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Why Does Newt Gingrich Hate Freedom?

By jimstaro - Posted on 21 August 2010

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August 19th, 2010 - My father died two weeks ago. He was a devout Catholic and former Franciscan brother. The last week of his life he was really upset -- not about dying, but about that church in Gainesville that’s planning to burn Korans on 9/11.

My dad thought it wasn’t Christian, but an act of Christian supremacy. I said it would be cute if they used German accents.

He didn’t laugh either. But I’ve been thinking of him all week amidst the furor over the ‘Ground Zero Mosque.’ Which isn’t at Ground Zero, and isn’t a mosque. It’s in the old Burlington Coat Factory building, which makes it a deeply offensive to we Americans who care about quality outerwear. I’m very protective of American jackets made in China. And there’s a mosque inside it, but it’s really a community center with a theatre, café, meeting rooms, and, I’m sure at some point, a Pinkberry. {read more}

And there’s a mosque inside it, but it’s really a community center with a theatre, café, meeting rooms, and, I’m sure at some point, a Pinkberry.

How about a Boston Seafood restaurant, or whatever the name is? They make great clear clam chowder; not the one made with cream, but the clear one. Fantastic chowder and I've been longing for some for a while now.

That would greatly fit in with a Muslim or any other place; but good yogurt also would. Have both.

But while this article is working my appetite, it later kills the appetite and causes indigestion.

Most people who live here in lower Manhattan have no problem with this.

That's good, but the guy isn't finished, yet.

But some of the same politicians who said 9/11 was about foreigners hating our freedoms -- are now busy hating our freedoms.

That's true and there's nothing new about it, but this guy later comes to kill much of what would otherwise be support.

Freedom means that sometimes you’re gonna have to tolerate stuff that you find offensive; like other religions, flag burning, and the Jonas Brothers.

Sounds good to me, although I don't know the Jonas Brothers. And next we get to the parts I don't support.

Al Qaeda wants America to hate our own Muslims, and to deny them the freedoms we take for granted.

Balony. He means CIA-da. And Al Qaeda doesn't really want to hate Muslims in the U.S. AQ just hates the U.S. corrupting and exploiting corrupted Muslim countries or governments. It's always been the complaint of Osama bin Laden, f.e. He never criticized Muslims in the U.S. He only was angry about what the U.S. has done to and with govts of Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia.

Well, I've never heard or read of him criticizing Muslims in the U.S. anyway. If he did, then it's probably based on them supporting the govt and elites of the U.S. because they have corrupted and profit from the corrupted Muslim govts. If the U.S. and its imperialist, and so on, elites didn't do this, then I doubt he'd be bothered by Muslims living in the U.S.; and I mean Muslims from the Middle East or Asia, not Americans converted to Islam.

The Saudi government is what it is because of the U.S. and American or western oil industry.

But until then, they still have freedom of religion & assembly.

Where's he been living? Evidently not in the USA, which rounded up [many] Muslims in the U.S. after 9/11 on no legitimate grounds. It was only because they were known to be Muslims; like with the Japanese in the U.S. during WW II.

That means America wins.

This guy's father might have been a former Franciscan brother, but there's clearly a lack of education. "America" doesn't win.

He sounds sort of yuppie, lacking some awareness and then passing on ignorance in propaganda form or manner. He isn't realistic. Al Qaeda didn't attack the U.S.; the U.S. literally facilitated the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. could've prevented the 9/11 attacks. See Lt Col Anthony Shaffer about Able Danger; plenty of videos at Youtube and surely online articles. And like Sibel Edmonds testified under oath last August, the U.S., Taliban and Al Qaeda were in relationship right up to 9/11, which the Bush Jr-Cheney administration clearly did deliberately allow to occur, for they clearly did wittingly do absolutely nothing other than to ignore the many forewarnings the U.S. had received. And the U.S. deliberately never charged Osama bin Laden on the grounds that Bush Jr claimed justified war on Afghanistan; a false and criminal claim that was used to criminally pretend that war on Afghanistan was justified even while the UNSC refused to authorize recourse to war there. And all of that is after the Bush Jr-Cheney administration had already decided that they would command war on Afghanistan no later than October 2001; having decided this well before 9/11. It's all known and has been known for years, but many people still live in the dark ages and need others to light candles or turn on lamps.

If "America" won, then "America" wouldn't be committing wars of aggression and the population wouldn't be easily and repetitively suckered into supporting criminal wars; but that's not the real "America", so far. "America" won't win until it stops its aggressions and, therefore, crimes against humanity and for profit.

9/11 did not really occur the way he pretends. There was a little of that, just like a [little] of the "official story" on 9/11 is true, the rest being very and darkly false; deliberately. There was much more that many yuppie Americans still refuse to [carefully] consider. And, again, there were plenty of reports about Muslims in the U.S. having been discriminatorially (or whatever the word is) mistreated following 9/11.

That he has a cousin who's Muslim is a "cute" statement, but it doesn't mean anything. Maybe the cousin is another dumb human lemming. Maybe he's treachorous. We don't know. We do know that the Egyptian govt is corrupt very much because of the U.S. and Israel though.

We need or "America" needs more than superficial statements like this guy makes, BUT I do agree that this Muslim business or organization should be allowed in the vicinity of "Ground Zero". I wouldn't care if it was a Mosque, because I have nothing against Muslims, and they can pray all they want. I'd suspect that it'd bother some Americans, but there's really nothing wrong with even establishing a Muslim mosque near "Ground Zero".

