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Bush to Blair: First Iraq, Then Saudi

By Marie Woolf
The Independent UK
Sunday 16 October 2005

George Bush told the Prime Minister two months before the invasion of Iraq that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea may also be dealt with over weapons of mass destruction, a top secret Downing Street memo shows.

The US President told Tony Blair, in a secret telephone conversation in January 2003 that he "wanted to go beyond Iraq".

He implied that the military action against Saddam Hussein was only a first step in the battle against WMD proliferation in a series of countries.

Mr Bush said he "wanted to go beyond Iraq in dealing with WMD proliferation", says the letter on Downing Street paper, marked secret and personal.

No 10 said yesterday it would "not comment on leaked documents". But the revelation that Mr Bush was considering tackling other countries over WMD before the Iraq war has shocked MPs. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been close allies of the US in the war against terror and have not been considered targets in relation to WMD.

The confidential memo recording the President's explosive remarks was written by Michael Rycroft, then the Prime Minister's private secretary and foreign policy adviser. He sent the two-page letter recording the conversation between the two leaders on 30 January 2003 to Simon McDonald, who was then private secretary to Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary.

Mr Rycroft said it "must only be shown to those with a real need to know ".

The revelation that Mr Bush told the Prime Minister Iraq should be seen as a first step comes in the American edition of Lawless World, a book by the leading international lawyer Philippe Sands QC, who is also a professor of law at University College London and senior barrister at Matrix chambers, which he shares with Cherie Blair.

"The conversation seems to indicate that Iraq was not seen as an isolated issue but as a first step in relation to a broader project," he said. "What is interesting is the mention of Saudi Arabia, which to the best of my knowledge had not at that time been identified particularly as a country with WMD. An alternative view is that the mention of Saudi Arabia indicates that the true objectives were not related exclusively to WMD."

The inclusion of Pakistan, also a key US ally, is also surprising, although there has in the past been concern about nuclear proliferation in that country.

Sir Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrats' foreign affairs spokesman, said the timing of the conversation was significant since it took place when Britain and the US were still trying to get a second UN resolution to make the legal case for the Iraq war watertight.

"If this letter accurately reflects the conversation between the President and the Prime Minister it will cause consternation, particularly in Saudi Arabia. American policy in the Middle East for decades has been based on support for Israel and an alliance with Saudi Arabia," he said. "If this was more than loose talk and represented a genuine policy intention it constitutes a radical change in American foreign policy."

Ms Wilmshurst said the trial, which begins this week, will be the first key test of whether the justice system can operate in Iraq.

The lawyer, who is now the Senior Fellow at the think tank, Chatham House, says: "There will be no prospect of success for the democratic process in Iraq unless the rule of law can prevail. The trial of Saddam Hussein due to start on Wednesday, presents a test."


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Is this further evidence of another flawed attempt at "world peace" by conquest, purges, and martial law by a psychologically troubled man driven to be "great" and backed by the British, Israeli and American "Ruling Class"?

You'd think that after 6000 years of Patriarchal attempts, these
guys would figure out that the "fascist static model" (in the Etruscan and Roman sense)does not work with diverse & dynamic humans.

Is the "Just and Noble Cause" that BuschCo keeps marketing nothing
more than the very old and very tired "For the Glory of Rome" sales pitch that has justified the deaths of untold millions over the years as the rich send the poor to fight their wars of conquest while "authorized thugs" oppress their own people at home and the supposedly "wise and holy men" justify the carnage as "Legal and Righteous."

In today's paper here in Wilmington, NC, there was an article stressing once again that Bush would veto any legislation that denied the executive branch it's "right" to detain & torture without oversight. Funny, when I checked my copy of the constitution, I couldn't find that part listed anywhere. Of course, I do have an old dated copy from 1787. ;-)

"The eastern world, it is explodin’.
Violence flarin’, bullets loadin’
You’re old enough to kill, but not for votin’
You don’t believe in war, but what’s that gun you’re totin’
And even the Jordan River has bodies floatin’"
- Eve of Destruction by Barry McGuire


