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Lone Vet in a Rage

Ladies and gentlemen of the 3rd District and all of Oregon, the Congress screwed you again. No vote on Healthcare. Not even a vote in the different committees have taken place. Democratic Majority Leader **harry reid said, something like, let’s go on vacation and screw the people. He did not let the vote happen now and will wait until the right wing radio stations start running their lies for the rest of the summer. harry is just a weenie, a man with no backbone and must be replaced. What the hell happened to the progressives since Roosevelt?

Single Payer is the best, why would you settle for less?

Sen. wyden, Sen merkley and our own “bloomer-man” have all screwed you again, they will be here for the month of August; do you have the guts to call them and tell them to get back to work? Maybe you want to listen to Oregon’s pitchman smith, he will tell you how hard he worked to allow the young into the democratic party, he has that arrogant nature to call it progressive---he is a liar!

You have been screwed all your life---it is time to say to all the politicians---get the hell out of my government and start sending real progressives to DC.

There are protests just about everyday here in Portland, get off your ass and join in the revolution, the revolution that will not kiss the democratic or republican asses. The revolution will be to send independent candidates to do the work of representing us. If you are not ready to say this is a deal breaker for me, you will! These corrupt bastards will let people die in the next few months and laugh at how stupid we all have been. It is time!

Can’t quit your job and go into the streets, then send some cash to those who can. Can’t figure how to make a phone call to your Congressperson----ask. Can’t or will not get involved in politics, than get the hell out of the way, we are losing our republic and you are a big part of the problem. President obama will not save you----you will save yourself or we all go down the tubes.

It is time.

Don’t bother getting pissed at this, just do something or not. You will get the kind of government you demand. In the coming months you can watch or fight for our democracy, think I am exaggerating the problems:

We are still occupying Iraq.
We are increasing our troops in Afghanistan.
We are borrowing more money to pay for both of the above from dictators!
We don’t have the votes for a real Healthcare Program, Congress is bought and paid for.
We don’t have enough money to run the states, just ask our legislators in Salem.
We have not arrested one of the main players in the Torture Scandal
We have not arrested cheney, even though he has committed Treason and Perjury.
We have given billions to the banks, and the banks have given their executives bonuses; isn’t that special.

wyden, murkley, blumenauer are all saying no to Single Payer Healthcare. You voted them in because they were progressive democrates----ha! A vote for any of them is insanity.

I will be on the Hawthorne Bridge from 0730-0900 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with my Lone Vet signs, fighting for real healthcare, against occupation, against the slaughter in Gaza by the Israelis. Stop the damn money to support occupations, wars and corruption. Want to join me just go a little east of the bus stop going into Portland. I have found this to be the least intrusive to the cyclists who ride during the morning rush hour. If I am not there, start without me, bring a sign of what you are saying under your breath. Sometime it is good, and others not so good, but do it anyway.

I will continue until the day I cannot get out of bed, sometimes you will see me on oxygen, not to worry I am on the mend but from time to time I need a little oxygen to get me through the protest or vigil. We still are doing our 9th Circuit Court of Appeals protest to get Judeg jay bybee to resign or be booted off the bench by impeachment. There are lots of other things going on and you must do something. NOW.

** will not capitalize due to disrespect and/or dissappointment

For Justice and Peace
Joe, Lone Vet

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and would join you if I lived near. Do some of what I can hear in Virginia and DC. Thanks for writing and doing.

Joe, I am beside you 100%. I have gone to D.C. and protested with close to half a million others. The corporate
owned (propaganda machine) media is ordered NOT TO REPORT IT! They are bought and controlled by the same FASCIST THUGS that own our politicians. What makes matters even worse, the people under forty don't even know there supposed to call their representatives, to let them know how they feel or how they want them to vote on a particular bill. HELL, most of them don't even know how a bill even gets to be a bill. This is the result of removing Civics class from the high school curriculum. A brain child direct from the regan administration. Now there is a huge disconnect between the people and the republic. They think the government is a separate entity from themselves, when in reality THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT. Right now there should be millions protesting everyday to stop the bribery going on between our elected officials and big business. The American people have turned into a bunch of CandyASSES!
If I try to start talking about an issue, whether it's a major issue or even a small thing, like trying to get a yield sign put up, NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR IT. They always say "this is not the time, or some other place, or who friggin cares? Or, who wants to talk about politics, that's no fun". They just don't realize that politics effects every aspect of their lives and they want nothing to do with it. If I ask if they have ever called or wrote their Congressman or Senator, maybe three out of fifty have done so, ONCE! ONE TIME IN THEIR ENTIRE LIVES! Then they wonder why things are the way they are. Then comes all the excuses. "Calling doesn't work.. or, they won't listen. I reply "how would you know if you have never tried?" (blank stares follow) The under thirty's answer is, you can't do that can you?.You can just call them?..... They are shocked when I tell them, that on occasion, I have called, written and emailed all in one day. Several have asked me, "aren't you afraid? Aren't you scared there going to come after you or something?
This is beyond disgusting. It's such a DAMN shame that this great Democracy or ours, is deteriorating because of laziness, Ignorance and CORRUPTION fueled by unchecked rampant GREED. So again I say, I'M WITH YOU JOE. I will call, write, email and protest, until my last breath, to get the corporate money out of politics that ignore the U.S. CONSTITUTION and spit on OUR BILL OF RIGHTS! To keep reminding congress that they represent THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION. NOT the lifeless, soulless, HEARTLESS, "to big to fail" corporations. That they, our representatives take an oath to protect and honor the CONSTITUTION that guarantees me LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS!!!! Without my health I can have NO LIFE, OR HAPPINESS and therefor cannot know LIBERTY!

The MSM is an ACCOMPLICE to Murder and Corruption!!!!

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