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Impeach Obama?

Perhaps it's time to consider impeaching Obama for any/all of the following: (1) obstruction of justice w/r torture, (2) continued illegal aggression in the Middle East, (3) unprecedented theft from unborn and unrepresented future generations of Americans, (4) violation of constitutional rights through illegal wiretapping, (5) institutionalizing Bush/Cheney violations of U.S. Constitution, U.S. Laws and International Treaties -- etc.

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Obama should be impeached and so should biden and the rest of neoliberals, they are continuing bush's legacy as we know it.
plus I Just heard that he's planning to bomb iran and other countries.

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

Besides the aforementioned reasons for the serious consideration of mounting an impeachment movement against Barack Obama, there is one other thing which should merit a move to impeach him... and that's his willful complicity in the destruction of what remains of America's health care system.

In recent weeks, President Obama has made several statements in which he intends to make the "tough choices" of slashing medical costs, including slashing medical costs by those means which are known to rule out medical treatment for the very old, the incurably ill, and those who have the misfortune to be poor, has left absolutely nothing to the imagination, and if this doesn't outrage you, then ... you're either not paying attention, or you have the mind-set of "Oh, it won't happen to me".

Also, during the last three months, a series of proposals coming from OMB Chief Peter Orszag aims to apply a new measurement of "cost-effectiveness" to health care, in order to cut $700 billion from U.S. health-care costs. In sync with this drive, leading sections of the Democratic Party, and even the President himself, are floating the idea of setting up an "independent commission" to decide on means of cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid costs—in the name of fiscal responsibility and paying for only "effective" care.

Such an approach to health care was denounced most clearly by the late Dr. Leo Alexander, a psychiatrist who was one of the key medical advisors to the U.S. Prosecution team at the Nazi Doctors trial during the Nuremberg Tribunal. Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1949, Alexander identified the "small beginnings" of the monstrous crimes against the sick in Nazi Germany as "a subtle shift in emphasis," as well as "the acceptance of the attitude ... that there is such a thing as a life not worthy to be lived." A "utilitarian philosophy," he continued, "puts you on the path to monstrous crimes."

Such a "utilitarian" approach has been increasingly pervading U.S. medical practice for decades, especially since the introduction of Health Maintenance Organizations in 1973, during the Nixon Administration. But now, under cover of the need to "save money" in the midst of the economic and financial breakdown crisis, this approach is taking off, and spreading among medical professionals and government officials like wildfire. What else can you call an analysis which measures life in "Quality-Adjusted Life Years," estimated at $100,000 a year?

Now, you talk about a truly impeachable offense... if the wholesale denial of health care to the American people, especially as a newer, more deadlier strain of the H1N1A influenza virus will strike America (and the rest of the woirld this fall) isn't a crime, then what is?

Reguardless of either party, they don't represent us, it's time for impeachment, see my petition at:


No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

Continuing to sellout american sovereignty with the return of the north american union, national ID aka Real ID card with a chip and many more

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same

All your comments so far are valid on this issue, you folks, but first you will have to get past the new straight man, Att Gen Eric Holder. Just as Bushfraud and Cheney had Att Gen Alberto Gonzales to front for them, and even lie for them, 'OhBummer' now has Holder, the front man, or straight man, and then you will have to bypass or arrest Rahm Emanuel, who is also a criminal Mossad agent chief for North America.

Be looking for a breaking story around mid-week on Flight 93, but you may not see it in the mainslime media. regards, joe

Should the Republicans regain control of Congress in 2010, or 2012, should Obama get reelected, or 2014, or 2016, the impeachment of Obama becomes an immediate near certainty. Obama would get impeached by the Republicans for covering up Bushco's crimes, and Obama would be accused and impeached by the Republicans for not restoring the rule of law and not upholding the Constitution as he was sworn to do. History shows that the Party that does the impeaching wins the elections and the Republicans would resume their winning ways once again.

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