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I Come to Praise Helen Thomas, Not to Bury Her

I Come to Praise Helen Thomas, Not to Bury Her
By William Rivers Pitt | Truthout

I am not going to try and defend the comments Helen Thomas made about getting the Jews out of Palestine and sending them to Germany and Poland; that was an unbelievably stupid thing to say, not just to a rabbi, but to anyone. Thomas is a Lebanese-American with very strong views on Israel, views to which she has every right, but in saying what she said, she abrogated two responsibilities: first, to treat others as she would want to be treated, and second, to avoid undercutting the legitimacy of her own views with incendiary, insulting and inappropriate vitriol. Thomas blew it on both fronts, and her words became torpedoes that struck the ship of her career at the waterline.

Perhaps, it is entirely just and appropriate that her comments have finished her as a journalist, but that is an argument for other people to make. In this space, I come to praise Helen Thomas, not to bury her. There are plenty of voices in the so-called "mainstream" media who gleefully shouted her down after her ill-advised tirade, a lot of whom are now very happy to see her gone. You see, Helen Thomas was and remains a mirror held up to the rest of the press, forcing them to see their own glaring flaws and faults, forcing them to see just how much blood is on their hands.

I refuse, I absolutely refuse, to let this one incident become the thing everyone remembers about Helen Thomas. That would be a sin equally as great as the one she committed with her words, and it would give cover to the mainstream press cretins who always wished she would go away, because she exposed them for what they really are.

Frauds. Mouthpieces. Dupes. Willing participants. Colluders. Conspirators. Traitors. That's what much of the press has become over the last ten years, but not Helen Thomas. Never Helen Thomas. Much of the outrage directed at Thomas today isn't based on her comments about Israel, but are, instead, a barbaric yawp from a pack of liars who are thrilled to see her gone, as it means they no longer have to look at themselves in that mirror she held up with her life, her career and her uncompromising way of speaking actual truth to power. Read more.

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So this guy who wrote the article is here to praise helen Thomas? I think not, I think it is a weasel who says that yet in his intro, and closing he bashes Mrs. Thomas for....

Rather, say what you want. Don't skate around the issue; Mrs. Thomas did not. At least she has integrity, a spine.

Israel deserves the to be confronted for all the bad that they have done, and all the innocent who sit and watch. Look what they did to the people of Gaza, and how they killed humanitarians on a ship trying to stop a blockade that prevents medical supplies, candy, books, food, donkeys, school supplies, and the such. Look at how a wall is built around these people. And you have the gall to speak out on Mrs. Thomas. What a joke, and you call yourself a writer? For whom?

I am proud to stand by Mrs. Thomas, and she is one of only a few who stand for something greater than themselves. That push the envelope, and know when. And for this writer to take credit away from such forward movement,; well, is just sickening.

William Rivers Pitt is a killer lover of the Israeli State. And the greatest enabler.

"Thomas is a Lebanese-American with very strong views on Israel..."

that, too, was an unbelievably stupid thing to say, there, Bill...

as was this:

"Perhaps, it is entirely just and appropriate that her comments have finished her as a journalist..."

re-think just what it is you are trying to convey WRP. Then come back and say it.

To put this into a broader context:

If Chomsky had settled into the DC press corps his "remarks" would have cost him his job DECADES ago.

Chomsky has been "lapsing" since he wrote The New Mandarins--and even earlier than that.

Thomas betrayed no evil. DC and its dutiful corporate-owned media machine are so imbued with evil that the slightest jostle can be calamitous.

What Thomas "loosed" was that town's own corruption--which is not done.

Therefore, instead of calling it a "lapse" on her part--consider it a decision not to play the game any longer, a farewell gesture of contempt for everything DC stands for.

As Gary Leupp argues--and I quite agree--she said something which was taken out of context and rushed to Zionist press.

No Zionist conspiracy, you say?

America itself--Empire--is IN BED with Israeli Zionists and their apologists. But "conspiracy" is an unfortunate term, i.e., fraught with baggage. Instead, let's say there is this abiding unhealthy "relationship," which affiliation needs careful, focused tending to--i.e., to be sustained.

Nesenoff fils: "We’re asking everybody today..."--translation: SPEAK WITHOUT CONCERN FOR QUALIFYING YOUR REMARKS (we'll do that for you later on, he he...). AND, your spontaneous remarks will be lost in the comment avalanche of this utterly casual inquiry...

