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The Need to Heed the Dangerous Threats from Iran, Israel and U.S.

October 11, 2009
The Need to Heed the Dangerous Threats from Iran, Israel and U.S.
by Arn Specter, Phila. (Twitter and Op Ed News )

The following three stories,
1) Iran threatened by U.S. buster bomb

2) Iran warns against attack, boasts nuclear talks success

3) World 'won't wait indefinitely' on Iran nuclear plans: Clinton

led me to thinking about the dangerous events taking place today
in troubled regions around the world. thus the following.

All of development of bigger and better weapons by the U.S.
Iran and Israel can only lead to further alienation and danger
for people and nations. Instead of more weapons we need more
diplomacy, to find ways to get along with one another. Yes, that
sounds trite and simplistic but gets to the core of the problems - and the
solutions, if there is cooperation and a willingness to work towards
finding ways for nonviolent and peaceful means to calm things down now
and in the years ahead.

More diplomacy means more communication between those in power
and their associates, along with those from other nations and International
Agencies working on ways to foster positive, progressive changes among
nations and in regions; such as the Middle East. The United Nations
Security Council might call such a meeting in the near future citing these
current weapons developments as cause for grave concern to the region
and the international community. Threats and counter-threats need to be
challenged in open forums for discussions and agreement making to stem
the tide of potential violence that could harm millions of people.

Let us advocate then for diplomacy efforts by the United Nations, the
European Union, the Arab League, the U.S., Iran and Israel and other
interested nations and organizations before things deteriorate further.
This current name calling and threatening is childlike but extremely
dangerous and needs to be calmed by discussions with openmindedness
by those involved in the meetings.

At the same time the people and legislative bodies of our nations need
to consider carefully the potential harm of more weapons developed
versus the possible long-term benefits from nonviolent, diplomatic actions
which could engender peace and security for all concerned. Disarmament
would greatly help the cause for peace. Those in positions of responsibility
in government need to turn away from influence from military contractors
and deny funding for more weapons development. People and NGO's
(non-governmental agencies) need to lobby those in legislatures to do just
that while supporting peacemaking agendas.

As militarization escalates worldwide the world community is challenged
to raise awareness and take action to stem this tide of arming for defense
and national and regional security. These weapons and military minded
perspectives are simply too dangerous now to be left to control and
dominate national and regional developments. While we are having talks
to reduce nuclear weapons and all that goes along with keeping things under
control in that sphere we also need talks about developments of conventional weapons and the vast sales and purchases of them worldwide.

Corporate profits before the security needs of people is reprehensible
yet has been the way of doing business for decades now. Politicians
listen to the corporate lobbyists, accept their contributions, and vote for more
appropriations for militarization and continuing the wars. These shameful
acts of greed and self-serving interests need to be challenged much more
along with some conscious raising about the benefits of a world at peace
rather than at war. Corporations need to be held accountable as well as
politicians who act in their favor instead of listening to the pleas of their
constituents, and those hurt, maimed and killed by the may wars we've
engaged in over the years.

Too the U.S. needs to join with the Internationals Community who have
worked hard over the years developing treaties which levy various sanctions
on weapons development, sales and use; such as the Mine Ban Treaty,
the Cluster Munitions Ban Treaty and the Arms Trade Treaty. These and any
other treaties that curtail violent means in war need to be appreciated by those
people in the U.S. Administration and Congress who have the power and responsibility to join forces with so many other nations who have taken the
progressive steps foward and decided against further war making weapons.

Let us then join forces and use our hearts, minds and spirits to advocate
positive developments in world and foreign affairs, to cast some light
upon the darkness of man's consciousness, to help lift us up so that we
can respect and appreciate peoples of all nations and their inherent rights
to peace and security in this troubled world. Let us take away the power
and influence of the war makers and give strength to the progressives and
peacemakers in this country and in other nations around the world. Onward
and upwards for progress in the Light.

Arn Specter, Phila. (Twitter and )

World 'won't wait indefinitely' on Iran nuclear plans: Clinton

Iran threatened by U.S. buster bomb

Iran warns against attack, boasts nuclear talks success

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Mark Golding
Children of iraq Association

A lovely piece Arn, and your last paragraph is key. We are the leaders, the force and the future in a quest to reach a higher level of conciousness directly connected to the sanctity of life that is so fragile, so easily destroyed.

It is our duty to help others get to where we are, to allay fear and negativity; to educate, to encourage self-questioning and to move our folks from material to spirit. That is our work, that is why we are here.

arnpeace, December 27, 2009
Mark Golding,
Thanks for replying and supporting my article on the Middle East. Tensions continue to mount in Iraq, Iran, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Ssudi Arabia and elsewhere. Would you tell me about your group and how you and others are helping children in or from Iraq?
I'm affiliated with a group in Phila. that helps support refugees from Burma/Myanmar, where the military government is very repressive. Best of holidays Mark.
arn specter, Phila. (Twitter)

Great article and in total agreement with you.

The time has come for the 'West' to realise that the 'Western Democracy' is not to be forced upon other nations. Gaza had democracy and their election under international supervision voted for Hamas. Funny that when the people voted for who they wanted the USA rejected that democracy.The USA needs to realise that the rest of the world does not and will not sing to it's tune. Time and again the Al Qaeda have told the USA to get out of it's Arab lands. The USA ignores it. Until the day that the USA takes note and gets out of the region the USA will never see security or peace. Terror has grown exponentially since 9/11. It will continue to do so at an alarming rate. Once the USA rejects it's 'friend' Israel, and seeks 'true' peace we will see the end of terrorism. If it continues on it's path of supporting the Zionist state we will all see the end of our world. The real enemy is not Iran but Israel to the rest of the human race.

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