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People's Declaration of Sovereign Right and Ultimatum

posted at We the People Network

The time has come America. Actually it came some eight years ago, but I, like most of you, have been afraid to do what I now know in my heart we all must do. The time has come for the American people to take full responsibility for the direction our country moves in. The time has come for all of us to set aside our differences and to muster up the courage that it will surely take in order for We the People to take proactive action for the future of not only our country, but our world.

As current events have shown, what we do here in the industrialized countries affects not only us, but the entire world, and mostly in negative ways. And as current events have shown, we cannot and must not depend on the politicians for the essential reform we seek.

Why? Because it will NEVER happen.

The time has come for We the People to put all options "on the table" in the nonviolent defense of our Constitution and our Democratic Republic. The time has come for We the People to offer President Barack Obama an alternative platform, knowing his integrity and conscience will cause him to see the wisdom of the People's will. The time has come for We the People to reclaim our Sovereignty as provided for in our original founding document, the Declaration of Independence. I hereby submit to my fellow Americans for your approval and debate, this rough draft of the People's Declaration of Sovereign Right and Ultimatum.


We the People of these united states of America, under the collective authority declared to the world in our unanimous Declaration of Independence on July the 4th of the year 1776, and enacted under the same provisions thereof, do hereby make the following Declaration of Sovereign Right and Ultimatum to President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress, to the People's elected Government, and to all the appointees and agents thereof.

Resolved, that the People's Right to Assemble in Convention for the purpose of altering or abolishing the Government in all it's forms, is inherent and absolute when deemed necessary by the People to preserve and defend the Constitution and the People's Democratic Republic from a Government that has threatened the same with certain despotism and annihilation.

Resolved, that the People's Government has knowingly and intentionally subverted the People's Constitution and the Principled Foundation upon which it was created in order to install a system of governance based upon social class and wealth, for their own self interest and that of their Co-Conspirators in the Corporate Sector.

Resolved, that the People now find themselves on the precipice of the future of our People's Government and of our Democratic Republic, and of being in true danger of absolute despotism and tyranny.

Therefore by Declared Right, the vested authority for which is enshrined in our Unanimous Declaration of Independence of July the 4th of the year 1776, We the People of these united states of America do hereby offer this Ultimatum.

We the People, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, make the following demands of President Barack Obama and the 111th Congress, the People's elected Government, and all the appointees and agents thereof.

We the People do hereby demand immediate action in the matter of the People of the United States vs. George Walker Bush, et al., demanding the immediate appointment of a Special Prosecutor, and the immediate arrest and detention of suspected War Criminals and their Felonious Accomplices; so that they may stand trial for their Crimes, and be appropriately punished upon their Conviction.

We the People do hereby demand an immediate an unconditional end to the "War on Terror" including all military operations, both overt and covert, being conducted by the U.S. military, their agents, and subcontractors throughout the world; and further demand an end to the use of violence for conflict resolution, both foreign and domestic.

We the People do hereby demand an immediate an unconditional end to the fraudulent "War on Drugs", the repeal of all laws that criminalize drug use and abuse, and the immediate release of all prisoners being held for nonviolent drug offenses, as well as all prisoners being held for political or racist reasons; and further demand that all budgeted funding be diverted to treatment and counseling programs, so that Law once again exists to benefit the People.

We the People do hereby demand an immediate end to the current border policies, recognizing that the Principled Foundation of our country rests on the ability of those fleeing persecution to have the means and ability to make it to the Land of the Free, and recognizing that the real threat to our economy is not from immigration, legal or otherwise, but from unchecked Corporate profiteering and economic manipulation; while also recognizing that real threats do exist, and therefore that the proper use of people and technology can effectively screen for these real threats and provide jobs at the borders, while allowing people, wildlife, and responsible commerce the free access that will keep us strong and vital, in a globally conscious way.

We the People do hereby demand the immediate rescission of all taxpayer-funded "bailout" monies, to be seized from those Corporate entities and Individuals currently holding them, and to be returned to the public coffers, for the use and betterment of the People; further demanding the immediate investigation and prosecution of the illegal activities of these same Corporate entities and Individuals.