You are right on, Frederick! Wait until the reichwingers get a 5 to 4 majority on the Supreme Court. Not only the Constitution but all international law which we helped draft will be further eroded, by the Executive Office, with the blessing of the Supremes. Congress will move from its current station of weakness to one of complete obliviousness. IMPEACHMENT is the answer. The process has been started, a petition is being circulated, but SOMEONE needs to influence some "moderate" Republicans to bring it before the mike. Who can be approached in the HOUSE of REPS? They are the body with the power to" bring charges against", as you know, since you honor our Consitution, as do I (I taught social studies in a Vermont high school for 30 years, and loved engaging students in discovering the awesomeness of our Constitution) I hope the Demos can take back control of the House in 2006. Then, MAYBE, impeachment can move forward. There's a LONG LIST of abuse of power crimes, starting with Bush's initial failures to "faithfully execute the laws" on the books which were there when he illegally took over the Oval Office. In addition there are other impeachable offenses too numerous to mention here. Greetings to you from Durham, NC, where I now reside. I'm enjoying retirement here in the friendly, integrated, progressive Triangle, but missing my beloved Vermont (I was having difficulty balancing my body while sliding on ice and snow for so many months each year). I hope you stay active. I heard John Edwards speak to students at UNC yesterday, kicking off one of his anti-poverty programs, trying to engage college students in action. He did a good job but I'd like to see him, or others, become more fired up. We need AGITATION from the progressives, like the "raise less corn and more hell" Kansans of the first Progressive Movement . I think we may be on the cusp of a second Progressive Movement. I hope so. Martha Warner

Previous writers are ALL CORRECT!!
One only has to look at the career of the father to see what's been sown is being reaped by the son.
Americans have been led astray by a group of madmen hellbent on creating a "Pax Americana" (see: who feel they have a license to wage war worldwide now that they have succeeded in producing the New Pearl Harbor, the crime of the 21st century.
One writer may be right. If Americans don't wake up, use their power to change the face of Congress in '06 & move towards impeachment or coup (Bush did it in '00!!), the rest of the world may have to take control to save us from our own increasingly fascist dictatorship's agenda of resource theft & mass slaughter.
God help America & the world if the warmongers of PNAC keep moving their wars eastward towards China. (As of this writing, Rumsfeld is visiting China's military.)
The unspeakable crimes being perpetrated by this outlaw administration on Americans, Afghans, Iraqis and numerous others are just beginning.

They are the source of Most problems in the Middle east, ignoring the plight of the palestinians while investing trillions of Dollars in America and spending billions on arms they will never use. cowards .they make me ashamed to be a muslim and a saudi .

Well said Fredrick..


I don't think it is clear that military intervention was being called for. I think it was just saying that WMD's have to be dealt with, whether through diplomacy, or military action... dealing with the issue between Pakistan and India and nuclear weapons was of more pertinence a few years ago. Since then, relations have, in a small way improved. I don't think this is sign of some grand imperlialistic scheme.

America is not God. We have been planning this since 1999. PNAC. Make our government accountable now. The responsibility lies on the shoulder of every american. The possibility of nuclear or "nuculer," as bush calls it, "war" is all to frightening.

I have to say I agree with Graham here.

That the states in the list are either known supporters of terrorism, have WMDs or are seeking them is clearly true.

The poliferation of WMDs should be controlled. Absolutely. Just not by invading countries. There's nothing in what is published here that indicates that was planned.

There's so much Bush and the right are doing wrong. That you have to resort to alarmism like this is ridiculous and, frankly, is stooping to their level.

We the people-will never have the money-the power-nor the criminal mind it takes,to stoop to THEIR leval....

No country in the whole known intergalactical universe has more WMDs trhan the United States.

Let's quit the farce and face the fact that we are more guilty than anyone of the crime we are so eager to judge.

Graham where have you been for the last two years? America and England have shown how their diplomacy works. Its called killing people, wake up.

You're right, this one communication, standing alone, does not tell us that military iintervention was being called for. It cannot be viewed as a solitary document, however. It must be placed within the context of all the other policy papers of this admin, including the "new American century" plan developed by Wolfowitz, Pearle, Cheney, Rumsfeld, written while Clinton was president. The group tried to get Clinton to buy into the idea of establishing a Pax Americana, similar to the Roman Empire, but Clinton refused to give them the time of day. Karl Rove and George W. Bush bought into it, along with plans for the Iraqi war, which were formulated even before 911. This super secret admin has worked to prevent citizens from learning about their plans and actions but even they, with full use of the CIA, FBI, etc. haven't been able to stop some leaks. The more I learn the more I understand the imperialistic, fascist nature of those who control the Executive Branch of our government. We should be very frightened.In a way we may be lucky that the Iraqi war has been dragging on; otherwise US planes might have bombed Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia? I personally think they intended to save the Saud monarchy, though, because the House of Saud and the House of Bush are intertwined in so many ways. Once these people are removed from office I think historians will be very busy unearthing some pretty shocking information, should they be able to break down some of the secret walls protecting the Bush family and their teammates.
Martha Warner, retired social studies teacher

Since Duhbya signed the executive order preventing presidential records from EVER being made public (retroactive to his father's administration as well) as was traditionally the case after a period of time, historians will have a damn hard time tracking down the truth of this administrations' crimes against America, democracy and humanity in general.

