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Palfrey Murdered-DC Madam Not a Suicide

I just read an intelligence report at WayneMadsenReport that Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the DC Madam was murdered and did not commit suicide. This is a members section article so I cannot divulge the contents of the report here, but I urge everyone to look at it, especially since Dick Cheney and the highest in D.C. were her clients according to WMR.
According to what I've been reading the amount of crimes committed by Bush-Cheney, and Clintons is enough to overload any justice department in the world and a 'special master' type prosecutor may be appointed, even to investigate why the so-called special prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald sat on so much evidence and did not act on it, and is still and has been reportedly in close telephone contact with George H. W. Bush.

I'm sure there will be more on this breaking development, but investigators are having to drag and pry the truth out of our so-called authorities at times, especially the Tarpon Springs, Florida Police Department, I'd say. Why in the hell didn't they release the complete facts on this when Palfrey attempted to invoke the Classified Information Procedures Act to introduce classified information for her defense at trial. Who are they protecting and covering for??!!
Also, I suspect this is what happened to Brandi Britton, who was a Phd former professor, & was also found hanged in her own home back in Jan. 2007, again within days of defending herself in court. Same MO

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It's interesting that after the deaths of several prominent Beltway "insiders", including the infamous "DC Madam", Deborah Jeane Palfrey, yet another mysterious death has rocked DC. This time, the victim was David Kellermann, the CFO of Freddie Mac, and in the wake of his alleged death by "suicide" on April 23rd, there are now calls from various political quarters for a general investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death.

According to some political insiders, any attempt to cover up the implications of this case would attract great suspicion. In order to allay public suspicion, there must be a clean and accurate account of this incident to the general public, particularly because of reports of massive financial fraud which has been committed by former US Secretary of the Treasury Hank Paulson and others. Nothing can be covered up. There must be full disclosure due to the fact that we're dealing with the possible suicide of a key official and Kellermann's death demands an investigation. He was in a sensitive position at Freddie Mac which was under investigation. His death may now become a significant block to getting relevant information, because it's highly likely that he was privy to information which could have been extremely useful if a new "Pecora Commission" were to be initiated.

The fact that he reportedly was not a target of the probe but knew things that investigators wanted to know and also the fact that he had hired a private security service for protection at his home should be part of the investigation. And, it should be pretty ovbious to all, that there can be no cover-up on a matter of such public concern, even though itwould seem that the cover-up has already begun due to the fact that none of the MSM's mouthpieces have bothered to mention Kellermann's death after the initial report, neither have any of the MSM's resident pundits botherees to even discuss Kellermann's death in their newspaper columns or on their TV shows.

Kellermann, who on Tuesday, April 21st, discussed with the Freddie Mac's human resources department taking a week off due to stress, was involved in dealing with investigations into Freddie's accounting by the Justice Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Investigators have been questioning Freddie about possible accounting violations and other matters in recent months. Although reportedly not a target of the probe, one law enforcement source said, "He obviously knew about things that we would want to know about." That statement alone is a strong indicator of the potential powderkeg Kellermann was sitting on.

There is also some indication that Kellermann's mysterious death, and the failure of the DOJ to investigate, will cause a political shock effect throughout the nation. Kellermann's death occurred as the entire financial system is coming down, and that this is a signal for things to come, especially if no move to throughly investigate Kellermann's death is made by the DOJ.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, even at the risk of sounding a little paranoid (which I'm definitely not)... watch the months of May through September very carefully, because it's during this time of year when we're witnesses to some of the most dramatic events in our nation's -- and the world's -- history.

