You are herecontent / If You Vote Third Party and Elect McCain/Palin, This is Who You Empower! DON'T DO IT!!

If You Vote Third Party and Elect McCain/Palin, This is Who You Empower! DON'T DO IT!!

To underscore that voting third party or not voting at all will help elect McCain and Palin, and thereby re-empower the self-righteous ideologues who berated progressives, liberals, democrats, greens, libertarians, etc., for the past 8 years while their leaders were on board, I've asked my fantastic vlogger collaborator, Sharona L. Smith (VoiceOfAmericans2008), to compile a short video of some of the harassment we've endured.

Before you decide NOT to vote for Barack Obama, who I view as our most realistic HOPE to restore some sense of sanity to our rapidly failing world, I implore you to watch Sharona's masterful 4+minute compilation of pro-Obama/pro-McCain confrontations... and more:

Please understand that these pro-war, pro-torture, anti-women, anti-science, racist, bigoted, uninformed, self-righteous taunters will be re-empowered if THEIR candidates are elected to office. This would be a travesty! Please tell me: do you really want McCain and Palin elected? Do you really want to empower these vicious right wing zealots and fanatics who support them?

I know you've debated ad nauseam on your choice to vote third party. You've stated and restated your case. And there lies the rub - IT'S YOUR CASE! It's right for you. It's justice for YOU. But is it right for America and is it right for the world? Will a Barack Obama presidency really be as bad as John McCain?

I know Barack Obama didn't vote as we wanted on FISA. I get that his policy toward Afghanistan is WRONG. He shouldn't have supported the bailout. I'm still angry at his first vote in the U.S. Senate to confirm Condoleeza Rice. I get it. The guy AIN'T PERFECT. But he's still got to win. Barack Obama is the ONLY candidate who can defeat McCain and Palin.

I understand the need for a Third Party, and a Fourth Party, and a Fifth. But timing is EVERYTHING. We have to defeat McCain and Palin!! If we don't beat McCain and Palin we elect an apoplectic madman and a manipulating twit. There's no other way to put it. This IS THE TRUTH!!

No matter how much you respect Ralph Nader and Cynthia McKinney for their progressivism, and Ron Paul for his libertarianism, they're not going to win. No matter how much Bob Barr wants to save our privacy, he's not going to win. Voting for Nader, McKinney, Paul and Barr in a heartfelt act of passion will provide YOU a moment of pleasure and the world insurmountable pain.

If you buy Obama's mega-lead as sold by corporate media, you'll be ill-advised. Even if it's true for right now, THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTES!! Republicans are dirty tricking every second so Obama will lose. For weeks now, conservatives led by Rush Limbaugh and CNN's Lou Dobbs, have been instigating the challenge to an Obama victory by charging ACORN (Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now), a grassroots bottom up organization, with purposeful voter registration fraud. The fact is, ACORN has been around for 40 years mobilizing and assisting the disenfranchised our society has left behind - while Lords Dobbs and Limbaugh have been living lives of riches. I'd trust ACORN any day over these class-monger race-baiting whores.

This election cycle, with the possibility of the first African American president, voters are more energized than ever and registering in record numbers. While conservative media is smearing ACORN and working to incite violence if Obama wins, MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS, a legitimate news source, is reporting THE TRUTH that will hopefully drown out partisans like Limbaugh and Dobbs. As MCCLATCHY reports, ACORN was sloppy with its registrations - NOT fraudulent.

With this throng of new registrants there will be a percent that aren't valid. This is nothing new. There are registrations in every election that are discarded after vetting. What's different this year is the vast number of new registrations. By law, ACORN must turn in EVERY registration - even those it has flagged as questionable or false. Nonetheless, right wing activist Dobbs calls ACORN a "radical left wing activist group." Sadly, for racist Dobbs, any organization that is predominantly non-white and non-rich is radical, self-serving and left wing.

Point of fact, John McCain and Sarah Palin are a danger to our nation. Electing them would be a travesty. The only way to ensure their loss is to vote for Obama in record numbers. Even though the popular vote doesn't win an election, the larger the popular vote the more legitimacy is afforded a challenge to a questionable election. I want Obama and Biden to win this nation in a landslide. Don't you??