Read Project For A New American Century, then see if you haven't changed your mind about the imperialist anti-democratic goals of the neocons planned way before the 2000 "elections". This has been in the works for a long while. Even a "9/11" type attack was seen as the door through which this plan could be implemented as documented in that very book.Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and the other leftovers from the Nixon-Reagan days are all in on it and should be eventually tried as war criminals. Which is why Bush is adamantly opposed to a World Court! Their worst fear is another Nuremburg trial with them in the hot seat.

This what I do not understand. We know that Bush and his merry gang of thugs are responsible for the 911 attact on America yet no one is able to do anything about it. We see just how ruthless the Bush Administration is and the many evil doings these Skull & Bones People are creating and the constant lies and misinformation the Bush people have put before the American people, Why the hell is this man still holding the office of the President of the United States of America?

As to the question of why is this man still holding the office of the President of the United States of America- It's because too many of us get our news from the corporate whore media, and those that don't, watch American Idol or Jerry Springer instead. We have been systematically dumbed down. Goebbels could not have done it better.

We have little men in big jobs, and they carry their smallness with them, thus diminishing the frames of reference with which they approach any problem. They would be pathetic if their power were not so great, and as a result they are more dangerous than the terrorists with whom we are confronted because they are so ill-equipped to see the reality their own blindness hides.

Bush to Blair: First Iraq, Then Saudi

It does not matter what Bush told Blair. What really matters is that Bush actions did not involve all of our allies and he went to war without the proper information.

He is not a good leader for our country and he brought sorrow to many parents who lost their children to a war that was based on false information.

Impeach Bush and Cheney for lies, deceit. Free our country from tryany.

How long are we going to allow this group of war mongers to remain in office. Do they not get it? This mad man is stirring up the entire world with hate for the US. What is his game? To have us completely blown away.

I say call for resignation or better yet, impeachment.

I have a few questions and comments to this subject:

1. if it was a 'secret' phone call, how did it get written down? Was it by custom of the WH to save it for posterity?
For that, my comment is: even the 'certified court reporters' distort what was said in front of a judge, or by a judge (by experience). Also, I know, (again from experience), that 'the media' can, do, and will distort anything said and not said to serve their particular purpose. It is enough to leave out one word, or reorder the words in a sentence to completely change it's meaning. So do not believe everything you read in the media and elsewhere, especially in this age of 'free' internet publishing.

2. another thing; Bush knew, he will direct the traffic only for 8 years the most. He could not possibly have such long term plans as to intend to attack all the countries that 'might' have WMD. Once he is gone, the next pres may or may not continue according to his plans. To me this seems a bit fare fetched.

Free speach is one thing, being irresponsible by saying and publishing re-interpreted matters (where the emphasis is on 're-interpreted') is another matter.


Even Nixon's secret meetings were taped and records are very often kept on such meetings if, for no other reason, than to CYA! Your assumption that Bush will 'direct traffice for only 8 years..' completely misses the point. This administration is not about Bush at all but about the Neo-Con agenda that goes back over 20 years. That is why the exact same people are in power behind, and not so behind, the scenes as in Reagan's day. Read 'The Project for a New American Century', written by these very men, and you will see that this is a long term power grab that they hope will transcend 'W'. If you wondered about fixed elections in 2000 and '04, wait until '08, if we even have a Presidential election. These people will stop at nothing.

It seems perfectly reasonable that even secret conversations between the highest levels of any government are recorded; maybe mostly for posterity or perhaps for future recall and re emphasis.

It also seems likely that those judged competent enough to assist those at the highest levels would also be competent enough to accurately transcribe the recording especially when the parties are nominally speaking the same language (in this case more or less). PM Blair would certainly have seen the document and corrected it if it was not consistent with his recall of both the substance and tone of the conversation.

