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Ron Paul is queen of the nanny state

Ron Paul is queen of the nanny state

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No Ron, the purpose of the Constitution of the United States is to RESTRAIN THE ROBBER BARONS LIKE YOU! The Government IS WE THE PEOPLE !!!

"Libertarian" Governor Charlie Crist of Florida has destroyed Florida even before the national economic crash by pushing and fooling Florida voters (most of them transient and new to the State of Florida) into a property tax cut that has barely an effect on homeowners' savings, but is really for Crist's bizness buds.

Now Governor Crist wants the Florida Legislator to cut salaries and slash jobs of state and university employees instead of raising sales tax even one cent! Governor Crist is trying to suck the Florida treasury dry and give it to his lobbyist ROBBER BARONS, instead of keeping state services and universities solvent and stable for FLORIDA's CONSTITUENTS.

This is what Libertarians do, they suck the life out of the governments by, of and FOR WE THE PEOPLE. WAKE UP FOLKS!!!

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

Ron Paul? Robber baron?

The guy who would immediately end the needless, illegal occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, saving us 12 billion dollars per month?

The guy who would bring our troops home from all the needless military bases we have all over the planet, saving us untold additional billions?

The guy who would drastically dial back an insane Pentagon budget, enabling us to easily fund all our urgent domestic priorities?

The guy who wants to audit the Federal Reserve?

Please explain exactly how it makes sense to call him a robber baron.

Talking Truth the Talking Heads Can't Handle:
Obama's Betrayal of Justice

I just explained that Florida is the epitome of Libertarianism gone wrong. Our K-12 schools are bleeding, NO , they are hemorrhaging because of LIBERTARIAN Gov. Crist's cutting property tax policies. He did it to save money for his biznesss buds, because Florida homeowners barely noticed a blip of "savings". Of course Gov Crist does not care either, they have slashed all kinds of schools programs , courses, and even VARSITY sports in some K-12 Florida public schools. Of course, Gov Crist has raised the USER FEES on everything, so now the poor get poorer in Florida, and public schools are shrinking, or disappearing altogether!

Now LIBERTARIAN Gov Crist wants to slash and cut state agencies and universities, that is on his agenda NOW as we speak in the Florida legislator . He does this to suck the life out of the Florida Treasury, because he will not raise sales tax even one cent (God forbid the rich have to pay higher sales tax on their yacht and Porsche purchases .) Gov Crist does not give a damn about the state agencies and universities in Florida, he just wants to prove to his biz buddies that he can save them taxes, while Florida BLEEDS !

Floridians are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore next election.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

It was about Ron Paul. You called him a robber baron. I would like to know exactly how that claim makes sense, given the facts I cited in my previous post.

How about it?

Talking Truth the Talking Heads Can't Handle:
Obama's Betrayal of Justice

regardless if it is in Florida or the entire United States. Do you really want what is happening in Florida to happen to the entire United States of America?
Ron Paul is against the government EXISTING for WE THE PEOPLE at all (except for the White House and its amenities , of course, the only "public housing" Ron Paul believes in!). This is what Robber Barons do, they hide behind phoney Libertarianism like wolves in sheep's clothing. You think the military contractors are bad now? Ron Paul would stop ALL TAXES, would make EVERYTHING INTO USER FEES, then the poor would get poorer and the rich would get richer , like in MEDIEVAL TIMES!!! He would stop IRS and Social Security and dry up the Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Treasury, bleed all the Federal Agencies until they disappear from the landscape... I betcha he would sell off the National Parks to the highest bidder too!
The only "government" left would be the Oval Office and Airforce One (which of course Ron Paul has absolutely no problem with).These "Libertarians" do not believe in Universal Healthcare for WE THE PEOPLE , they do NOT believe in government by, of and for WE THE PEOPLE at all!!! Gov Crist is even getting REPUBLICAN LEGISLATORS in Florida pissed off with his NO TAXES AT ANY COST corrupt ideaology. Gov Crist is destroying Florida on the backs of the poor and DISAPPEARING middle class so THE CORPORATIONS & RICH (his buddies) DON'T HAVE TO PAY TAXES

Florida is a microcosm of what would happen to the entire United States of America under a "Libertarian" prez like Ron Paul. We Floridians know all too well, we are suffering NOW!

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !

As opposed to what? The perfectly honest two party scam we have now?

Your criticism of Crist may be accurate, but that doesn't mean you can paint Paul with the same brush.

Still waiting for an answer to my original question:

How exactly does it make sense to call Ron Paul a robber baron, when his proposals to leave Iraq and Afghanistan immediately, bring all our troops home and close all the needless American military bases around the world, and drastically scale back an insane Pentagon budget would leave us with more than enough of our money to fully fund national priorities like healthcare, social security and education?

You want to talk fraud? Do some real homework on the Federal Reserve. It's the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on this country.

Seems to me you're the one who still doesn't get it.

Talking Truth the Talking Heads Can't Handle:
Obama's Betrayal of Justice

Not Only will ron paul will bring our troops home from the middle east, but also from all over the world

He not only wants to get rid of NAFTA & WTO, But also he wants to get america out of the united nations, IMF, The World bank, CAFTA etc.
unlike mcbama.

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

I am wiliing to listen to anything as long as there are some facts to back it up, so how is Ron Paul a robber baron, and what does he have to do with crist. Chris Dorsey, RVA4Peace

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