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In Controversial Mosque:

By jimstaro - Posted on 20 August 2010

These folks are by Far much more Faithful then the hypocritical so called christians speaking out in the extreme negative and showing just how Intolerant they are for many others. not just Muslims!!

Young Muslims Pray for Understanding - Video -

20 August 2010 - Young students and professionals who pray at the Park51 mosque, two blocks from Ground Zero, defend the controversial site

Muslims came to the aid of Jews when they were persecuted by Romanized European Christians. Historically, I don't know of Muslims having been bad. Sure, they have some religious laws that when applied to Muslims are clearly unjust, like stoning a woman to death because she's a victim of rape, or imprisoning a hashish seller for many years while the person never committed a violent crime, f.e. They or some Muslims have religious laws that are clearly too harsh and need to be obsoleted. But I don't know of any history in which Muslims wrongfully warred against non-Muslims.

So-called European Christianity is a far cry different.

Real Christians are very different, but they hardly ever are among Christian "leadership"; unfortunately. The main mission of real Franciscans, for not all Franciscans are real ones, is to work for real justice and peace; not to proselitize (spelling?). Former Pope John Paul II, who was wrong about a number of things, was right about one thing and it's when he said that all of humanity is God's (human) family on Earth; iow, God loves all humans of good will and ways. It doesn't matter if they're atheist or of some non-Christian religion; if they are of really good will and ways, then they are loved by God, and no Christian is superior to God.

We unfortunately don't have that understanding for common "Christian" outlook in the west, but apparently not only in the west. During the summer of 2006, when Israel waged war of aggression on Lebanon, there were a considerable number of Lebanese Christians who supported Israel; until they finally woke up to reality. The reality was clear enough from the start, but it took some Lebanese Christians a considerable while before they finally woke up.

I have a problem with Hindus, however, because of their vicious ways towards Dalits and Sikhs. But not all Hindus are of this way.

Radical Muslims are radical because of the western corruption of their govts. They'd still have some doctrine that needs to be corrected, but they don't war on other peoples; generally not, anyway. Apparently when the extreme fascist General Franco waged war to overthrow the Spanish govt during the Spanish Civil War, many of his forces or soldiers were from Morocco, or some other Muslim country in Africa, but maybe they were duped; maybe they didn't understand what Franco was really doing.

Muslims make errors. They're human and to err is human. But they certainly aren't worse than the rest of us. And Euro-Christians evidently have been the worst bunch in human history; yet it's the govts and ruling elites, while the common people would've opposed, if they had known what was really going on.

It's not the common people who deceive ourselves. We do a little, when we believe propaganda of deception from the elites, but it's the ruling elites and govts that are really responsible. What we need to is be well aware that they do this and if we're aware of this, then the next time(s) that they call on us to be their stupid animals again we will be more likely to dissent. A disobedient animal sometimes is an intelligent animal; and I love being an intelligent dumb animal. It's better than being a stupid and gullible dumb animal anyway.

Many humans seem to cease learning around the age of two, which I was told, by a knowledgeable dog owner, is the equivalent of a full-grown, mature dog.

I hope we can do better than that in more common terms. Collies are brighter than we generally are. I love the Collie, but we still have to do better!

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