Yes, I want a Third Party - but I'm still going to vote for Obama. Call me a hypocrite if you want to. But this year I'm chasing the rainbow. AND I'M BEGGING YOU TO CHASE IT, TOO!!

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IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


I had the chance to demonstrate at events for Palin and Obama in the richmond area. I had many people threaten me at the Palin event, for example one man taking my picture said he wanted a record of what I looked ike so they could recognise the body, more than one threat to shoot me,full disclosure I was holding a sign that read Pailin criminally insane. I did not take the threats seriously just people talking shit. At the Obama event I held a sign that read fund food banks not war crimes alluding to Obama's funding of war crimes. The problem did not come from supporters who were in agreement with me and my sign,however campaign staffers attempted to take my sign and remove me from the grounds out side of the Richmond Coliseum. They obviosly had no grounds to do so however that did not mean that five staffers did not spend fiteen minutes attempting to curb my freedom of speech. If anything emboldens these dumb ass rednecks it is US foriegn policy,and millitarism that is no more sophnisticated than the Palin supporters and will be set by the same people under McCain or Obama, chris dorsey

Despite the fact that one can never overestimate human stupidity I still have great hope that Obama will win big. Why would anyone vote for McCain, the (potential) Manchurian candidate?


However, how can a third party get recognised if EVERY ELECTION is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION that you JUST HAVE TO vote for the opposition to the bad guy. I mean, so what if that opposition played get-a-long dogie. So what if that opposition played into the bad guys hand. I mean, so what if that bad guy was a bad guy because the opposition party really didn't oppose? Because EVERY ELECTION is ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT election... NO?

If third or fourth party candidates are important, then why is it equally important to say your for them in the same sentence you say you're against them? Has sanity been lost on the American mind? Hell, I thought I saw it all with the Republicans, and then the 2006 elections proved that the Democrats were just as insane. Now progressives are falling into the trap of, "We can have it... later because we don't deserve it now." Well tell me, when will that NOW happen because as it seems, EVERY ELECTION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION... EVER!!!???

Sorry, I threw out my Democratic membership because I got feed up being lied to. Blame what you need to blame on me but do so knowing I left "THE PARTY" because it choose to leave American values and principles behind. When it came time to stand up to support and defend the Constitution, Democrats stood down with excuses! And so I moved on. Sure, blame what you need to blame on me but do so knowing that if Obama loses, it was because "THE PARTY" acted in collusion to American Principles and Values. It's kind of like choosing to either turn in your father to the police because he's a rapist or renting a room to him in your basement. Sorry, lines get crossed through egregious actions and intolerable behaviors. Blame me as you will but do so knowing that Obama and "THE PARTY" sold America out.

Rent that basement room to criminals. You only have yourself to blame when the police come breaking down your door. How sad that when that time comes, Americans will have themselves to blame for false HOPE of a future sold out on empty promises. No one can assure me that Obama will "CHANGE" the political landscape, or "CHANGE" the direction he voted to take America in. Sure, he says he'll change... but really, can a leopard really change it's spots? I mean, no one can guarantee that an Obama Administration won't torture, rendition, continue illegal wars, spy on Americans, collect private data of Americans, usurp Congressional Legislation... And you know why?

Shhh... I'm listening to that deafening silence from the Democrats.


In your words:


The answer is NO! EVERY election ISN'T the most important election. Some are mere transitions. Others are transformations.

I know you won't agree with me that there's NO difference between McCain and Obama. But perhaps you will agree that because of today's extraordinary circumstances, NOT ALL ELECTIONS ARE EQUAL IN IMPORTANCE. I'm betting "SAFER," Max. No amount of convincing will make me believe Obama is as horrific as McCain.

Nonetheless, I respect your opinion. But right now I just can't agree.

Thanks again,

to my chagrin. The GOP is evil. The democrats have disappointed me. I have this hope that Obama will turn things around. I am disappointed with him and Biden.


You may have read this already, EW, but if not - all are advised to vote for each individual race, even when give the option of a box to vote for all the democratic or repub candidates, or Green (not yet:). It may take a few more minutes, but some election sites I've visited highly recommended voting individual votes. Supposed to lesson the chance of all flipping or not being read at all. R.

My candidates seldom win. My union newsletter suggested who I should vote for. Often I do not vote for either candidate (county stuff). I always know which senator or house rep to vote for. I am in a very red area. And I do not like either party at this time, but I will vote Democratic (probably Green after this election).

