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Bigger Financial Rape Than B.C.C.I. Coming For Taxpayer's if...

Not only did the George W. Bush Administration reportedly point U.S. law enforcement away from removing illegal aliens while millions of rightful Americans lost jobs and could not find jobs, but the de-regulating effect in the financial & banking sectors provided by the Patriot Acts is bringing about the largest financial rape of the American Taxpayers since the B.C.C.I. Scandal.

If Timothy Geithner thinks he is going to back the junk debt, phony credit swap derivatives and bad mortgages worth only up to .20 on a dollar, by the American Taxpayer's funds, he will leave the remaining $ .80 or more per dollar of these Trillions in debts for the taxpayers to pay once again just like we took the last rape of BCCI.

Congress has become absolutely TREASONOUS! This country has recently ingested another 180,000 immigrants which may be only the legal ones, while we are losing over half a million jobs per month!!!!!! They argue over which bank and mega-corp should get funding when it is the taxpayer-worker who carries the nation and supports all that mega-corp production and consumption, and they're letting the thread slip! The middle and lower class are faltering and failing completely and being forced onto welfare and food stamp roles while the food banks run dry at the same time! WHERE THE HELL IS THE HELP FOR THE FAMILIES AND WHY HASN'T A 2009 BIGGER STIMULUS CHECK BEEN PASSED AND STARTED!?

Now there are probably 25-35 million or more illegal aliens in the U.S., many of whom are out of work. There aren't even jobs for legal citizens, and Bush - Cheney have left a formula for a complete disaster.
Who is going to feed all the illegals while legal citizens scramble for aid while the southern border with Mexico is pouring over with wave after wave of drug gang violence and murder- one of the latest figures was 21 dead in a Mexican Army vs Drug Gang shootout; while still more illegals flood into the country!


It may very well end up that the U.S. suffers utter destruction before even a basic estimation of the Bush-Cheney damage and treason can be assessed. It actually looks like what I said here several years ago: Bush has done all he could to destroy The United States.

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quit whining. The only remedy is to form a serious 3rd party with 100,000,000 citizens who are pissed off at this government.

Exactly, but creating a new party or parties requires pointing out why they are needed. I suggest you take all this 'whining' and use it for the evidence needed to get the new parties going.

In addition it takes reporting and reminding these things to the people in order to advocate impeachment which is what this column is about, so to some of you it will forever sound like whining, undoubtedly.

Start doing more of it so taxpayer-voters can see the need to leave an unforgettable message to our so-called Congress that they are supposed to work for us, and not the banksters.

Like Jon Christian Ryter's 'whining', as you would put it:

So you need to "ENTER WHINING"

Yes, folks, there's something else which is lurking in the wings, just ready to be unleashed upon a financially illiterate American population which will make the current financial crisis look like a third grade picnic.

What's lurking in the wings, you ask?
The answer: bank nationalization.

At first glance (at least to the financially illiterate American), bank nationalization seems like a good idea, but in actuality, bank nationalization has its roots in the Mussolini era, and with the hoped-for unquestioning acceptance of "bank nationalization" by the American people, it will prepare the way for a full-blown facist agenda, which will not only "rape" taxpayers financially, but also mentally and emotionally.

The debate over whether we will nationalize the banks is becoming the predominant topic of much of the financial discussion these days, and like most financial discussions, it is a fraud. Nationalization, the way it is being presented to a financially illiterate and easily emotionally manipulated American public, is just another form of bailout, so the "will we or won't we" discussion is really a debate over what form the escalation of the bailout should take. Do we shoot ourselves in the head, or do we take a fatal dose of poison in order to "cure" the problem which ails us?

Either way, the bailout process will lead -- inevitably -- to fascism, because only under a fascist police state can the strict austerity measures which will result, inevitably, from the combination of soaring tax demands and collapsing income, be implemented. Think about it for a few moments, and look at the current situation before us. The government, first under Bush and now under Obama, is spending trillions of dollars to bail out speculators, and sticking the taxpayers -- once again -- with the bill. That means, inevitably, higher tax bills, as well as cuts in government services, at all levels of government, from Federal down to local.

We are already facing record Federal deficits in the multi-trillions of dollars, as well as soaring multi-million to multi-billion dollar deficits among state and local governments, as the combined effects of the drops in real estate values, slowdowns in business activity (including the domino-like shuttering of many retailers), cuts in employment and declines in income work their way through the economy.

The results of these massive Federal, state and local government deficits, plunging real estate values, slowdowns in business activity, higher rates of unemployment and sharp declines in income are already beginning to be seen, with even larger cuts in the tattered remains of the social safety net -- which had already been shredded by Bill Clinton's so-called "welfare reform" back in 1996 -- along with severe cuts in protective services, massive cuts in education, health care and other essentials. As our economy collapses like a long line of dominoes, we will be faced with a series of frightening, Hobbesian choices: who do we save, and who do we abandon? Who do we protect, and who do we sacrifice? Who lives, and who dies?

The financiers have already made their choice clear, preferring to sacrifice the people in order to save themselves, putting their dirty, blood-stained money ahead of humanity. They have experience in this, and they have carefully developed a political system which uses the mechanism of the state to enforce rule by private financial interests and their corporate cartels (in other words ... rulership by the "corporate state"). That political system is called corporatism, or fascism, and was imposed by the Anglo-Dutch Liberal financial oligarchy upon Italy in the 1920s, through the person of Benito Mussolini, and then again in Germany in the 1930s under Adolf Hitler. Now, this same Anglo-Dutch "Liberal" oligarchy wants to impose fascism in the U.S., under the guise of "solving" our financial crisis.

The bailout itself is a fascist, corporatist policy, protecting a small group of rich parasites while condemning the general population to a brutal existence. The individuals who sit at the upper echelon of the brutish British Empire know that the American people will eventually rebel against such measures, especially if they are led by a charismatic leader -- or group of leaders -- who cross over political, class, racial and religious boundaries to galvanize the population into taking action, which is why they've been so busy in recent years pushing the creation of a Big Brother-style police-state and surveillance society (anyone remember the stealthy establishment of NSPD-51 and HSPD-20?).

They want to be able to quickly identify and remove -- to new "American gulags" --the leaders who might spur the population into a (probably armed) mass rebellion to restore the Constitution, and keep the rest of the population intimidated and docile through fear and other psychological warfare tactics. The target is not terrorism -- the real target of this police state apparatus is the American people, and the reason is brutally simple ... to keep the American people under tight control (physically, emotionally and spiritually) in order to transform us into walking, talking "cattle" who can be herded and culled at at the whim of the "owners" in order to keep the "herd" in their place.

We can stop all of this immediately, beginning with putting the parasitical banking system through bankruptcy, and taking steps to protect the general population while we get down to the business of rebuilding our economy. The parasites created this mess, and we should let them take the hit, not us. We don't need another Mussolini; we need another FDR, but how desperate must we become before we demand that another FDR step forward to deal with this crisis?

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