You are herecontent / Countdown to Crawford: Impeach Bush Crowd Dogs Pelosi's Book Tour

Countdown to Crawford: Impeach Bush Crowd Dogs Pelosi's Book Tour

Countdown to Crawford: Impeach Bush Crowd Dogs Pelosi's Book Tour
Johanna Neuman | LATimes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat who last year became the first woman in U.S. history to be elected speaker, is on a book tour.

"Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters," charts her journey from stay-at-home mom to politician and urges young women to reach their potential.

But in pushing the book, Pelosi is likely to run into a gauntlet of outraged voters who want to know why she will not allow impeachment proceedings against President Bush.

The speaker kicked off her book tour on ABC's "The View." Asked by Joy Behar why she won't impeach Bush, Pelosi said:

If somebody had a crime that the president had committed, that would be a different story ... [You can't impeach] unless you have the goods that this president committed these crimes.

We suspect Pelosi's real argument against impeachment is that it would anger moderates whose votes are needed in November to keep Democrats in power, folks who might be annoyed that Congress is spending its time, money and energy on impeaching a president whose term is almost over instead of addressing core problems like gas prices, the war in Iraq and home foreclosures.

Still, a progressive blog called is daring readers to intersect her while she's out on book tour.

Giving readers a list of the speaker's book tour appearances, is urging "progressive" citizens and journalists to "pin her down" on why she thinks none of the 35 articles of impeachment offered by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) constitute a crime. In fact, is holding a citizen journalism contest. The reward: up to $1,000. The task: get Pelosi to give "a direct and substantive answer to this question" and record it on video or audio tape for playback on"


Photo: Richard Drew/AP

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Her being so proud of being the first woman in history having such a high position in government, she is completely ruining the path for other women seeking this position of this power for a nation that relies on decisions she makes. By not upholding her oath to the constitution and to the people of the United States of America and to the World, she is destroying the trust of this office for other young women that would love to have this seat of power. If the book she proudly promotes, talks this type of leadership, I never want any of my children to read or mimic any of the words she falsely states in this "Rag". I want a person that will stand up and honor the Constitution as I have.

I also want to say, she should be in Washington right now working on cleaning up this "BushMess" that is creating such a disaster to this country and the world. She should be promoting "Truth in Government" instead of a book for "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters,". I love paying taxes for a personal book tour when other books are being "Cooked" and the world is on a path of total destruction because of lies and greed.

"Don't Cry Because You Lost Your Freedom, Cry Because You Gave It Away"

st 2/75 Ranger Retired/Disabled

A veteran - whether on active duty, honorably discharged, retired, national guard, or reserve - is someone who, at one point in his or her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The 'United States of America', for an amount of 'up to and including our life.'

for vandalizing the Constitution and allowing our Republic to be destroyed, just to cover her lies, cowardice and Bush.

What a wretched and disgraceful embarrassment to the beauty of women, a lying coward who signed off on the disgusting practice of torture, illegal domestic espionage and laughed at Bush's sick jokes about "WMDs" under his desk.

Thanks to her all soldiers working on the field are in danger of retribution.

Nancy Pelosi, if you can read this I implore you to at least try to pretend that you have just an ounce of conscience or humility and RESIGN!

You Got It, she is NOT protecting the Constitution or the Soldiers in the Field, she is only trying to promote her book. What happens next, well "We the People of the United States of America" will overcome the travesties that Bush & Co. have committed to our Nation. We will not let this on go unaccountable and we will continue to have a "Free Nation".

"Don't Cry Because You Lost Your Freedom, Cry Because You Gave It Away"

st 2/75 Ranger Retired/Disabled

A Veteran – By Upholding our Oath - Whether on Active Duty, Honorably Discharged, Retired, National Guard, or Reserve - We, At one Point, Wrote a Blank Check Made Payable to The 'United States of America', For an Amount of ' Up to, and Including my LIFE.'

Hey guys, was at the Pelosi book signing in Philly Tuesday night. Wrote up a detailed report of her remarks during her hour-long "discussion." She said some bizarre things like how she thinks we need more "disrupters" in America - like the Founders. Isn't that what we are?!

Even though she is against a military strike against Iran, she said some pretty concerning things. Check out the article and find out how the impeachment question was answered. And, find out what question caused me to be tossed out when I met her face to face.

Nancy Pelosi Book Signing: Know Your Power, Just Don't Speak Truth to It

She lied to you and you did not back down. I am proud of you and what you said in front of her and her goons. That turns me on. Only wish I could have been there with you.

Pelosi is not my type, beauty of a woman comes from within. She has no honor or substance. What a flake.

Please buy yourself a gourmet latte in whatever flavor turns you on for me OK?


you're funny. skinny vanilla latte.


Pelosi could at least PRETEND to have an ounce of humility by donating proceeds from her "book" to families of dead soldiers and surviving disabled veterans from the illegal "war" that she "promised" to end.

A wretched excuse for a soulless woman with dirty money who financed Bush's Iraq Holocaust. History will never forget her. The sleazy media cannot censor her forever because the truth is coming out.

I've said it before. There is something demonic about BushCo.


History has a string of sell-out, a-moral jackasses...Pelosi is just the lastest re-incarnation.

Indivuals who put self before country deserve neither a country or respect. Pimping a book and not donating all the proceeds to charity is exploiting one's priviledged position for person gain.

Drop dead you jack-ass.

My big question is, what are these people afraid of? For I believe they are afraid for their lives, that if they do follow through with impeachment, something would happen to them or their families. There can be no other explanation. These people aren't dumb, they aren't blind,
but no one, is willing to stand up to them. We are living in a dictatorship, and we have no say, unless it is with out lives. I would love to see an interviewer ask Nancy Pelosi one question. "What are you afraid of?" I think I know the answer..........ask John Trudell, ask John Lennon, ask Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, the Kennedys, John Sr., John Jr., Bobby Kennedy, ask Mr. Ivins.... which doesn't mean we should stop pushing, but not everyone is prepared to be a martyr.


Pelosi has set back the womens movement just about as much as bush has set back the civil rights movement.

congrats nance, that's why there will NEVER be another female speaker of the house.

you screwed the pooch for everyone!

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