Thanks again the info.


I second Max1. Obama sold out already by supporting the Wall Street Handout while smokescreening the public by talking about helping out "Main Street" too. He is bought and paid for with $27 million in contributions from Finance and about a $million from Goldman Sachs. Obama will maintain the status quo by replacing Goldman Secretary of Treasury-Hank Paulson-with CitiGroup Secretary-Robert Rubin.

Same with Obama's self-defeating support of War as the primary way to fight non-state criminal terrorists. Plus his support of "clean coal" and ethanol subsidies that are raising food prices.

Democracy is Representation. Americans vote for who best represents them. Political parties which represent We, the People earn votes.

Linda: you're a good person.
Yet so are those who put loyalty to the Constitution, Justice, Security, Earth and/or Peace before loyalty to a political party.

Obama and McCain serve the same masters (no not we the people).

You are nuts if you think obama will not start more wars and start a draft!



Obama helped the bush crime family complete the COUP D'ETAT HERE IN AMERICA!!!

Obama is a pelosi and bush puppet!

They promised a New Direction out of Iraq to get liberal votes in 2006. Bury hope for "change" with the thousands of additional Americans killed in Iraq under their watch.

Don't be shortsighted. As McCain said 'there will be more wars'. True if either McCain or Obama is elected. Future wars will be prevented when politicans like Pelosi realize they cannot lie and smile their way to power over and over again. And make outlandish claims like how Congress ended the occupation of Iraq 7 times and shifting blame to the Senate.

We get more of the same with two parties.
Change with more parties.

You said:






As we slept, while the hippies were subverted to the War machine Wall street,assets allocated to war and genocide, the Democrats you vote for brought it to our door, the sixty year long and winding road.

It's been here ...we watched Waco and others on our precious stolen soil, the past is prologue, our every day.

Obama will put you in a fema camp every bit as quickly as McCain will. McCain is a tired old wolf in wolf's clothing, with a bad memory. He may forget you in the round up. Obama is just a better liar with a better memory.

Everyone suffers EXCEPT the losing candidates . What do they get to do with all those unused campaign funds anyways? If third parties are "my way or take the highway" now, imagine how they'd be IF they did get the big one> White House! This is brinksmanship, and no one gets anything done and then we end up with a four year stalemate, or downward spiral (possibly more.)

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Obama is nothing but the shinny new object hoisted atop the rotting DNC x-mas tree, a sad tree constructed of recycled party hacks and road kill from failed left wing campaigns. They bring with them ALL of the failed DNC policies & ideas of yester-year.

Look at his advisers, all lame party hack establishment failures.. not much "change" there. No new fresh ideas, no clever common sense approaches to the US's epic failure foreign policies. Obama, like the GOPs senile old geezer, would stupidly attack Iran and send US troops to die for Israel. They both regurgitated the same ignorant "spin" re: Russia, neither has any intent to dismantle the massive US empire that is bankrupting the nation, both are happy to let the banker gangsters at the Fed rip us off.

Obama is the partys attempt to polish the DNC turd, after the last election they folded like a cheap suit and ate bowls full of Bushs fecal matter, often asking for seconds... like a good power sharing side kick.

Both establishment parties have failed too many times to be trusted again.

No More Two Party dictatorship.

Sorry, Linda. Hysteria is not the basis for rational political decision or discussion. I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils, again. So I intend to vote for the black woman in this race.

But I challenge you to outline exactly what you intend to do to pressure an Obama Presidency -to meet the expectations of peace and justice voters - when, despite the latest round of liberal foreboding and angst, he gains the Oval Office.

Meanwhile Margaret Kimberly from Black Agenda Report sums it up nicely.

Freedom Rider: Right Wing Obama Love
by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

"Obama has said that he will have a foreign policy like Ronald Reagan's."

There are no omens of victory for John McCain. While Barack Obama can concentrate on campaigning in swing states like Missouri, John McCain is forced to work the crowds in red states which should be firmly in his column at this late stage in the campaign. Not one poll shows McCain victories in enough of the right states for him to be elected.