Finally, it should be remembered that Bush and Rove have not been thinking in terms of eight years. In every action they take there is an underlying strategy to build a long term governing majority in all three branches of government. Bush may not be at the top of the food chain after 2008 but the Republican candidates to replace him will be vetted by Rove and he will certainly ensure that they share and are committed to the same philosophy.

It may sound paranoid, but the intent is no less than to totally remake America and in the process try to ensure that America dominate the world order for more than the usual few hundred years history normally allows.

I do not think Karl Rove will be "vetting" anyone for a while. If Fitzgerald does his job correctly, Rove's days as a power broker are numbered.

bushs idea that every 3 to 6 months he would take over a country and then he would be looked as the greats men that ever lived, so he didn't need a plan when you just think you know everythink.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of ignorance shown in this blog, on both sides. (For the record, I favor the impeachment of Bush for a number of reasons, so I find the ignorance of the people I agree with especially painful.) But to respond to MOM: It is the custom of all leaders both in the private and public sectors to have records made of their conversations. In the U.S., presidents from at least JFK on taped their meetings and phone calls; the flap over Nixon's tapes notwithstanding, they probably still do. So there is no mystery about the existence of a record of this conversation. MOM should also note that the Blair spokesperson did not deny the substance, and in fact confirmed that the document was "leaked"---i.e., that it was authentic. So, MOM, no media conspiracy here, and not much interpretation that I can see either. It actually fits quite well with what we know about Bush from other sources: that he's a true believer in the neoconservative view of the world, etc.

If they were looking so far ahead, it seems that we may have another reason for the almost complete lack of a discernable plan to deal with the post-invasion situation in Iraq - the Bush League was too busy dreaming of the Project for a New American Century's pax Americanum to pay attention to such trifling details as whether the Iraqi people would go along with such empirical ambitions.

Whatever Bush may have been thinking 2 months before he invaded Iraq - I doubt he's thinking about the same thing today.

PNAC, hopefully Fitsgerald will take into account the precurser to this war involving Boulton, Libby, Rummy, woolfy, Jebby,and others. People do your home work. This government had plans to war for oil before Bush came into office. Look up the web site and ask your selves why the media is not all over this! Why the media is not all over the Downing Street Memos? Make your self smart and tell, tell, tell!

I think, conversely if not perversely, that this proves the military adventurist aims of the Bush thug cronies are, and have been, limitless. Amazing what being born with a silver spoon in your filthy mouth can do to your overall sense of entitlement; in this case, the neocon death cult obviously believes the entire planet is their own personal pinata, to bash and to profit from as they see fit.

Maybe if we are lucky Bush will dig the hole himself to bury him. Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you with Saudi Arabia comments.

So far bush has got away with criminal activities,and the people are feeling helpless.It would be great if this guy and his entourage be impeached for the lies,deceit,potentially putting this country on par with the old Russia and he is incompetent as a President.He is willing to risk our healthy men and women on this mad quest of his.Is he taking a medication that would qualify us(the country) to sue the prozac pharmaceutical company for the harm he has done as our (laughingly/scarily referred to President)?#1 Always protect the Planet Earth.We need new energy sources not oil not nuclear.


ALL of our politicians ~ of whatever 'Party' ~ have one and ONLY one agenda: to maintain and advance their personal career! They will NOT go against whatever the status quo, will NOT 'rock the boat', will NOT jeapordize their jealously guarded position.... and they do NOT "represent thier constituents" except in the 'safe' issues!


Waaaaay back in the 50's I had a high school science teacher who tried his damndest to enlighten his students about Oil, about Political Monopolization, about Global Energy and about the Coming Depletion of Oil Resources.
.....and guess what? he had not only an alternative solution, but he had worked out a MODEL for it!! He also explained sadly, that, because it wouldn't be something that the Big Corporations and the Politicians-In-Their-Pockets could monopolize, nothing would ever come of it.
It was creating environmentally and ecologically safe electricity by the use of TURBINES in Ocean Currents on east and west coast shorelines. He believed turbines set all along the sea coasts would require little maintainence and be generating electricity 24/7. He had made a little tincan turbine which he set up in a little fountain affair, and in which he rigged up a lightbulb... and it stayed lit day & night til it finally burned out.
He believed that the old fashioned farm-type windmill could be used as alternative energy individually, throughout the plains states... OBVIOUSLY he was far far in advance of his Time.... I only wish I'd paid a lot more attention. I wish we all had listened to him.... but alas, youth being what it is.........

