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A Kind of Barbarism

By missy Beattie - Posted on 22 August 2010

Timothy McVeigh, convicted of killing 168 people in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, was parented by Irish Catholics. He referred to himself as agnostic yet wrote to a friend, prior to his crime: “I have come to peace with myself, my God and my cause.” McVeigh didn’t explain his concept of God. He did, however, request a Mass and a Catholic chaplain as his execution neared.

Are you wondering where I’m going with this?

Straight to Ground Zero and the Cordoba Initiative’s proposed building of an Islamic center within a couple of blocks of the huge hole where the World Trade Center once towered. Straight to confront the firestorm of opposition to a plan that includes a prayer room, an athletic center, culinary school, and art studios.

What if members of the Catholic Church wanted to build a center within a few blocks of the Oklahoma City National Memorial? I doubt there’d be a problem.

But we are living a problemathon.

We’re mired in wars expanded by Obama and his Pentagon handlers. People are dying, daily. Ours. Theirs. Children. The monetary price tag is in the trillions. The cost in blood is incalculable. Add to this Israeli war crimes in Gaza, aided and abetted by the USA.

Barack Obama cannot govern.

Members of Congress are more concerned with their job preservation than with acting on conscience.

The Military Industrial Complex has executive power.

The Gulf of Mexico is toxic wastewater despite government assurances that huge amounts of the oil have disappeared. Truth has been smothered along with marine life. Forty-six US Senators are “employed” by the oil industry.

Into the widening dysfunction, place economic devastation, unemployment, criminal wiretapping, healthcare horror, a greed-crazed power elite, fear, and distrust. Extremism is on the rise, resulting in harassment of immigrants, the use of racially charged labels like illegal alien, religious intolerance, and hatred--ingredients that enthuse an ugly and passionate intensity/propensity for violence. The growing racist movement includes politicians from both mainstream parties who perpetuate the “war on terror” (?) within the US with rhetoric that demonizes Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians who live here.

Bad news abounds. John Bolton is vocal, demanding that Israel attack Iran. This statement is synchronized with the media frenzy surrounding the building of the Islamic center and is a ploy to strengthen Islamophobia.

In the aftermath of 9/11, George W. said:

This crusade, this war on terrorism is gonna take awhile
and the American people must be patient. I'm gonna be
patient. We haven't seen this kind of barbarism in a long
period of time. This is a new kind of evil.

The “kind of barbarism” we saw on that day in September had been and continues to be unleashed by US imperialism and Zionism. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed. Thousands of troops who answered a nationalistic appeal for service and sacrifice have died or suffered life-changing injuries. The so-called “war on terror” overseas is as destructive as the clamor of animus at home, an evil that is moving us backwards. This is a regression of humanity.

Like with 9/11, we need a real, thorough, and thoroughly honest investigation, which we have not had, yet. Like it or not, 9/11 did [not] happen as the Bush Jr-Cheney administration's "official story" was designed to try to get us to believe and we'd have to be fools to believe such criminals. 1995 OKC evidently also did not happen as per the "official" federal and state govt stories and people who [care] can easily enough find information about this attack that corporate media helped to keep out of public knowledge. And the same is true about the 1993 WTC bombing.

Tim McVeigh evidently was involved, but there's also a lot more to the 1995 bombing in OKC than what we'be been told, according to non-msm sources; and much of this is based on a very serious investigation that an Oklahoma Congressman or govt official conducted. It's also based on what some people at the building that was bombed and some locals said about what they witnessed. And it's all censored, or certainly and very underreported. It's censored by the federal and state govts though. Tim McVeigh was working with and for the U.S. military at the time.

There was the bomb that Tim McVeigh allegedly placed in or next to the building, but two other bombs were found before exploding and were in very different parts of the building; and it's not likely that these are all the work of McVeigh and his pal Nichols. This was initially reported by some media, but quickly made unreported, and there are other things that happened which were not or were quickly made unreported. And I believe that one thing that has been left very un- or underreported is that the bomb Tim McVeigh allegedly planted could not have caused the destruction that did occur. But to be sure of all of the details I read about that attack, it'd be necessary to re-read the articles and view the videos again; and I'm not going to do that now. It's all available and is fairly easy to find with Web searches though.

People really need to learn about what's related and what happened at the building before that day, including what was witnessed the day of the bombing; and before, while in what apparently is related to the bombing. When we learn about this, then we can clearly see why an Oklahoma Congressman or govt official definitely wanted to investigate and did. His investigation was very or totally obstructed by federal and state govts and there of course was no valid reason for this. If there was nothing incriminating to hide, then his investigation would not have been obstructed or blocked, but it deliberately was. He conducted a very serious investigation and discovered very important information, but was not allowed to get any further; because of federal and state govts. He apparently was blocked in every way possible, short of ending up "mysteriously" dead.