Everyone loves a winner. Perhaps that is why so many conservatives are jumping on the Obama bandwagon. McCain is a goner and they know it. Yet there is something else at work here. Barack Obama has exceeded expectations in soothing the concerns of the racist, imperialist mindset. Right wingers who openly follow the doctrine of America's right to empire and conquest are now endorsing Obama.

Christopher Buckley, son of the late William Buckley, broke ranks with his fellow conservatives and endorsed Barack Obama, declaring that he will vote for a Democrat for the first time in his life. Unlike others in the openly racist right wing, Buckley can see the forest for the trees. He doesn't care if the president has the middle name Hussein. Obama has made it clear that he will maintain white America's right to moral exception by continuing its war machine and allowing the criminals who destroyed the financial system to keep their set at the table.

"Buckley is certain that Obama will not make waves."

Buckley has no doubts about Obama. "But having a first-class temperament and a first-class intellect, President Obama will (I pray, secularly) surely understand that traditional left-politics aren't going to get us out of this pit we've dug for ourselves." So certain is Buckley that Obama will not make waves, that he bid good-bye to his friends and resigned from the National Review, the conservative publication founded by his father.

Another Christopher, Christopher Hitchens, has likewise seen the path to victory pointing in Obama's direction. Hitchens used to call himself a leftist, a Trotskyite in fact. Hitchens realized that he would be a much hotter commodity if he eschewed his political positions and became a professional white man. He now spends his time writing endlessly hateful screeds defending America's war of terror and looking for new reasons to kill brown skinned people who pray towards Mecca.

Hitchens spent the early part of the campaign year showing open disdain for Obama, his former pastor and for Michelle Obama's senior thesis. He foamed at the mouth at every utterance of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, calling his words ". . . wicked and stupid and false . . ."

The McCain campaign death march and Obama's consistent promise to change very little have swayed Hitchens to switch sides again. He opines that ". . . the Obama-Biden ticket is not a capitulationist one." In other words, they will keeping killing Iraqis and Afghans, giving Hitchens confidence that his endorsement will not be in vain.

"Hitchens now spends his time writing endlessly hateful screeds defending America's war of terror."

These endorsements are partly a result of the critically ill Republican brand, but Obama must get much of the credit for the eleventh hour conversions. He has said that he will have a foreign policy like Ronald Reagan's. He makes it clear he will address black people directly only when chastisement is on the agenda. If anyone has doubts, the sight of Obama campaign commercials featuring one or two black faces, Obama's included, seal the deal for the two Christophers and their friends.

What will Progressives for Obama have to say about the conservative pitching and wooing for their candidate? If past history is any indication, they and other progressives will say nothing at all. They made a decision to collude with the Obama agenda that progressives ought to oppose. The praises of Buckley and Hitchens will have no effect on them any more than the pledges to keep troops in Iraq or to escalate the war in Afghanistan.

Obama will make history in more ways than one. He won't just be the first black president. He will be the first president in modern history who convinced millions of people not to believe the words that came out of his own mouth. "Change" is the campaign slogan, but his policy agenda tells us we will see anything but that. Hitchens and Buckley are certainly convinced that there won't be any changes that aren't to their liking.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)BlackAgandaReport.Com. Ms. Kimberley maintains an edifying and frequently updated blog at More of her work is also available at her Black Agenda Report archive page.

If you wonder just how the Obama campaign has responded to date about the concerns of peace and justice voters - including those who back the candidate, the images and video below, shot by Nancy Foreman, working with IVAW, should prove illuminating.

Not a single word from the Obama camp condemning the police bruality on graphic display outside the last Presidential debate in Long Island, or injuries sustained by those antiwar Iraq vets who just wanted to ask questions of the candidates. Ditto for "Progressives for Obama".

Nancy's letter and links to images and video follows:

Hello All-

I just wanted to draw your attention to this video, particularly these video stills, that I shot during the Iraq Veterans Against the War protest at the final U.S. presidential debates, last Wednesday, in Long Island, NY. The video is extremely disturbing and clearly shows Iraq War Veteran Nick Morgan at the moment when his head was crushed to the sidewalk under a police horse. This story has been completely ignored in the media. He was legally, peacefully and standing on the sidewalk when the event occurred.

The still images speak volumes to this moment in history, please look atthem and please get them to people (journalists, activists, veterans)who can use them!

