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Downing Street Memos Explained in Plain English

By Carmen Yarrusso

The Bush and Blair administrations have dismissed the leaked British memos (including the so-called Downing Street Memo) that provide details of what top British officials believed about the case for war in the months leading up to the Iraq invasion. Both administrations have characterized the memos as “nothing new


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Excellent clear argument.

Once these memos start to really gain traction in the US and the UK, our own Prime Minister here in Australia, John Howard, is also going to have to be answering a few extremely embarrassing questions about why it is he lied to both our Parliament and the Australian people.

Well done Carmen!

A concise, cogent and very well-researched account of the Downing Street memos. Let's hope that your well-written article will help in waking-up a sleepy world to the lies and deceit of our 'leaders'.

It's such a shame that we need all of this - documentary evidence, a website dedicated to it, etc.. to get the message across.... it was painfully obvious from the outset that it was either oil or revenge prompting the war. Unfortunately, Bush and Blair were banking on the timing of high emotions and the blatant ignorance of the American public to sell their war.
What a sad commentary on the intelligence of the average American. Most folks I know who support the war do not understand that there is even a difference between Muslim countries...
Good luck in your effort though. My guess is that the powers that be will not allow your extraoridinary efforts to succeed.
Besides, the media is more interested in selling sex in the Whitehouse than it is the lies that were told which now sacrifice the lives of our innocent youth!

Omg; In my high school history class, we got an opportunity to do extra credit which was to summarize the dowing stree memo. I searched all over & really jsut couldn't understand what they were trying to say. Your article is amazing; greatt job<3 & thankss so much!

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