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Palestinian Youth Groups Unite to Condemn Israel's Attack on Free Gaza Flotilla

By flacafina - Posted on 02 June 2010

Palestinian Youth Groups Condemn Israeli Aggression on the Freedom Flotilla

Gaza, May 31, 2010- The free Palestinian youth groups from across the political and social spectrum denounce the military operations by the Israeli occupation army against the Freedom Flotilla in international waters, causing tens of civilian activists to be killed and wounded.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Palestinian youth have expressed grave concern due to the ongoing military operations against international solidarity groups, stressing that this is a flagrant war crime against civilians, whose perpetrators must be stopped, condemned and punished.

Palestinian youth in Gaza, West bank, diaspora and Palestinian occupied territories demand that Israeli occupation forces stop military operations and release all participants in the relief operations in solidarity with the besieged Gazans. We stress that this uprising is part of a series of actions against Israeli racist attitudes towards any peace or support process, and we hold Israel accountable for all of its aggressive actions.

The majority of Palestinians in Gaza are under 18, the age people become old enough to understand the injustice of the oppression, the age people become most disillusioned with so few opportunities open to them. Even for those fortunate enough to reach higher education, many are prevented from pursuing postgraduate and undergraduate degrees abroad due to the constraints on people leaving and entering the Strip. In all of the 35 academic institutions in Gaza, there is a shortage of books, educational material and stationary, as these are specific items along with concrete, toys, pasta and chocolate forbidden entry by Israel.

We call on the international community to take serious steps against Israeli violations and suspend arms supply and military equipment being used by the Israeli occupation army to kill and injure people of different nationalities, and the Palestinians in particular.
We also call upon all freedom-loving people and supporters of justice in the world to protest and condemn this crime, and continue siege-breaking campaigns until the siege is permantly lifted.



For more information please call general coordinator Majed Abusalama: +972599828830

Thanks my friends for sharing this press release with your friends and all your press contacts.
Majed Abusalama
Programs and Projects Manager
Palestinian Youth Groups Network, Gaza Strip


Every conscious person, who has just a little "COMMON SENSE" at best, already knew that when Israel informed these pigheaded extremest organizors about what the end result would be, if they chose to ignore all the warnings they were given, as well as the offer to assist in delivering the Flotill's cargo, after inspections, the ^*>)#* leaders defided their participants, as well as those who supported the doomed mission, any chance of any results favorable to Gaza.
It appears more to me, this mission was preplanned to end as it did. Fuel the PROPAGANA WAR:PERIOD.
Wether there was any planning about the possible loss of life, remains a mystery. Probably will remain so, unless more propaganda can be sought.
Moreover, anyone with any concern for the lives of themselves or others, should know that if you are hell-bent to challange a country's trained military personnel, you're going to "LOSE EVERY TIME". Bottom line: What did these protestors expect to gain from this foolish voyage? Did they think Israel and Egypt, would welcome them with open arms? Did they actually beleive that Israel was JUST KIDDING?
Instead of condeming just Israel, the organizers and participants of what now appears to favor a death wish voyage, have an even greater responsibility for what actually happened. Thus far the real issue here is "WHY" did these people simply sail into a perdictable outcome, throwing any concern for life into the winds?

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October 28: Peace and Justice Studies Association Conference

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