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Me Heart Hurts

I have just signed petitions to help save the wolves in Alaska, the dark witch gov. palin wants to continue shooting wolves from slow moving planes. Reminds me of the days when white assholes would shoot bison from trains going across the great plains. The second petition is to ask Canada to stop killing baby seals. They are slaughtered for their fur and the most efficient way of killing them is by crushing their brains so that the fur is not ruined. Signing petitions for me is not unusual, I sign so many that after filling out the info, from time to time, I am told that you already signed this one. After signing these two, the thought went through my heart that we are going to be known as “The Generation of Death.”

I was born in 1942, in the middle of one of the most destructive wars in our history. The end came with the use of atomic bombs by the good old USA. My generation, bush, cheney and the rest of the “Criminal Family” are all about my age. This is very troubling for me because we were also in the streets in the late 60s-70s to defend the people of South East Asia who were being slaughtered by the good old USA. I thought; in my lifetime, there was WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Wait; there was also Grenada, Panama, Palestine, the Balkans, the creation of the state of Israel, the division of Ireland and the wars between Pakistan and India, both nuclear nations. These are all I can recall but together it does seem to say we are the worst species ever to inhabit this wonderful planet. We are the killers of everything useable.

But not to worry, the Obama man is coming over the hills, he will save us from destruction, it is ok, you can now rest, all will be well. He will stop the wars; what do you mean no? He said he would, he did? More troops to Afghanistan? More detentions around the world by the good old USA--NO! More support for Israel, deals to hide the truth from the American people. Look forward; don’t want to know what Bushco did in their 8 years of terror. No! This can’t be true. Why did we work so hard to see him elected, I thought he was the peace-man from Chicago who knew about real life and not some phony rich guy. Why did so many buy into the notion that we could have a champion?

Well, now that I upset you, come out on Thursday and talk to us, buy us a cup of “Joe.” Laugh and cry with us at the very absurdity of a nation that in 2009 allows people to shoot wolves from a plane, leaving them to die in agony, or our neighbor to the north who allows the battering with a club of baby seals.

We laugh sometimes to keep our sanity, we cry because it hurts so much!

For Justice and Peace
Joe W

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