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The Gaza Gulag

By Rick Burnley

You don't have to wait until you die
if you'd like to check out Hell;
Just head on over to the Gaza Gulag
and hang around for a spell-

It was much worse last December
War planes rained death from the sky
Shredding women and babies into bloody pieces
The whole world wanted to know why

Thousand pound bombs fell on the Gaza strip
All throughout the night
Terrified mothers clutched their trembling children
Who were huddled together in fright

The apartment buildings shuddered
With the impact of the shocks
As the Empire's guided missiles
Leveled many whole city blocks

White phosphorous floated down from the sky
Causing everything to glow
The flakes burned right through whoever they landed on
A murderous ,deadly snow

Once phosphorous lands on a person's skin,
There's no way to put out the fire
Toddlers incinerated by the Empire's missiles
Their nurseries their funeral pyre

Israel used a brand new weapon
That blows skin away from bones
And in the inferno that was Gaza
One could hear their piteous moans

If you shut your eyes,and listened
Everywhere, terrified screams
Of families living a nightmare,
And all with shattered dreams

"It's collateral damage",says Israel
"We're as careful as can be'
We"re just trying to stop the terrorists,
Why can't the world see?"

But unfortunately for you,Mighty Israel,
The world clearly sees
How you've abused and mistreated the Palestinian people
Who you've forced to live on their knees

A million and a half of your prisoners
Are crammed into a tiny cage
You've blocked food and medicine and building materials
No wonder your victims are filled with rage

Listen closely,people of Israel
Your fear has made you blind
You'll destroy the future of your nation
If you leave your morals behind

Don't call out Anti-Semite
It's your actions that the world abhors
You're the bully of your neighborhood
And you've killed children by the scores

The world is aghast at your criminal deeds
The carnage was insane
Are Palestinian families just vermin to you?
You've caused them so much pain

Cause and effect is the law of all
And no one can rise above it
It seems that Israel's leaders
Say to take that law and shove it

You cant kill a thousand to get at a few
These are capital war crimes
and if Israel doesn't stop it's illegal madness,
It'll be heading for the worst of times.

Rick Burnley


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"Water and Drug War"

by Kawther Salam,, July 16, 2010

The second and other paragraphs are inset or indented, but since I can't replicate that here, I'll use quotes.

In the occupied towns, cities, villages and refugee camps of Palestine, stealing water and spreading drugs by the Israeli occupation are symptoms of a daily cold war in which the Palestinians are suffering of shortage of drinking water and the basic daily needs, and the increasing number of Palestinian drug dealers under control of the Israeli army and police.

" Several protest demos about these problems took place in Hebron during the last months. The Palestinians receive water for drinking once each three months and for 6 hours, while the Israeli colonies in the same towns stealing the water for irrigating their gardens, feeding their swimming pools, and for their industries from Palestinians. During the limited hours in which they receive water, Palestinians must fill tanks, kitchen pots or underground tanks in their gardens to store some water for drinking and daily use for the next three months. Many people store their water in unhealthy ways, they leave the water uncovered or in dirty tanks were bacteria find a fertile place for living and growing."

Some days following gathering water, the Israeli occupation goes and destroys the underground tanks and wells with bulldozers, or they shoot at the Palestinian tanks on the rooftops of their houses. This is a daily hidden war against the Palestinian civilians in all the occupied West Bank cities, not only Hebron.

Below you can see a short Film about the destruction of a Palestinian water tank by the Israeli occupation.

According the Christian Peace Maker Team, Israeli army from so called "border police" unit demolished a rainwater cistern and removed irrigation pipes from several Palestinian fields in Al Beqa’a Valley just east of Hebron on July 14, 2010, the second day of incidents in the area this month.

... (snipped) At least seven families will be affected by this destruction, in total about 50 people.

... (snipped) Rather than prevent the 'theft’ of water (which is ironically from an aquiver under Palestine) earlier in the season, the Israeli authorities instead waited until crops were almost ready for market. Therefore this destruction is not meant to stop the 'theft’ of water but to cause the highest impact on farmers in the region.

It's a very short video, 54 seconds, but we don't need more than that to be [shocked] after knowing what the Israelis are doing and why they're doing it.

The next part of the article shows a picture with a caption reading, "EU police traning the Palestinian Police how to protect the Israeli interests".

Durgs War in Hebron

Relating to the drugs plague, the Israeli police and army have increased the trafficking of drugs and increased the number of drug dealers among Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel has long experience and a rich knowledge about destroying the society of Palestinians-Arabs in Israel, what they did in part by spreading the use of drugs among these people. The IDF and police are using this experience and the same tactics to destroy the poor Palestinians who live in the old city of Hebron. A Palestinian policeman fought against the drug dealers in the old city and was arrested by the Israeli police and army.