I don't care if someone erects or establishes a Jewish synagogue across from the White House, as long as it's not radically criminal Zionist. Anyone for peace and real justice is [always] welcome. It doesn't matter what their race, national origin, religious beliefs, sex, and so on are; as long as they're for real peace and real justice, which means fair justice.

If I was to be upset about something like this, then it would be Zionist Jew or simply Zionist organizations, et cetera, that would bother me most of all. Radical Islam, which constitutes a [small] part of Islam, is understandable. They unfortunately believe some indoctrination or doctrine is right when it clearly isn't; but they have real grievances because of injustices committed by the west and their western-friendly corrupted govts. The Zionists have no valid arguments and are quasi-pure evil.

Radical Islam has real grievances that we snobbishly or snottily disregard. We're the criminals! Zionists have no legitimate grievances, but the west supports the Zionists with their psychopathic ways. Radical Islam might be pissed off, but Zionists are psychopathic murderers, plunderers, and so on. And that we support and profit from the latter while condemning the former illustrates like George Carlin said with one of his skits, "You (We) Are All Diseased"!

He indicates that he's not aware of the mistreatment of Muslims in the U.S. following 9/11, so I wonder what he mostly or only reads, because it evidently isn't good sources of information; or he reads too little. From what I've read, many Muslims in the U.S., Muslim males anyway, were mistreated by the govt (of the U.S.) following 9/11. I don't recall having read about this happening in other western countries, but maybe it did; to a lesser extent, I suppose. It apparently did definitely happen in the U.S.

I wasn't witness to any of that, but have seen articles about it or mentioning it enough times. And I suppose none of these articles were from corporate media.

"America" hasn't won anyway, and I wonder where he gets this dreamy, disney-like idea from.

He sounds fine, but I wouldn't make much of an Egyptian Muslim in the U.S. Egypt is criminal right along with Israel and the U.S. against Palestinians, f.e. We don't know anything about his Egyptian brother in-law and there's no real reason to believe that he's particularly innocent even if he pretends or appears to be. He's obviously U.S.-friendly and the U.S. is enemy of this world!

Having Jewish mother or mother in-law, whatever, doesn't mean much. Who knows how she's Jewish. He doesn't say, and some Jews are only that in terms of being "kosher", like kosher cuisine, without being religiously Jewish in any sense. According to Wikipedia and other encyclopedias, being Jewish can be a purely ethnic way of living, like being "kosher" about cuisine and toiletry (whatever the term is); it has to be very clean. Or it can be religious, or can be both, and the religious vary from moderate to ultra-orthodox. So someone saying they're Jewish doesn't mean that they're religious. They could be athiests living based on being "kosher", for crying out loud.

Saying a person is Muslim or Christian, or Hindu, however, infers religious beliefs; inherently. It's different for Jews; most of whom are certainly not descendants of ancient Jews, but are, instead, of Eastern European origin. Of course most western Christians also aren't descendants of ancient Christians, but being Christian inherently infers being of Christian religion; just that many Christians very poorly know or understand the true religion, as illustrated, gravely, in the west and illustrate no real Christian qualities. Besides for that major lacune, however, a person saying he or she is Christian, or Muslim, or Hindu, inherently infers being of these religious beliefs. If it doesn't for Hindus, then it nevertheless does, is supposed to for Christians and Muslims.

"Supposed to" and reality often differ.

The guy has good tone, but he evidently doesn't seem to know much about what Al Qaeda is, and evidently doesn't realize that not only did Osama bin Laden deny responsibility for 9/11, which would be very unusual according to western counter-terrorism experts, if he was responsible for 9/11, that is; but the U.S. still has no formal or official charges laid against him for 9/11. And the Bush Jr-Cheney administration based a war of aggression on Afghanistan on the unsupported claim that he was responsible for 9/11. The Taliban offered to hand over OBL three or four times, but said they'd do this only if sufficient evidence of him being responsible for or guilty in the 9/11 attacks was provided; and the Bush Jr-Cheney administration refused to comply with this legitimate condition. The Taliban even offered to judge him under Sharia law, which is not particularly friendly to the neck; detachments happen.

Why did they criminally refuse to comply? Simple, and dark; simply tragic darkness. The Bush Jr-Cheney administration had already been planning for months to wage war on Afghanistan no later than October 2001. 9/11 was clearly used only as a pretext for driving American or western support for the war, and this support was politically needed; strategically speaking. It's why they strategically shut down Able Danger. See Lt Col Anthony Shaffer about Able Danger and what was done to it. I'm not sure to what extent he realizes the Bush Jr-Cheney administration was complicit (minimally) in the 9/11 attacks, but am sure that what he testified before Congress, the House or Senate, is very important and quite revealing.

Somewhere along the line of all of this history, Americans need to get real. Omitting the facts continuously is not acceptable. Being initially ignorant of the facts is one thing; it's normal. Being continuously ignorant of the facts when they've been known and reported for years is another and sad matter, however.

Having had a father who's a former Franciscan brother, a brother in-law who's an Egyptian (and therefore questionable) Muslim, a Jewish or so-called Jewish family member, no problem; but this guy is lacking facts and that's not acceptable. We can't make responsible choices or hold responsible views based on ignorance. Ignorance is not a (lack of) quality that helps us to be [responsible].

However, the Muslim organization, business, mosque, whatever, in the vicinity of where the WTC Towers were in Manhattan (or anywhere else in the U.S.) is no problem.

If they could add a Boston Seafood kiosk for their great clear clam chowder, then this would be all the greater, too. Fantastic clear clam chowder!

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