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Things Big and small

There are two minor things that bother me to the point of insanity, one is the wearing of the American Flag on your clothes to show--whatever. The second is a phrase used by politicians that goes like this, “The fact of the matter is….”

I know we are murdering people around the world, I know that the corporate state has now ripped us off to such an extent that our country could go into a depression----I know, but these two things every time I am exposed to them drive me a little nuts. Wearing the flag on your clothes does not make you a patriot. Now we have “would be patriots” going around with pins so large that they bend over from the sheer weight of the thing. Have you ever seen ex sec. albright, she wears something that looks like the fourth of July on her suit. This woman is a walking advertisement for the fool---if you’ve got to say it over and over again it is probably a lie; case in point CNN saying they are the network most trusted by the American people every chance they get. Fox also says over and over, they are fair and balanced---ha! albright, the pin looks stupid, get rid of it now! The fact that you think murdering hundreds of thousands of Iraqis was worth keeping Saddan Hussein in a box says you are no patriot. Your isolation and the sanctions caused the deaths of untold number of innocents, maybe in the hundreds of thousands. A bigger flag pin does not erase what you did.

Check out Doonesbury’s cartoon and see what I mean.

The second thing is the statement in one form or the other, “The fact of the matter is.” When you hear this, and I use it from time to time, stop listening because everything after that statement is a lie. Here is an example,

Interviewer: Congressman, will you vote to tax the bonuses that were given to AIG?

Congressman: We must hold these people who have taken these bonuses accountable. The fact of the matter is that I have always thought that taking bonus money for doing your job is wrong. (next day the congressman will vote against taxing the bonuses because it would be a tax increase.) I think you know what I mean by this, the next time you hear a politician use this phrase, listen to what comes next and you will also join the group of us that have aspirins near us when politicians answer any questions.

These may seem mundane to you, given all our problems, but they do drive me up the wall. Now for some good news:

Pres. Obama has held meetings with veterans groups about the possibility of outsourcing medical treatment for war related injuries. I will not go into all the details but Pres. Obama listened and changed his mind and his staff has now said they have killed the idea. The Vets went, he listened and they won the day. This is a simplistic way of reporting what happened but it seems we have a president who will listen and change his mind. This does not make me a fan, just happy that the vets won this one.

We continue to be on guard duty outside of the fed building on Thursdays to show sen wyden and the feds that we are aware of the crimes of the bush administration and want Justice. More and more people are coming up to us and asking what we are doing and taking a copy of the “War Crimes Times.” This will be another long vigil but we may win this one, there are many people calling for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor and sen. pat leahy is calling for a truth telling hearing where we would learn that crimes have been committed.

sen. leahy, we know that crimes have been committed and now just want the “perps” to be arrested and pay for their deeds.

A blast from the past-----“We want Law and Order!” “Do the Crime, do the Time!”
“What do we want--JUSTICE-----Stop arresting the homeless, arrest the war criminals.”

Malcolm, Glen and I will go before the Portland City Council in the coming weeks to request that they pass a resolution stating that anyone who violates our Constitution or the Geneva Convention is not welcome in our city. Should be fun to see the expression on the new and progressive City Council---ha! I will try to sign us up for the coming Wednesday or whenever. I will let you know what day we will make our plea.

Come play with us on Thursdays from high noon till 1400. We do enjoy ourselves and buy each other coffee. Bring signs telling sen. wyden to stand up and call for the arrest of the war criminals---all of them!

For Justice and Peace,
Joe W

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