Yesterday, the Israeli occupation police and soldiers stormed the house of a Palestinian police officer in the city. They beat him in front of his wife and eight children. Then they .... ... (snipped) This Palestinian police colonel had received training courses at the hands of the European police, who trained him and his colleagues in how to repress the Palestinians and protect the Israeli squatter colonies. They recommended them not to defend themselves against the Israeli aggression because this could be considered as "terror". This incident makes it very clear that the Europeans did not train the Palestinian police to fight against the spread of drugs by Israeli soldiers and police, and that self-defense is not stipulated in the agreements which were signed by the US, Israel and the Palestinians. According to these agreements and the so-called "peace-negotiations", self-defense is considered "terrorism".

... (snipped) This is the only kind of police which the USA, the European Union and Israel want to allow to bear the name of a "Palestinian Police" under the rule of the subservient "Palestinian Authority".

Relating to the drugs plague, the Israeli police and army have increased the trafficking of drugs and increased the number of drug dealers among Palestinians in the West Bank. Israel has long experience .... ... (snipped) A Palestinian policeman fought against the drug dealers in the old city and was arrested by the Israeli police and army.

... (snipped)

The story below is about the arrest of a Palestinian Police officer. It was sent to me by the Christian Peace Maker reported from Hebron.

Some of the last snipped or omitted text is redundant, repeated from earlier, but seems to add a little more information, and the story at the end is dated July 14th and is short.

Although he did not speak about Palestine and Israel, his words strike me as nevertheless fitting in this resepct.

"Twain and America's "Uniformed Assassins""

by Arthur Silber,, July 11, 2010

I read that a few days ago and it provides a couple of very relevant quotes from things Mark Twain really said but which have been kept very secret until now. The following more recent article that I just came across while searching for a link to the above one refers to the above piece at the above author's website.

"The Raging Revenant: Anti-Imperialism -- Past, Present and Future"

by Chris Floyd,, July 14, 2010

First I'll excerpt from the article by the evidently excellent thinker and writer Chris Floyd. I read enough of his articles over the past several years to be able to know that his pieces usually or always are good reading material. And the article provides links for Arthur Silber's articles, btw.

Mark Twain is returning to us, in the unexpurgated editions of his much-censored autobiography which will be published in three volumes. And one of his most notable successors in the fine art of anti-imperialist polemic, Arthur Silber, has provided some useful context for some of the views that Twain and his literary executors thought too hot to print in their now-vanished present day.

Many of these passages dealt with Twain's angry railing against America's militarist empire-builders, as they perpetrated mass murder and savage torture during the "liberation" of the Philippines from, er, the Filipinos. I will have much more to say on this and related subjects in an upcoming piece on James Bradley’s remarkable new book, The Imperial Cruise, but Silber is already on the case here, so give it a full read.

In fact, Silber has been a man on fire in recent days, posting a series of remarkable essays in rapid-fire fashion. These range from the first two parts of a major new series, "The Demand for Obedience, and Reverence for Authority," savagely witty takedowns of media poltroonery across the political spectrum, super-scary Russian spies, the permanent American occupation of Iraq, and much more. Avail yourself of these incisive insights at the earliest opportunity.

Just for good measure, Silber also answers the musical question that has puzzled our pundit puzzlers till their puzzlers are sore: "Why are we in Afghanistan?" Here's part of the answer [see original post for links]:

... (snipped)

Silber cuts to the crux of the matter. As he notes elsewhere in the piece, the true aims of the imperial project -- dominance and loot for the ruling class -- have always been completely out in the open. And these aims can be -- and have been -- and are being accomplished regardless of the putative outcome of each particular adventure, whether it is regarded as a victory, a defeat, a "tragic blunder," etc. etc.

This is a point I have been trying to get at, in my cack-handed way, for years. The avowed intentions and the public outcomes of our imperial wars don't really matter -- because these churnings of blood and corruption are really about something else altogether. I was writing about this back in 2004, in a piece that was necessarily Bush-centric in language, given his ascendancy at the time, but still applies to our entire bipartisan imperial system, even -- or rather, especially -- under the progressive Peace-Prizer temporarily wearing the Potomac purple:

... (snipped)

What that whole article is about says nothing specifically about Israel-Palestine, but we can understand from the article why the U.S. and its criminal EU allies treat Israel the way they do. And since the UNSC has been despotically and imperialistically defined and isn't reformed, Palestinians as well as billions of innocent human beings are left without hope of winning against these ruthless and militarily and financially powerful imperialists.

