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Putting a Propaganda Parrot In His Place

This morning I received the following email regarding my latest video, Holder's Pseudo Justice. Thought I would share it, along with my response. Please feel free to copy and share.

"Well the way I see it one do you love the Terrorist so much that you say let them attack us againe. Realy please tell me would mybe a CIA getting down on his knee and sucking a terrorist Cock or kiss his dirty ass would be much better.

When you say we torture , well how would you go about getting information if a Dirty Bom was ready to go off say in LA and with out the needed infromation
you need, and since you say Keeping some one up for 24 or 48 hours is torture or even waterboarding them is torture just how would realy get the information from them before it was to late. I would like to know Asshole.

But than you my be one of those asshole Lover Terrorist Lover will say well they was only doing their job and so what if 3mill my have lost their lives because we should have a prade for the terrorist in New York City for them their my hero.

As far as Eric Holder, why is it that he drop the charges against Black Panther who had Guns and was stoping from enteing a Polling Place in Phil Pa. in 2008 in the president Election if one they either had a McCain button on of they did not say they was voting for Obama. Because even the Distrist Atty of Phil brought them up on Charges but , leve it up to Eric Holder the asshole that Dump Ass President Obama appt. say no we will drop the charges , to me what the Black
Panthers was doing also amount to Torture of Voters. Well tell me do us support the Black Panther, Asshole do you.

Than in closing how about this , let leave a Terrorist Run a Bom up ur Asshole and if it go off I will not miss you and we will give the Terrorist a big Prade for it as well."

And my response...

Are all the FBI and interrogation experts assholes too? You know, like the ones featured in my video who say torture does not provide reliable information? Who would know better than them? Fox News Channel? Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Michael Savage? Bill O'Reilly? Dick Cheney? Some other gutless neconservative phony who has never spent a day serving his country in battle and wouldn't know how to conduct a real interrogation if his life depended on it? Please. You desperately need to wake up and accept reality.

Your "ticking time bomb" scenario is completely unrealistic, emotionally charged propaganda (as any REAL interrogation expert who hasn't been bought and paid for by the perpetual war machine will tell you), designed solely to gain public acceptance for what the architects of the Bush torture program knew was illegal before they started doing it. This was proven by the worthless "opinions" from the Bush Justice Department that purported to "legalize" their torture program.

The ongoing torture has NOTHING to do with getting information and EVERYTHING to do with intimidation. And not just intimidation of those being tortured, but also the American public, whose approval the perpetual war whores need to continue their unprecedented fraud.

You're either completely blind or you have some kind of vested interest in the success of traitors. Give it up. You cannot change the truth. You will NOT win this argument.


Talking Truth the Talking Heads Can't Handle:
Holder's Pseudo Justice

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