[ ]

The video is on Youtube - (watch in high quality)
[ ]

Video links and more information are posted at -
[ ]

The reality is that American police nearly killed an American vet last week with immunity, and with complete silence from the media, as he peacefully exercised those 'constitutional freedoms' he was sworn to protect and was supposedly fighting for across the world. Anti-war veterans like Nick Morgan have suffered a double betrayal, in Iraq and at home, and their voices deserve to be heard, if not by the presidential cavndidates, then by the American people themselves.

You people turn my stomach with your "stay the course" voting manipulation! Vote for the person you think is the best one, not the one your are told to vote for the by the "scare factory"!

Ahhh, just like a good little sheople.

Sorry, this diatribe is just more of the same old vote for the lesser of two evils.

You can have your evil, but this man is not so stupid to fall for the bullshit.

I don't believe in the man. I refuse to support the effort to give him a job I don't think he deserves.

"Will a Barack Obama presidency really be as bad as John McCain?"

Could be worse. He will not only leave us in Iraq (tens of thousands of troops, all the permanent military bases, all the resentment of the vast majority of the Iraqi people who just want us to get the hell out), but also increase our presence in Afghanistan, which not only signals his approval of Bush administration war crimes, but also his intention to continue them! I will be damned if I'm voting for anybody who does that.

And it would not surprise me in the least to see the return of the draft in an Obama administration, with the new president citing "the shared sacrifice that the Bush administration didn't understand", or some similar lame excuse.

I don't know about you, but I've seen enough killing in the name of my country. I WILL NOT condone its continuation with my vote.

He supports illegal war.

He supports illegal warrantless spying.

He supports doing NOTHING to hold the Bush administration accountable for their mountain of crimes, including the shredding of the Constitution that he has sworn to support and defend "against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic."

He also joins McCain in support of the gargantuan ripoff of American taxpayers that is the Wall Street bailout. They BOTH voted to put us on the hook for 850 billion dollars (and that's just for starters) - an expenditure of taxpayer money unprecedented in American history - completely ignoring hundreds of prominent economists who were telling Congress it was wrong, completely ignoring the overwhelming will of the people who were jamming phone lines and email servers demanding a no vote, and they BOTH refused to talk about it during their October 3rd debate, despite repeated attempts by the moderator to get them to respond to the peoples' urgent concerns about the issue.

"Voting for Nader, McKinney, Paul and Barr in a heartfelt act of passion will provide YOU a moment of pleasure and the world insurmountable pain."

My vote will not be a "heartfelt act of passion." It will be a heartfelt act of true concern for my country, given to someone with a substantive plan for GENUINE change, as opposed to one of two willing tools of the status quo.

I am not seeking a moment of pleasure. I am seeking full restoration of the values and principles that I hold dear as an American, about which both of these major party candidates are clearly unconcerned.

Unfiltered Video Commentary:

Economist Michael Hudson says Paulson should be in jail

Thanks John, I totally agree!

First of all you are not "chasing a rainbow"; you are chasing a marketing campaign that continues to vote against our best interests and then you justify that betrayal by saying he "had too" to get the middle of the road votes.

We learned just what the move to the center campaign does for us in 2000 and 2004; it validates the right-wing economic policies which have crippled this country and funneled the wealth upward at an amazing rate.

Obama is a Free-trader and the only reason that he hasn't signed on with the Columbia free-trade act is because they haven't framed the resistance leaders yet for the deaths of the union leaders. Once that happens, he will.

If you believe Nader cost us the elections in 2000 and 2004 you need to wake up. We have a serious problem in this country and it's not going to fix itself.

10 million registered democrats voted for Bush in 2000... how do you think that happened?

You need to wake the f up and start to recognize the REAL threat facing our freedoms. Yes, there will be martial law, yes fascism is here and will only get worse. But remember what Biden said just last week; that they will have to attack a country and at first they will not appear to be justified. But we will have to have faith in them and trust in them.

Let's not forget that Biden did everything he could to help push the Iraq war, just like Clinton did.

The real problem here is that if they do "swing" the election again, people like you will point to the meaningless 3rd party votes as the culprit, even though the VAST majority of people in 2000 and 2004 who voted for 3rd party candidates stated that they wouldn't have voted for EITHER mainstream party had they not been a third party.

You will blame other "liberals" rather than focus on the real problem, just like they want you to.

