murdered by President George W. Bush and company because he lied to get us into an illegal war.

President George W. Bush’s lying represents malfeasance and high crimes and misdemeanors, according to Sheehan and the vast majority of the voting public. A number of the voting public feels that what Bush and company did by consciously lying to the public is a felony offense and represents a major crime against humanity, and not merely a “misdemeanor.”

By refusing to represent the people that elected her, Nancy Pelosi, and indeed most members of Congress, is not upholding her constitutionally sworn duties, and is as guilty as Bush and company for the continuing war and the slaughter of our troops and the Iraqi public.

What does she or any member Congress care for the people that elected them? The corporations paid for their elections. They are in Washington to do the bidding of their corporate sponsors.

Sure. They’ll pay lip service to representing their “constituents” (it has the same root word as that of constitution), unless they are a large campaign donor.

If Cindy Sheehan is able to pull a major upset and defeats Corporate Speaker of the House Pelosi, it will cause a major change in how the elected representatives and senators vote. It will be a wake-up call, a tidal shift. They will start voting what their constituents want and not what their corporate sponsors mandate, like when the country was founded and how it was allegedly envisioned by the founding fathers.

Anyone serious about change in this country needs to volunteer and get behind Cindy Sheehan. Her election will do more to change the politics of this country than anything that has happened since the Civil War.

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...the electorate is a idiot.

except Dennis Kucinich. Well, no, he is not my Representative. There is no use in talking politics in my community ... they watch FOX and read the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I ask my friends what they think of Kucinich and they ask me what position does he play?


At last! A realistic understanding of where we are and what we need to do! Give money to Sheehan's campaign; support her as much as you can. Imagine Pelosi defeated!!! This would mean more that a thousand parades of protest. The voice of the common folks would be heard. I've given $ before to Cindy and I will give more. What if she would win and Nader gets over 10% of polled votes and he is on the debates!! If not due to Democrat's objections, could anyone respect the Democrats as our saviors?

Everybody here and on our worthless news media is talking about Obama and McCain like those two corporate stooges where the only two choices the American people have. We have THREE OTHERS! Ralph Nader ( On a newly forming "Independant" party, My personal choice), Cynthia McKinney (of the Green party) and Bob Barr of the Libertarians. Get behind one of these and stop thinking we have no choice but the lesser of two evils! It is high time the "Republicrats" stop getting our unthinking support year after year! Then and ONLY THEN will this kind of crap stop!

Al k.

Antonin Scalia helped the 'putsch' take place.

that was, and still is, the most important one. the rest are all 'rigged' and hence, 'irrelevant' and 'pointless' when you look at the nasty turn of events that took place when SCOTUS decided the 2000 election for us.

that was the most important one. I disagree about 2008 having any importance. the nation is already 'destroyed' and the election, if it happens, won't have any relevance of any kind...

wake the fuck up, will ya?

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