Hence all the greater the urgency is for soldiers to DISSENT. Only they make it possible for the imperialist elites to be able to do what they command against humanity.

The IDF seems to be mostly outfitted with psychopathic and sociopathic youth though, so dissent among them isn't going to happen except with a relatively small number of them. And we have the same situation with US and European troops or military personnel. Good children are [not] plentiful in the US. Some innocent ones naively believed the lies of the ruthless political leaders, but many don't care about serving even when they know that it's in service to LIARS and, therefore, criminal, rogue, treachorous leadership. Those too PTSD'd to be able to make much sense of anything important can no longer be blamed for continuing to obey criminal orders, but this isn't the case for all soldiers and other fighting military personnel.

Now I'll excerpt from the Uruknet copy of the article by Arthur Silber. He also provides links. And what he excerpted for this article is indented, which I can't reproduce here, so I'll tag, say, these paragraphs by starting them with "INDENTED:".

The first of three volumes of "the complete and authoritative edition" of Mark Twain's autobiography will be published in November. The new material in Volume I will be "as little as 5 percent" of that volume alone, but by the time all three volumes are published, "about half will not have ever been in print before."

Twain himself decided to have his dictated autobiography published only selectively for a long time:

... (snipped)

The Times provides these details concerning some of the more "acerbic" views:

INDENTED: ... (snipped)

INDENTED: In a passage [previously] removed by Paine, Twain excoriates "the iniquitous Cuban-Spanish War" and Gen. Leonard Wood’s "mephitic record" as governor general in Havana. In writing about an attack on a tribal group in the Philippines, Twain refers to American troops as "our uniformed assassins" and describes their killing of "six hundred helpless and weaponless savages" as "a long and happy picnic with nothing to do but sit in comfort and fire the Golden Rule into those people down there and imagine letters to write home to the admiring families, and pile glory upon glory."

INDENTED: ... (snipped)

Twain was entirely correct about the "uniformed assassins" in the Philippines (and in many other countries down to this moment, knowledge of which he was spared, though he may be looking up from Hell with fearsome gaze). "The Mythology of the 'Good Guy' American" offers many details about the abominations committed by the U.S. in the Philippines. Here's a small, excruciating sample, from Paul A. Kramer's The Blood of Government: Race, Empire, the United States, & the Philippines:

INDENTED: One of the most banal and brutal manifestations of racialization was U.S. soldiers' imagination of war as hunting. The Manila occupation and "friendly policy" had frustrated martial masculinity; the metaphor of the hunt made war, at last, into masculine self-fulfillment. ... (snipped)

INDENTED: ... (sic)

INDENTED: The most notorious orders of indiscriminate killing were Gen. Jacob H. Smith's late October 1901 instructions to Marine Maj. Littleron W.T. Waller, following Filipino revolutionaries' successful surprise attack against U.S. soldiers at Balangiga on the island of Samar, to make reprisals against the entire population of the island. "I want no prisoners," he had directed. "I wish you to kill and burn." Smith ordered "all persons killed who are capable of bearing arms in actual hostilities against the United States." When Waller had asked the general for clarification, Smith stated that he considered any person over the age of ten "capable of bearing arms." The interior of Samar must be made "a howling wilderness!" The direct result of these instructions was systematic destruction and killing on a vast scale.

The full article has much more, if you can stand it. But dear me, it certainly sounds as if Twain might not "support the troops." I'd like to think that piece might find some small favor with him.

... (snipped)

Again, Israel and Palestine aren't specifically referred to, but everything that article says is relevant in this regard, as well as with respect to all US-lead imperialistic, ... wars and US-ensured govt overthrows to replace relatively good govts with extremely, hellishly despotic ones.

It is what U.S. so-called "national security" and "national interests" relate to or a used for trying to deceive the public into believing that U.S. "leadership" is noble, et cetera. Most people would not be supportive if they knew what U.S. foreign policies, as well as national policies, are really about, so the strategy of lying to try to fool the public and keep the public fooled is employed; unrelentingly.

There's nothing new about it and the following serious essay by Wade Frazier is a good or very good reference.

"The American Empire"

Two or three other relevant essays by him are linked under the subheading of "Political and Historical" in his home page.

And like Chris Floyd is right about Arthur Silber's website being very good.

"Assassins" is what the ruling elites want of soldiers, so they strategically need to be kept dumbed down. "Assassins" is what the IDF and Israeli so-called police consist of. US, EU, Israel, assasins and assassin commanders for imperialism, et cetera!

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