Yes--we noticed your benign intent. Sometimes, the runner stumbles--but Zionist America gives no quarter...

or, said another way: victims are predisposed to become victimizers

Quote: "I am not going to try and defend the comments Helen Thomas made about getting the Jews out of Palestine and sending them to Germany and Poland; that was an unbelievably stupid thing to say, not just to a rabbi, but to anyone".

BS! William Rivers Pitt, evidently a little too self-righteous for my appreciation, is a little intelligent and enough idiotic in what he says in the above article; and he didn't even have the decency of quoting what Helen Thomas actually said. That should have been done and then to follow it up with an intelligent and mature analysis of her UNDERSTANDABLE words that were definitely and clearly NOT a "tirade".

What she fully said was clearly based on a passionate caring for Palestinians' rights.

Did he write based on what Helen Thomas really and fully said, or has he only read what many have reported while omitting a critically important portion of what she said; like, Amy Goodman did in the brief introductory text for the video I'll be linking to, below? I wonder.

Host Amy Goodman also takes some critical shots at Helen Thomas and anyone who doesn't find what she said to be really wrong, which her words really weren't, should be aware of this DN! interview. Amy Goodman actually and excellently did her criticism a disfavor, and listeners a great favor, by playing the brief, but complete video-recorded words that Helen Thomas stated on too.

Listen to what Helen Thomas really and fully said, and enjoy this, for it is enjoyable; both in terms of Helen Thomas' complete statement, as well as what the DN! guest says in his diplomatic rebuttal to Amy Goodman's misplaced criticism! The video is roughly 18 minutes, btw.

"Veteran White House Reporter Helen Thomas Retires After Israel Remarks", June 8, 2010

Helen Thomas clearly was not being heinous, psychotic, ... against Jews in Israel; what she clearly said is clearly in defence of Palestinian rights and dignity, human rights and dignity, in opposition to the psychopathic wickedness of the murderous, and criminal organization composed of the top Israeli leadership, political, military and economic. No, Helen Thomas didn't spell all of this out, having kept her statement very simple. But we can certainly understand a lot from it if we are sufficiently informed about the real situation between Israel and Palestine; as well as knowing that a lot, if not most, of Jews in Israel are originally from Eastern Europe and other European countries, the U.S., et cetera, while Palestinians in Palestine are in or on their long-ancestral land and others are criminally, hypocritically, ... prohibited from returning. And many of the latter are forced to live in awful concentration camp-like conditions called "refugee camps".

Amy Goodman tries to "nail" the guest, trying to get him to side against what Helen Thomas said, but the guest is clearly sane, intelligent, realistic, and so on, causing Amy Goodman's attempt to fail.

She should be [ashamed] of herself for this! What is she afraid of, losing some aipac funding? Who would want that money, instead of burning it?

The DN! guest is, "James Abourezk, former Democratic senator and congressman from South Dakota. The first Arab American in the Senate, he’s also the founder of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee".



ACTUALLY, in case Amy Goodman revises the brief introductory text for the video interview to try to cover up the fact that she initially did write it in a way attacking what Helen Thomas said, by clearly omitting a very important part of what she said (in addition to what Amy Goodman says during the video interview), I'll re-quote the text.

Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas has retired amid a firestorm of criticism over comments she made on the Israel-Palestine conflict. Widely known as “the dean of the White House press corps,” Thomas is the most senior White House correspondent and has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. In a brief video interview with the website, Thomas said her message to Israelis is to "get the hell out of Palestine." Thomas also suggested Israeli Jews should return to Poland, Germany or the United States. Thomas later issued a statement saying, "I deeply regret my comments I made last week regarding the Israelis and the Palestinians. They do not reflect my heart-felt belief that peace will come to the Middle East only when all parties recognize the need for mutual respect and tolerance. May that day come soon." We speak to former Senator James Abourezk, the first Arab American in the Senate.

Carefully compare what Amy Goodman quoted of Helen Thomas' words in the above-quoted text to what the video-recorded playback in the DN! video tells us of the complete words and then ask yourself why on Earth Amy Goodman would have chosen to omit the rest of the words as if they're insignificant.

They're not insignificant. They clearly tell us why Helen Thomas said the rest of what she said; that is, why she said that Jews not originally of the Palestinian area, or who are born of people who were transferees, or immigrants from Europe, the US, etcetera, should leave. And they definitely should leave, since all they do to and support against innocent others is psychopatic violence, mass murder, massacres, national destruction, and so on. Anyone like that is not to be welcome [anywhere]!