I watched a special report the other night (the Discovery channel if I recall correctly) on this very subject and how ocean turbines are being seriously considered as a safe and endless energy source for the first time by members of Congress.I am sure the oil execs, with the help of BushCo, will resist it unless they can get in on the profits somehow. Concurrently,(excuse the pun) the oil companies that work in the Gulf of Mexico are considering a plan to drill for oil via ships in deeper waters. After these last hurricanes they believe this to be a way to avoid the destruction of oil rig platforms. This will not solve anything IMO. Ocean turbines are indeed the wave of the future (ouch! I just can't avoid these puns!)

Revelation of Bush's extention of "preemptive" vision beyond Iraq, should serve as a warning to all, and especially to Americans, that what we are dealing with here is not simply defective statecraft but perverted perspective, perhaps madness.

History teaches us that nations allowing such leadership suffer the patience of the saner and decent family of nations, a patience, when exhausted, which can turn to hostility and ultimately destroy the offender. America needs to get shed of this madness before we all go down with it.


Unfortunately, li'l "W" is just a figurehead. He's just there to be on the news and smile. Does anyone think that since he can't be president in 2008 our troubles are over? He is just the ventriloquist's dummy for the neocons. I wonder what idiot they have in mind for our next president.

It is fantastic to know that at least one other person out there realizes why and how GWB was supposedly "elected"...and there is always the consideration that a national emergency will occur or there will be another tactic in order for the neo-cons to leave him in power for another 4 years! This is very, very scary and extremely tragic for our country.

This only goes to show how power hungry and crazy this administration is. I cannot believe the American people could have been stupid enough to re-elect Bush and the rest of his nutcase friends. We as Americans are not nearly as smart as we think we are. To prove my point, republicans give Bust an 84% approval rating. They, the republicans, are suppose to be the richer, more educated of the two parties. I guess this country is in real trouble if the republicans are the smart ones. One last thing, I am proud to be in the uneducated party, because I voted twice against the nut....

There's evidence that Bush didn't win, either in the year 2000, or in 2004. At the end of the "investigation" done by Pres. Carter and James Baker Carter said that Gore won in 2,000. Had votes been counted Gore would have been in the White House. Baker, of course, manipulated the situation to send it to the Supremes, who had no Constitutional right to make a decision, since the Consttution puts the states in charge of elections. They should have told Florida to either: do a complete re-vote, or re-evaluate and recount ALL votes, instead of telling them to STOP COUNTING THE VOTES (that was their order! Americans were so manipulated and mixed up that we failed to hit the streets! Any third world country would have done that!) The vote in FL and Ohio (maybe more states) was rigged in 2004. The Green Party has brought cases to the court in Ohio; the judge set trials for next fall! Probably won't be heard before the 2006 elections, unfortunately. I don't know anything about the judge but Ohio politics is about as crooked as that of Florida. SO, even though lots of Americans let others manipulate them, without thinking, into supporting the most disgraceful candidates in our nation's history, most DID NOT. What we face is pretty scary, though. They stole TWO national elections and have taken our nation down, down, down, as every thoughtful person knows. Mark Crispin Miller, a journalism professor, predicted that the 2,004 election would be stolen, (Cruel and Unusual is the title of his book; if you have limited time read ch. 6, "Clear and Present Danger." ) Reading the entire book, before the 2004 election, put me into a state of fear from which I have not yet recovered.I sent messages to all the Democrats and progressive organizations I could locate. I received a few responses, which were, "not to worry; we're on top of it." Rep. John Conyers has evidence that they were not. 2004 was another crooked political year. The Media is so controlled that most of them couldn't recognize the truth if it hit them in the face. Only independent news people like Free Speech TV and World Link report with any degree of accuracy, and they have a hard time unearthing tightly held secrets, such as how many Iraqis have been killed, how many displaced by US bombing of their villages, how many lack water, electricity, schools, jobs. We don't know much, but some things slip out, such as the report that the American army directed the Kurdish Pesh Merga (Kurdish Guerrilla army, in existence since 1930s to attack the Turkmen (Turkish ethnic group living near the Turkish border, and in Turkey). That's CIVIL WAR, and we directed it! How stupid can we get? FINALLY, don't you believe that Repuglicans are smarter than Democrats or progressives, whether schooled or not. How can close-minded people be smarter than those who question authority and use their thinking skills? Think about it. We know Clinton lied; we let him be questioned. Clinton lied and no one died. That's because he lied about his personal problems. Bush has also lied about his personal problems, more than once. Those aren't the type of lies which get American soldiers and innocent foreigners killed in a war against a non-threatening nation. One scholar warned us: in our nuclear age, "preventive war" is just about the most dangerous action a leader can propose. Our leader manipulated Congress and many citizens to support this most dangerous action. Every day we stay in Iraq is one more day of the risk of nuclear holocaust. IMPEACH BUSH. That must be done, and the list of impeachable offensesis long. Tell a moderate Republican member of the House of Reps that you favor IMPEACHMENT! Martha Warner, retired social studies teacher