I've put together a sort of breaking report linking the similarities in bombings and murders since the Oklahoma Bombing of the Murrah Building and am still editing it. It seemed necessary because the latest report I read said Kellerman was SHOT AND HANGED, NOT JUST HANGED. This represents a full fledged cover up if true, and we probably won't know most of the facts for some time, just like the covered up Palfrey case.
Also, the 'Candidates For The Con' must be out-of-control into panic mode considering all the media hype on the so-called Swine Flu Outbreak which we already went through during toadie Gerald Ford's Regime. Latest reports indicate this new strain is a weaponized grade of flu just like the anthrax use against Congressmen was weapon grade material. It seems the Army exhumed a female flu victim up in Alaska who died in 1918 during that great flu epidemic, and they obtained material from the corpse, dna, I guess, to produce the most volatile, putrid, and lethal batch possible. Goes to show you how wonderfully our tax dollars are spent, doesn't it.
I'd say if the flu doesn't kill you, the flu vaccine surely will. They unfortunately killed some older, less healthy seniors back during Ford's term with it.
But they've been constantly hyping StoogeBama in the press as though any American with half a brain doesn't know he's a fraud, a usurper, a foreign born person who is merely an executor, not a constitutional president, and this is very offensive to anyone not in a total stupor, you know.
So within about a week of when StoogeBama visits Mexico City, they immediately have flu cases there and close the schools, etc.. Coincidence? No, I don't think so. I guess they may solve at least some of the drug war-border jumping stuff with new styled checkpoint charlies.

It should be apparent that as our economic, political, spiritual and cultural systems go into a new, even more accelerated stage of breakdown, that most of our fellow Americans are also going into a statge of 'breakdown'.

It seems like a rather bizarre coincidence that just after President Obama made a jaunt down to Mexico to re-affirm his Administration's committment to Bill Clinton's NAFTA globalization scheme, suddenly, we have an outbreak of "swine flu" there, and the existence of swine flu hasn't been seen since Gerald Ford's Presidency.

Something else to consider is this ... one of the things that several world leaders (especially those within the British government) want to do, is to cut the world's population dramatically, from 6.5 billion to 4 billion or less. This automatically begs the question of whether this is the beginning of an actual widespread pandemic, or is it possible that the current swine flu pandemic has been artificially created to make massive global depopulation happen within a specific time frame (think December 21st, 2012 -- when many believe that the world as we've known it will come to an end)?

Look at the evidence which has been uncovered so far ... there are reports that 500,000 caskets have been manufactured in Georgia, and are ready to be shipped off at a moment's notice anywhere in the U.S. In my hometown of Chicago, an emergency alert has been issued for the entire city, including all Chicago and suburban public and Catholic schools, with particular emphasis on those public and Catholic schools in predominanetly Mexican neighborhoods. In Arizona they've got mass graves dug and prepared to be utilized immediately, and in other spots across the nation, and around the world, it looks like they're preparing for something very dramatic, and another thing which is aggravating this issue is the dramatic lowering of nutritional and public health standards to genocidal levels.

If you don't think that nutritional standards are being lowered to genocidal levels, just look at the high level of obesity -- and obseity related illnesses -- which plagues the U.S., as Americans eat more over-processed foods loaded with extremely high levels of chemical preservatives, sodium, saturated fats, while at the same time, more than three to four million Americans go hungry every day.

Then, to compound the issue further, in recent weeks, we've had a wave of murder-suicides which will continue to increase as our economic, political, spiritual and cultural system go into full-scale collapse. You have whole families who have been slaughterd by the father, who (ironically) is supposed to the guardian and protector of the family, and who has now lost that ability to protect and provide for them because he lost his job.

So, what does he do? He thinks about ending his life, but he remembers that if he ends his life, his wife and children will be left all alone, possibly to be victimized by a "mean world" and the "mean" people who inhabit it, or to be acquired by someone else who would become a"rival" for the family's love, attentiuon and affection.

The father, not wishing to take the chance of abandoning his family to someone else, decides to kill his children and wife at night while they're sleeping quietly. Then, he kills himself, and the father's "rationale" for committing murder and suicide is that he couldn't leave them behind unprotected, and he wouldn't be able to enjoy life in Eternity because he'd feel guilty about leaving his family behind, so, in order to "protect" them from perceived "victimization" and to alleviate his own guilt at the thought of leaving them behind for someone else to acquire, he takes them with him.