We the People do hereby demand a Constitutional Convention, called by and administered by the People, for the purpose of reforming the People's Government in a manner to effect our safety and happiness, and that of our posterity, by amending the Preamble to incorporate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, and other such International Reckonings, and by amending the Constitution of these united states with People's Amendments, including but not limited to the following.

An Amendment to allow the People to strictly enforce the Sworn Oath of Office upon all members of the People's elected Government, and to all the appointees and agents thereof.

An Amendment to strip those Rights from the Corporations that they should never have had, those Rights belonging solely to flesh and blood persons, and the rest of Life of the Earth; further demanding that Corporations operate under strict Laws of the Public Trust, sharing their profits with all in their employ, and to return all real property in excess of the land underneath their headquarters, to the Commons, so that the People may make full responsible enjoyment of the same, for ourselves and our posterity.

An Amendment permanently repealing the prohibitions of the Cannabis Sativa plant species, also known as Hemp or Marijuana, recognizing this most useful of all natural materials and it's ability to heal the Earth; with the commerce, industry, medicine, and spiritual aspects of the Sacred Herb; and further recognizing that the prohibition of this once prevalent American cash crop occurred as one of the many heinous attacks upon the Rights of the People.

An Amendment to place a ban on all political contributions and paid lobbying; further demanding a salary and compensation cap of $100,000 for the highest paid of public servants.

An Amendment to reform media, specifically to provide free and equal time to all candidates, in all elections, among other things.

An Amendment to reassert the Bill of Rights as an absolute "do not touch" instruction for any proposed or existing legislation, and to amend the laws of the nation and of the separate states to comply with new understanding of the Rights of the People, the People's Constitution, and the People's Government that exists to serve the People.

An Amendment to reform the money system and to dissolve the Federal Reserve and all their influence, and to rewrite the financial laws, regulations, and standards to benefit the People.

We the People do hereby assert this Declaration of Sovereign Right and Ultimatum, and do hereby hold all the People's elected Government, their appointees, and agents thereof accountable to it, the failure of which will result in the People's lawful enactment of the Sovereignty Clause of our Declaration of Independence, resulting in the dissolution of the existing Government, and the replacing of the same with a new Government, created in such a manner and upon such a Principled Foundation as to secure our safety and happiness, for ourselves and our posterity.

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Time for everyone who wants to fix our nation to support the effort at to make Congress obey the Constitution and give us the first Article V convention. Stop the empty talk and join our group to get the action the Founders knew we would have to use.

I hope you don't consider the above Declaration "empty talk". I am also a member of Friends of the Article V Convention and I completely support the work. Respectfully however, there is no mention of a platform for reform, only a method, and a method that quite frankly hasn't worked in since...well since uh...OK, it's never worked. Not to downplay what foavc is doing, no way. Like I said, I joined foavc because I believe in what they are doing and I feel I can help the process along. BUT the fact remains that the Congress has never agreed to a Constitutional Convention. And they never will. Not through the Article V process anyway, and even if they did, it would be to undo the Constitution, not strengthen it.

This is the exact reason I advocate for a People's Constitutional Convention, called of the People, by the People, and for the People, and done so under the clear authority reserved explicitly FOR the People that we declared to the entire world on July the 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence.

The weakest response is ensured if We the People believe the lie that We the People are governed by the Constitution. Hello...The Constitution was created by We the People to control the government, NOT for the government to control the People. Our Sovereign Rights all stem from the Declaration of Independence. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY'S FOUNDING DOCUMENT AND THAT WHICH GOVERNS THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. This is the most fundamental aspect of our country's foundation.

"that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness: that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, & to institute new government, laying it's foundation on such principles, & organizing it's powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety & happiness."

Our history is fraught with oppression, abuse, genocide, and murder. Over the course of our several century history on this continent, we have allowed our so-called "leaders" to mislead us into activities that are the antithesis of anything the man from Nazareth ever taught; use us to create a "civilized" empire that has very little to show for itself, with the exception of the People who are the heart and soul of America, who DO know right from wrong, and are desperately needed by the world to wake up to their potential.

Read the platform I have outlined in the Declaration of Sovereign Right and Ultimatum, and get involved. Support the work of and others.

Paul Fisher
We the People Network
But please don't roll over like sheeple, because we are the We in We the People!
Support the Peoples Constitutional Convention!
Sign the Peoples Warrant to Arrest Bush!

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