I am sorry but it is too late. Because we did not take to the streets, we have seen the last of elections. The rest will be just show and I think a lot of people know it. The elctrionic machines are not accountable to anyone but the company that makes them and they decide who wins. Witness the exit polls in Ohio. And yet they were predicting the passing of the constitution in Iraq based on exit polls. I guess what is not good for the US is ok in another country. I wonder what other countries are on little hitler's list.

i'v called him hitler from the start don't give up . we got the guys home partly from viet-naim. they wire tapped us. they beat us put us in jail so many things it made you feel like you were in another country but we never stopped and looked what happened.

There is no doubt in my mind that elections were stolen in 2000 and 2004. They (Republicans/Christian Right) made sure that the voting machines with the highest fault ratio were in place in Palm Beach County, they knew by polls taken that that's were they needed to be. Polls are a complete useless piece of information, they are used to manipulate the feelings of our dumbed down and confused by excess information/news and opinions fellow Americans. Since when does the media call elections? Shouldn't elections be called by election officials after all votes are counted? Then came the 2004 elections, they didn't need the same tactics as the 2000 elections for they already manipulated the electronic voting machines to their advantage. You cannot verify a vote that goes into a electronic voting machine. If they are going to be used, their validity must be tested by a ramdom and independent commission(ie. 500,000 votes are expected, 500,000 random votes by the commission are taken and verified for accuracy) and the electronic voting machines are placed and secured and no one is allowed access to them. But let's save the money for all of this and vote by what you can verify and see, paper and pencil. Americans must wake up, what's going on in this country is about control(corporate) and racism. The problem is internal by a bigoted subculture who use Gods name to carry out their racism, basically the devil, and their absolute control of us with their sick minds. This is David vs Goliath again.

No chance for a regime change. The GOP owns the companies that own the voting machines. Diebold and ES&S...The GOP will never let go of the power positions. The elections will be rigged in 06 and 08

As we used to tell Richard Nixon concerning his policies in Vietnam(and the same is applicable to Georege W Bush in Iraq): "PULL OUT, LIKE YOUR FATHER SHOULD HAVE..."

Oh, what tangled webs were being weaved.

The mention of Saudi Arabia is particularly eye-opening. We may recall from "Fahrenheit 9/11" that the Bush family has long been allied with the Saudi royal family (not to mention the bin Laden family) and that Saudi Arabia owns a large part of America's economy. So what exactly is behind this idea of possibly invading that country? Does Bush just want all 6 billion people thinking exactly how he does? (actually, scratch that; Bush doesn't appear to think at all)

The article referenced states that Saudi Arabia is a key ally in the "War on Terror". This is akin to saying that the Germans were instrumental in combatting fascism during WWII. That country educates and finances terrorists directly. 16 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were Saudi. 4 of the 5 men who crashed a plane into my Father's office were Saudi. The 2 9/11 terrorists living in San Diego were being sent checks by the wife of Bush family friend prince Bendar. The Wahabi-ist sect that the Saudi government supports is directly responsible for cultivating violence. These are not the actions of an ally. Saudi Arabia is as responsible for 9/11 as Afghanastan was. Which is why the choice of invading Iraq perplexes many Americans, including myself.

If the information in this new Downing Street Memo is authentic, this nation must immediately push for an impeachment. Under Bush we have become a "rogue nation". While this nation leads all others in expenditure for the military establishment, we are increasingly vulnerable to becoming a paper tiger as we are over-extended and Americans lose their appetite for sacrificing their children for the nebulous goal of "democracy in the middle east". Under Bush our Democratic Republic is in peril as the Constitution and its amendments are assailed. The citizens of this country must rein-in this lawless administration or the nations of the world will unite to do it for us. The Axis powers of WWII probably didn't believe that they would face war crimes trials when they began to run roughshod over their neighbors, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that we could face a similar fate.

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