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Serious transformation of the American nation requires clear action to change the nature of money by abolition of the Fed and enactment of the American Monetary Act of 2008. Jefferson was right about the destructive power of banks.

The creation of the Federal Reserve is the source of most economic crimes foisted upon the American people in the past 96 years. See the warnings by Rep. Charles Lindbergh, Sr. (R-MN), Lewis McFadden (R-PA), and Wright Patman (D-TX) from 1913, 1932 - 1934, and 1941 respectively.

The Populists knew what the nature of money meant. They organized around recreation of Lincoln's Greenbacks and free coinage of silver.

Ben Franklin knew what the nature of money meant. When asked what caused the American Revolution, he dismissed the taxes on tea and stamps as minor nuisances. He put the blame on the Currency Act of 1764, which prohibited the Colonies from making their own money and forced North Americans to use fractional reserve currency Bank of England notes that earned interest for faraway bankers. The interest on the notes was the taxation as in "No Taxation Without Representation". The quartering of soldiers and warrantless searches all flowed from this singular offense to the American people.

Serious transformation of the American nation requires frank discussion of peak oil, sane responses to peak oil, and the relationship between energy shortages and currency shortages that define the present crisis.

Serious transformation requires abolition of the commercial-driven broadcast media model and adoption of a model like the BBC or CBC.

Serious transformation of the nation requires uninhibited discussion of warmaking spending reductions and closure of the age of American imperialism.

Without these discussions, even discussion of single payer health care and the white collar welfare known as the bailouts will falter.

Read "The Web of Debt" by Ellen H. Brown, "The Two Faces of Money", and "We Hold These Truths" by Richard C. Cook

We must change ourselves, organize, and realize the change we are becoming, or die trying.

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