That is the problem if he looses. If he wins the problem is much bigger because then you will bend over backwards to accomodate his every action no matter how bad it is because you will use the excuse that if we talk bad about what he is doing, then the republicans will impeach him. So you will turn a blind eye to something that he does that you would rail about if McSame did it.

They will use your party loyalty and fear against you. As they are doing right now.

You folks are going to help usher in a McPalin administration - which will undoubtedly end up being a Palin administration. NOTHING THAT OBAMA IS ABOUT CAN COMPARE TO THE NIGHTMARE OF THIS RELIGIOUS EXTREMIST WITH ARMEGEDDON FANTASIES IN OFFICE, AND IN CONTROL OF A GAZILLION NUCLEAR WEAPONS.
Kindly focus here. The people I talk to that express your opinions seem to be addicted to their self-righteous correctness, to the extent that they are willing to put a lunatic in power. And it's not just about our country - it's painfully clear that everything this government does affects everyone else on the planet. Aren't you tired of our country being reviled everywhere in the world? God, even our most stalwart supporters like GB and Australia think this country is wrecking the world - check out international news sites and read the comments, it's painful.
There's also the earth itself to consider, and the cascading environmental devastation we've seen with BushCo, and countless endangered species at the brink. You can pretty much kiss any hope for those good-bye, as well. This isn't about "party loyalty" - I'm not even a democrat, but a registered independent, as are many voting for Obama now.
How do you imagine that a GOP win will be anything but catastrophic? One of the unfortunate realities of life is that sometimes we have to choose between the lesser of two evils. That's reality. Anyone who says otherwise is profoundly lacking in self-insight. This is not the time to insist that people "earn your vote" (like that's going to happen!), or insist that YOU are not going to choose the lesser of two evils. That's not going to be much comfort when WWIII starts and no one can find any food, fuel,or jobs, or when America is a fundamentalist dictatorship.

Anna van Z
The Mills River Progressive

...with Bill Clinton, who hijacked the Republican agenda; with Pelosi & Co., who promote it. Not going there ever again, not with Obama, nor any other sell-out Democrat.

Time to try something different. If everybody else who thinks like you do would vote for something different instead of trying to convince the rest of us to vote for the same old same thing, maybe we'd get something different.

R Ap

McCain and Obama are both working for the same people. Neither has the guts to stand up to the CFR, or the Fed Reserve.

Frankly I don't support either Obama or McCain, I am afraid of both.

So as long as you think you care who I vote for, that's the real problem. It doesn't matter who we elect in the future at all, unless we impeach b/ush. By not impeaching, we set a precedent that we will tolerate anything and everything from a p/resident. The next one will not be any more accountable, or trustworthy than b/ush, that's a fact.

I'll vote 3rd party or not at all.

I understand the strategy of never admitting defeat until the game is over. I am truly an Independent but I feel that there isn't a snowballs chance in hell that a third party will win. Although I am Independent I lean left and realize that this country has to make an left turn to become straight again. People argue to vote third party but there is not enough support 8 days before the election to do this, this is something that will have to change gradually, and I believe it will. I see people waking up every day but it will not be soon enough. That only leave one true choice and that is to vote for Obama/Biden. At least with them we have a chance of gradually changing the country so that it makes that left turn to straight. I think in 8 years if we work harder the country will possibly be ready for a third party, but it will not happen overnight. Every vote for a third party is a vote for McCain because the right wing evangelicals will not give an inch of power, the solution is to take control and vote them gradually out of office. I understand some will be furious with me for saying this but its the truth and we all know it. Before we go Independent we have to get this country headed in a straight line. This country cannot and will not take another 8 years of Bush and its very obvious that Palin/McCain are exactly that. This will not happen without the cooperation of independents like us and after the election Obama/Biden are elected then we have to work on them and not let up. also remember that Palin has already began working on 2012 and believe it or not, she has a lot of support. If we are to be truly be Independent we must start now by making people aware of what has been going on and we have to admit we haven't done a very good job of it up till now. We may represent a large portion of the country but only have a small percentage of the voice. This is the most important election of my life and I have my principals, but I refuse to elect John McCain without a real stratagey! The first step is to find a real person who is serious about being President and no offense to the candidate out there but they are not electable.
I am sure I will get some hate mail from this but I hope we can all be adult about this.

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