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Where have all the chickens gone?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

They said it was going to rain, they said it would be cold, they said it would be windy---they lied, it was a great fun day downtown, Portland. The chickens arrived on time, but that is another story, first let me tell what fun you missed today. The people in the area are warming up to us, more and more people are stopping and laughing at our picture of bush et al in the docket. The picture is making the rounds and if you don’t have one by now, let me know and for a small price or one child I will send you a copy. We also passed out more copies of “The War Crimes Times” and hung the reid & pelosi chickens from a tree. Two young women stopped and had to take a picture of our hanging chickens; they are from Belgium.

I had a wonderful time telling them the story of our hanging chickens and how famous they are----are you listening earl? They seemed happy that Americans are still fighting against this occupation of Iraq and our future increase of troop levels in Afghanistan. I was in my glory telling them our stories about the earlman and our protest outside his office. They took pictures of Malcolm holding the Veterans for Peace Flags and Malcolm was smiling from ear to ear. I had another Mocha.

Joke of the Day:

pelosi is now becoming an activist to hold the criminals accountable and is against any immunity-------Ha, ha ha ha-----“I can’t believe she ate the whole thing.” The good news is that Washington is talking about doing something in the near future to bring some kind of closure to the criminal activity of many people in the bush administration or dictatorship.

Back to the chicken story, I forgot them---just left them hanging on a tree, got into Irene’s car and left them to their fate. Fear not my troublemaker friends, they were taken down from the tree and are now safe with Jim. They will hang another day or two.

I think this was our third Thursday, maybe fourth, and I had a time, handed out some stuff, had fun, laughed when I realized the chickens were left hanging, had a Mocha, came home to Patty----it was a good day to be alive in America. Come join us next week or the week after---me thinks we will be on 3rd Ave for a bit, look for the flags!

We do have a website,

We will need to raise some money to keep it going so bring your change next week to help offset the cost, so far we are in debt about $50.00

For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-lone vet
Portland, Oregon

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