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Kim Jong Il Orders Military to Get Ready for Combat

Kim Jong Il Orders Military to Get Ready for Combat
By Bomi Lim | Bloomsberg Businessweek

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il ordered the country’s military to get ready for combat in a message televised nationwide last week following South Korea’s announcement that North Korea torpedoed the South’s warship.

The message was broadcast on May 20 by O Kuk Ryol, vice chairman of the National Defense Commission, according to the website of North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, a Seoul-based group run by defectors from the communist country. Yonhap News agency reported on the group’s posting earlier today.

While Kim doesn’t want war, North Korea is ready to counter any attacks from South Korea, O said in the message, according to the group, which cited an unidentified person in the country. North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity is one of the Seoul-based agencies to first report on North Korea’s currency revaluation late last year. Read more.


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I wonder who made up the international panel that decided that it indeed was an NK torpedo that sank the SK's military ship? Were the members of this panel all allies with the imperialist, colonialist, anti-democratic, resource-grabbing, wars for resources and global domination, false flaggist, lying, terrorist, ... U.S., I wonder. Could this be a variation of the Gulf of Tonkin false flag attack, I also wonder. And I further wonder if this torpedoing of the SK ship wasn't a covert operation of the U.S., which has a perhaps very underreported, but nevertheless very serious history of covert black ops and war for racket.

Two possible answers are inferred in the full article and these'll be addressed further below.

However, we don't have a description of the vessel that was used to commit this torpedoing, so it could have been a relatively small craft with the U.S. covertly committing the attack or being behind it, having orchestrated and been in charge of it; black ops style.

We have more than enough reason to believe that not only has the US, and the UK, committed plenty of covert black ops in Iraq during the 2003-ongoing war there, the US continues to conduct covert ops. Evidence? Sure. Two US troops were killed in the area of Mosul, considerably far from US bases; while the troops legally are supposed to be restricted to staying on US bases.

"'Secret Ops' Cause of US Deaths in Iraq"

by Press TV, May 23, 2010


An international anti-war organization, the War and Peace Foundation, says continued fatalities of US troops in Iraq is a sign of their involvement in secret operations.

Speaking to Press TV on Saturday, Director of the War and Peace Foundation Kevin Sanders said the fact that the US soldiers are killed off-base in Iraq shows that the US is violating certain restrictions.

Under an agreement signed between Washington and Baghdad in 2008, the movement of US troops is limited to their bases and all unilateral operations should have technically come to a halt in 2009.

End quote/excerpt

That doesn't mean that the sinking of the SK ship was committed or orchestrated by the US, at all, but the latter still is very much like or part of the M.O. of the US. Covert black ops is a standard MO or operating procedure of the US elites and this usually or often involves creating distractions to try to draw public attention away from the greater crimes of the US elites. They could covertly sink an SK ship for this to be blamed on NK and to use all of this for the purpose of distraction.

The full and updated article at Bloomberg tells readers about the wicked Hilary Clinton preaching to China again about its leadership needing to act with the US and the so-called international community that's so-called aligned with the imperialist, etcetera, US, or rather, US elites about needing to correct, say, NK, while the US is the greatest terrorist, war-making, imperialist, ... gov't on this blood-soaked planet thanks to the US and its allies in US-lead wars of aggression. She's awfully aligned with the non-governmental, but politically powerful CFR, having even spoken of it as the decision making body for US foreign po;icies. There's a video at Youtube of news footage in which she spoke exactly in this manner, having said that the US govt wouldn't know what to do if the CFR wasn't directing US foreign policy. She literally spoke in that manner about an organization that is neither part of the govt, nor elected by The People.

The CFR is highly involved in US war-making politics.

Anyway, that she's sticking the globalist police state nose of the US into this NK-SK matter reeks of hypocrisy, deceit, etcetera, which is usual of US foreign politics, but that doesn't make the stenchfulness go away or even diminish, at all.

What proof is there that an NK govt vessel sank the SK ship?

Quoting from the full article, "While Kim doesn’t want war, North Korea is ready to counter any attacks, O said in the message, according to the dissident group, which cited an unidentified person in the country. The organization was among the first in South Korea to report on North Korea’s botched currency revaluation late last year".

NOW, the SK ship did not attack, and if President Kim doesn't want war, which he credibly doesn't, then this is a strong indication that he is not responsible for the sinking of the SK ship. And Clinton's words are always words of a state terrorism actor, or rather, actress.

O is with the organization of NK defectors in SK and it could be secretly, and also unwittingly, very controlled by the US, of which the ruling elites would surely want to strategically manipulate, say, such groups. There's a lot of evidence for this tactic being part of the MO of the US and its ruling elites. It's certainly possible with this organization of NK defectors in SK, while O, and others in the group, could be unaware of this. So is this part of what's going on with this group and the sinking of the SK ship, I wonder.

If President Kim was responsible for the sinking of the SK ship, then while he may be a nasty leader, I believe that he'd admit to his responsibility in this attack, and he hasn't, so I doubt that he is guilty for this. He might be responsible, but if he is, then he'd have commanded this act in terms that he perceived as defensive action, and I don't see why he wouldn't admit this. And with the theatre wars of the US, the US ruling elites will employ the strategic tactic of distractions, and demonizations; and false flag attacks.

Re. the so-called international panel

Quote: "Tensions heightened on the Korean peninsula following last week’s report by a South Korean-led multinational panel that North Korea was the “only plausible” perpetrator of the attack".

I think it's just, or that we have reason, to read that quoted text as really saying that the panel was US-lead, since the imperialist US elites very much control the SK govt, which is another puppet govt of the US ruling elites. We know that many South Koreans would like to see the US depart from their lives and, therefore, from their govt policies, but we also know that the US imperialist elites are enemies of democracy. This makes the SK govt rather a dictatorship disguised as a so-called democracy, like a little wolf associated with a big wolf while both pretend to be sheep.

We certainly can't trust that panel any more than we can trust the ICC and UNSC, both of which are controlled and corrupted by the imperialist, ... powers, esp. the US. We can't trust them; although, we can crtainly hope that this reality will someday change, for ... betterment.

WELL, the article further says, "“If South Korea continues to trespass our waters we will carry out real military action to protect our territory,” KCNA reported today. North Korea’s military sent the warning in a message to South Korea today, the agency said".

Is that an admittance by the NK leadership that it was responsible for sinking the SK ship? If it is, then they are responsible for this. However, they clearly would've been criminally provoked into commanding and carrying out this act. If the SK or any other govt that is enemy of NK militarily goes into NK territory, then NK has a legal right to take action without needing to give a notice or warning. After all, with the technologies of today, the SK would know it was in NK territory and militarily so. It's a criminal act to provoke wars! If that happens unwittingly, due to unwitting negligence say, then it's a mistake and can be repaired; but the SK militarily going into NK territory can't credibly claim that it wasn't aware that it was in this territory, that it had trespassed.

The SK and other govts that are not friendly with the NK govt really need to stay out of NK territory and refrain fron provoking avoidable wars. If they don't respect this in real terms, then they are the guilty party(ies); not NK.

Even if he's a "tad" nasty, I won't participate in demonizing President Kim or anyone else the US elites and their controlled media demonize. I demonize them, instead, for they are the worst demons of all; well, for human demons, anyway.

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