This rash of family-based murder-suicides is also a disease; it has the effect of an epidemic, primarily because these fathers commit suicide because they have an impossible situation, legally and otherwise, because of their financial troubles, and they see no way out, except through death, and it also seems to have a "domino effect" on the entire community, especially if the family murder-suicide is heavily publicized.

Basically, when the economic/financial policies which are being introduced by the U.S. government and other institutions internationally, are implemented, these policies will have the effect of increasing the death rate at an accelerating rate globally, due to the collapse of the health care system, which is already overworked, underfunded and understaffed, and is already cracking under the strain of dealing with an increasing level of health problems (both physical and mental) among Americans.

The current "swine flu" pandemic, along with the wave of family-based murder-suicides, and the mysterious deaths of several persons of strategic importance, including David Kellermann and Deborah Jeane Palfrey, should be an indication of just how high the stakes have become in this deadly game of control and domination which is being played by our adversaries, not only against us, but against all of humanity.

Food at genocidal levels: Yes, the msg is now being sprayed onto grapes, too, I guess, cause it's being put on veggies, fruits, and nuts. So if you don't want to 'drink the kool aide' and give it to your family, what the hell do you eat and drink? The bottled water outfits are catering to the stupid uninformed consumers who demand the sodium fluoride in their water by adding it to bottle water. It isn't natural fluoridation as in spring water, but is aluminum manufacture waste, and other waste by products listed as poison by chemists!

Kissinger and other Nazis have dreamed and salivated since before Nixon's regime to kill off billions with this germ warfare stuff. I could go on, but ad-nauseum, you know.

On the mass graves in Arizona you mentioned, I noticed a report awhile back about empty buses being shuttled around down there, I think Phoenix area, etc., and some thought they were practicing, since the buses were empty and this was going on late and in wee hours of morning, etc.. That could fit in with transporting sick or dying to facilities, etc..
If Janet Phelan's 'T-Valve' research is correct, they're about ready to turn em on and hit the target houses with the poisoned water! More on that here:
I'm not sure I believe the father-suicide syndrome is committed by the fathers in every case. In the case of the late Freddie Mac CFO, he was shot first and then hanged, yet his wife lived on. I think he was murdered, but since they allegedly had a guard, the killers were unable to kill the family, too.

Also, another banker type, former prominent Director of the Bankers' Association of the Bahamas and of the Bahamas Institute of Bankers, was shot in the back of the head as he approached his office in the bahamas a few days ago. Reportedly in a coma after surgery, and the shooter escaped on motorcycle. Considered a Stanford connected killing.
Also, Stanford's only British accountant on one island had a contract with Stanford which expired on Dec 31, 08,
and he was dead next day! They work fast, don't they!?
Someone's going around knocking off all the living testimony in a murderous effort to stay above water.
I was hoping to have two new directories ready to view at my site,, but there have been so many breaking developments and murders it's difficult to log and analyze them and have time for editing and composing, etc., and formatting. I left a suggestion at a bombing article(monopoly) that I'd update this stuff and put in future edition of Candidates For The Con, but due to chronic fatigue, and too much emf here, I haven't been too well and have faltered on this stuff.
The level of crime, murder, and outright thugism(is that the word?) is staggering.
Bushco Syndicate is listed to have stolen 34 Trillion $ US, I believe is last count!
Do you wonder why little toddlers sit at the dining table (if they even have one) and can't get food to eat?! Bush Crime Family has literally Stolen the food from the mouths of babes who, undoubtedly, sit and cry and beg their moms and dads for something to eat and drink.
Where are these law-HEROES and where were they while Bush-Clinton machine murdered about 80 women, children, and men at Waco?
Bloody Bill Clinton was smiling and laughing at it on tv as he led the Chinese Secret Red Police on a W. House tour.
What Law-Enforcement? But they're there to arrest and kill you, the poor to middle class citizen while an impostor foreigner criminal, Obama, The Executor presides.,_The_Executor.html

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