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Sustainable renewable energy sources - the simple solution to end most wars

If most wars today are based on carbon-based fuels , then it makes sense to turn to sustainable renewable energy sources instead:

'Everything is connected with everything else'

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How do jobs NOT go away with renewable energy? Fewer jobs soon will be a good thing? Read on.

Consumable energy has a huge infrastructure that requires lots of diverse labor, ongoingly. Consumable energy, no matter how bad for the planet, keeps a lot of people employed.

With solar and wind energy, there is manufacturing, marketing and installation. Service is rarely required -not an income generator or job creator. After solar and wind is manufactured, sold and installed, the job is done - on to the next. Like a Maytag, (some may remember) no service needed. Unless a natural disaster, these will generate energy, autonomously, for 25 to 50 yrs.

Renewable energy displaces the sale of consumables. Jobs in the renewable and non- renewable energy sector would eventually decrease. Will jobs decrease at the same rate as babyboomers retire? Will the nation settle into a place with many fewer people and fewer jobs needed? A millenium ASTD conference I attended, senior mgt. was very concerned with the future diminishing labor pool as boomers retire. After the babyboomers, US population is charted to diminish, significantly. If so, fewer future existing jobs would be advantageous due to the fall off in population.

Wait a minute. Maybe this will work eventually, after all - for people as well as industry. A brand new way. A logical transition. We need to stand up to brainstorm this transition. Can we see today more clearly with simple characteristics, such as a smaller future population, in mind?

And what about extensive employment in the defense and arms industries? We need war today to employ the vast number of babyboomers. A practical matter, jobs. Can we schedule PEACE for when we no longer need to give so many people jobs? When boomers have retired or passed away?

Without renewable energy we are broke. We do not have jobs or health care. Our schools are suffering. Renewable energy is not the culprit.

We should be a nation of health care. Golf courses and amusement parks. We should work twenty hour weeks and be able to support everybody. We should educate.

Two hundred years ago who would have thought about not needing horses to exist? Back then nobody dreamed of electricity. We progressed quickly but now we have stopped.

Back in '84 I did teletype ... what the hell was a monitor?


GM Futurama - 1939 World's Fair - Part 1

GM Futurama - 1939 World's Fair - Part 2

1939 NY World's Fair - Industrial

Did I ever tell you I still use DOS? I do not do u-tube on my dial-up. After I left my church today ... I salve souls ... I had to use my cordless snow shovel to widen my driveway before going to my daughter's house to use their high speed internet. It was worth the effort and I plan on upgrading shortly. Thanks for the tlc.

EW , aka rev fred but not the famous rev fred

Cordless snow shovel and DOS, eh? Sorry I forgot about your DOS, EW , but if you upgrade to a motorized snow thrower and cable internet , then its all good! Don't forget to throw in a convertor box for your TV ;-)

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