So I agree with her words on and don't really accept her retracting them. Oh, she can do that, sure, but I won't personally accept it; because I agree with them and have said pretty much the same as she did, except years ago (and my view hasn't changed!). There's no shame in this.

The people who should be ashamed are her critics, witch-hunters, and so on! I would stand by her or anyone else whenever she or others feel like repeating similar words to those she stated on Only if I did the contrary should I feel ashamed!

Giving sister Helen Thomas the Zio-Treatment - Et tu, Jon Stewart?

(clipped headline and article from Salem News)
"The Bigot on Comedy Central: Jon Stewart and the Crucifixion of Helen Thomas - He's no friend of veteran journalists, or the Palestinian people. (SALEM, Ore.) - There is a reason Jon Stewart has such an intact comedy news throne. He's well educated, always current, a sharp wit; he's funny, and he's the right religion. In my mind's eye, Stewart's face keeps blurring with Ted Nugent's, and those of other heroes who have eventually shown their real colors. The reason is simple: these are the pop culture sellouts."

(full story)

I guess we can assume that sister Helen Thomas has been added to the Zionist "Self Hating Israel Threatening" list . . . you know, the "al Qaeda" database . . . the toilet list . . . The SHIT List??? . . . ;-)

Of course, it appears our U.S. Military does not seem to be amused at the way sister Helen Thomas is being treated . . . nor is this ol' fool.

(clipped headline and article from Veterans Today)

(full story)

It is interesting to this ol' fool from North Cackilacki that as I watch the yearly migration of the Floridians coming up to their mountain summer homes, I notice a HUGE difference in the number of Israeli flag bumper stickers on all those vehicles with Florida tags . . . NONE to be seen this season versus previous years when it was thought by some locals that you had to have an Israeli Flag on your car or truck before you could even get a Florida license tag. . . . ;-)

Now that most, if not almost ALL, of the Protestant churches here in North Cackilacki have long stopped flying Israeli Flags beside the American flag. . . something quite "fashionable" right after 9-11 . . .

. . . it would seem that folks have finally realized that no one can serve two masters. Zionism by definition is the anti-thesis of every axiom this Great Constitutional Republic and The Great Experiment are based upon.

I wonder what it is like in all the "Khazar" homes as folks like Jon Stewart wrestle with the TRUTH of the Eastern European origins (circa 800 A.D.) of the "Ashkenazi" population, the inherent racism of The Talmud and Modern Zionism, the inherent flaws in Social Darwinist and Marxist thought, the REAL Holocaust that is going on RIGHT NOW IN REAL TIME in Palestine, and most important the existential question of:

"Am I a Jewish American . . .

. . . . or am I an American Jew?"

"Do I support and defend the U.S. Constitution and the Rule Of Law, The Great Experiment in Self Rule . . . or do I support the Shadow Syndicate 'By Way Of Deception' Rule of Ruthless World Zionism 'Beyond Good And Evil' Organized Crime???"

Sadly, me thinks Jon Stewart has just tipped his hand . . . this latest attack on sister Helen Thomas, like his SILENCE on 9-11 Truth and all things Israeli, has said to WE THE PEOPLE, "You kidz are a bunch of schmucks. I'm part of the Zionist 5th Column - Progressive Liberal Division . . . always have been, always will be. SUCKERS!!! We RUN this Country and we're going to run it into the ground!!!" . . . ;-)

And I'm sure Mr. Jon "Mr. Likeable Cool Zionist" Stewart and his Pro-Zionist writers and staff will now add sister Helen Thomas to the vast list of goyim "butts" for their jokes . . . along with Michael Jackson, Rosie O'Donell, Mel Gibson, President Jimmy Carter, Willie Nelson, and everyone else on the ADL and the SPLC's "Shit List" . . . ;-)

Alas, I guess I'll have to move The Daily Show from my "Information Source" column over to my "Zionist Propaganda Analysis" column alongside of Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR and the rest of the Fawning Corporate Media . . . ;-)

I will be curious to see if Stephen Colbert follows Stewart's lead . . . after all, last I checked, Stewart was the executive producer of The Colbert Report . . .

"I feel it coming on again
Just like it did before
They feed your pride with boredom
And they lead you on to war
The way you treat each other
Really makes me feel ill
Cause if you want to fight
Then you're just dying to get killed
A pox upon the media
And everything you read
They tell you your opinions
And they're very good indeed"
- "I Wanna Destroy You" by The Soft Boys (Robyn Hitchcock/Kimberly Rew)


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