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Mad As Hell @ Los Angeles City Council

Please check out and forward the video and other coverage of a groundbreaking presentation of ordinary/extraordinary Americans to the L.A. City Council by "Mad-As-Hell Network" (MAHN).

The group's director Peter Thottam, screen actor Judd Nelson, Code Pink organizer Jodie Evans, and other locals make outraged appeals to Council in response to the crisis unfolding before us.

This is where rubber meets road, folks. This is how we take back our country before it's too late. Please try this at home.

Keep an eye out for MAHN, mon, (, as it appears to be a powerful, all-inclusive organization that's sure to grow. Since Congress, the Federal Gov, and even the presidential candidates are ignoring the people these days, presenting to City Councils and State Gov's all over the country is a great idea!

Sometimes it's worth a day, or half-day, off from work to take control of our own well-being, economically and otherwise.

Perhaps a bailout of some kind was needed, but will the current administration actually do anything for the people, or will another Trillion Dollars be squandered on fat CEO salaries, bonuses, and golden parachutes for the billionaires, while Americans lose their homes and jobs at the same time?

Will this be just another atrocity against Democracy & the middle class, right before our eyes? Let's hope not. Local and state governments are tools in our toolbox: let's use them while we can, MAHN!

Congratulations and thanks to Peter Thottam and everyone involved---you guys were awesome!

The above video (special thanks to Clay Claiborne, producer of "Vietnam: American Holocaust" and actor Judd Nelson for their help in putting it together) and additional video clips at

We had about 30 outraged and animated protestors throughout the highly effective and sucessful protest action at LA City Hall today.

In addition to the comments, we had an outdoor protest and flyered about 400 copies of the MAHN Bailout Manifesto to the public employees at City Hall.

Special thanks to Sharona Smith who did a terrific job w/ videotaping and a quick online turnaround of most of the video uploads.

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Great and authentic feedback from regular citizens. I wish Americans everywhere could do something similar with their local elected sell-outs. Where is the outrage?

These citizens from Los Angeles are voicing what thousands of people in my city are wondering. We should all tell our elected officials off for not standing up to the biggest taxpayer heist in world history. Who are these politicans kidding?

Anyway, I want to say thank you to all of the grassroots activists who made these comments before the Council. You are true Americans and the country and world desperately need more people like you.

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