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There are LOTS of Americans out there that are on the same page with us:

Rhandi Rhodes Show forum:

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Very well done. I will pass this around.

One of the few books that I found myself reading twice. They will never be able to censor it.

I still have to order it, will on payday. Can't wait to read this genius...

EDIT TO ADD: I ordered it!

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


HEY !YOUR BACK. No time now, (fri 7:00 am) but will return tonite.

See you tonight.


now 2:26 pm cdt im outta here again

I'm on pacific time.

Just posted a Forum Topic "The Murder of JFK and 9/11 "Coincidences".

I'll be back at 1800 OK?


Dealing with a few distractions.

How's it going? It seems like every week the thugs on capital hill get more outrageous, eh?

Yeah, my A-3 study has been distracted by this Ivans case.

so, hows your situation there? you been down a long time. i wrote a bunch of stuff to ya two weeks ago, but you were crashed, and never got to read it. it's still in here but down deep with the pages of two big responses i wrote. but i understand what occured. i thought of you every time i drove past my local computer repair shop.

Had to do some re-formatting. How are you doing?

Just posted on Chip's anthrax story,

"The neocrud crime spree is so out of control that I wonder if anyone can keep up with it anymore.

The BushCo's political science fiction has now become so bizarre that anything the lamestream media says must be considered as comical sophomoric lies until proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be otherwise.

As if the Ron Suskind story was not enough, we have this scandal too, all in the past week?

Can anyone keep up with this stuff anymore?

Is anyone watching Cheney? There can be no doubt anymore that the most toxic of chicken hawks is capable of anything now, including another "9/11" type "false flag".

I've been chatting with some of the most dense, fear driven right wingnuts ever seen on classmates dot com and even THEY now realize that BushCo are not "Republicans". The crime spree is so obvious that even a "cave man" can see it.

Wonder how much longer the right wing media like the "Fox Fear Nutwork" can hold up?"

I've been doing some research on locations that are free of the World Central Bank's tentacles.

Turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought.

them SCOTT?

I can only remember that it was two weeks ago, under your posts where we were discussing the matter before your final computer crash.
WAIT A MINUTE! don't go looking for it it's gone. now i remember, it was on the hearing blog and it got removed.

you were telling me about your time at ord, back in may-79, and the AA DC-10.

damm, ill have to rewrite all that.

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