When we learn what the real and very censored information is, and it is available online, for FREE, then we can see that we definitely [need] thorough and thoroughly honest investigations, but we should also realize that we don't have a govt that's friendly to this. It's a govt of imperialism, colonialism, corporatism, black covert ops, mass murder, "economic hit men", and so on.

When will Americans stop believing such criminals just because it suits feelings, emotions, fear? Many Americans can't stand critically considering the hard truth(s). A lot of people hide from very dark truths due to fear, but a real leader must be able to look at the darkest possible truths and then order or demand real investigations, in order to ascertain what the full truth is and then accordingly act upon it.

OKC 1995, WTC 1993, and 9/11 did [not] happen as the criminal federal govt's "official" stories are designed to try to get us to believe. We can be certain of that. What all of the details of each of these events are is another matter and it requires real investigations and study to find out what the full truths are. But we can rest uncomfortably assured that the truth is not what the govt(s) told us.

The Muslim or Arab man who the federal govt alleged committed the 1993 WTC bombing was rather proven to be innocent, but that was buried by the govt; and the FBI evidently was more than only involved in the bombing. But we don't find this in corporate or most corporate news media, and very few "alternative" media reported about this. However, there are sources.

We'll probably see assassinated Presidents, first; before we get the whole truth on these attacks.

One website to commence this study is It provides a link to, where I think there's a little more information, or links, if recalling correctly. There are other web sites that provide links based on [real] reports, not just opinions or online reader comments, and not just "conspiracy theory". There's real proof of federal govt cover-ups, and in the case of OKC, 1995, also state govt cover-up.

Cover-ups surely don't happen when the govt is honest, which is rare.

A real problem is that we don't get this information from corporate media, national corporate media anyway, and most alternative media, which only or mostly focus on the simple realities we usually don't have much need of them for. If we blindly believe mere corporate news media, or believe that popular alternative news media are thorough, then we're not better than mere human lemmings. We need to strive to be at least a little better than that.

We need real, thorough, and thoroughly honest investigations. We're definitely not getting any; not on or for critically important issues and events anyway.

Add to this Israeli war crimes in Gaza, aided and abetted by the USA.

True, wholly agree, but Gaza is is one of the prime examples. There's also the Congo. There are also the Timorese or East Timorese, and many other people, but the Congo has suffered a genocide of around 10mn over the past decade or so and the west hardly ever takes note of and reports on this; and it's for western corporations, for them to be able to steal the natural resources of the DRC. We have gotten a little more reporting about the U.S. puppet Indonesian regime's crimes against the Timorese, but not much.

They, western ruling elites, use the brutal, murderous dictatorships of Rwanda and Uganda to continue this sort of war on the Congolese. It isn't "theater war", but it's real war nevertheless and major genocide; all for natural resources, stealing them.

The U.S. is criminal against basically all indigenous peoples on Earth, except that it doesn't need to be in Canada, because the Anglo-Saxonized govt of Canada "takes care of business" towards Canadian Indians without needing any help from the U.S., and French Canadians joined in on this "program" starting a couple of centuries ago. South America is different and the U.S. remains very dominant in some parts of the continent, while trying to weaken parts that began to take the path of fairness and resistance against empire USA. The U.S. elites want to destroy these improvements, but hopefully will not succeed. U.S. elites want brutal dictatorships restored and they're not happy until they get what they want.

But the Congo is majorly genocided and the west doesn't blink an eye at or because of this extreme crime that's very covered up; an act that so-called humanitarian organizations literally do contribute to. See Keith Harmon Snow,, and articles by him at various websites, such as,, and others.

A lot of people write about Palestine and the crimes of Israel and the U.S. there, and this is right to do, but we have gotten a lot of reporting and other articles about this, while the Congo majorly suffers and no one blinks a damn eye about this. People need to learn about it and to cease contributing to the cover-up of the major, supreme international crime committed there. It's not a theater war. So what. I don't go to theaters, except for entertainment, when I'm employed and can afford to go, that is. None of these crimes against humanity are entertaining! Theater or not, supreme international crimes and genocide are always important and need to be stopped. And it's major, extreme in the DRC.

I sympathize with Palestinians, but have been losing patience with westerners who write a lot about Palestine and little else; as if there were no other instances of great evil. Consider that humanity is more global and that the crimes of the U.S. and its NATO, and Israeli, allies are also [global]. And I do mean global.

If we only focus on the Palestinian situation, which is extremely bad and unjust, then we will ignore other extremely important injustices. Palestine is an easy topic for Americans, because most people know about it. We need to also include other extreme injustices ignored by most people.

We also ignore the ongoing genocide against American Indians, but American culture doesn't care of the "red skins" die. The same is apparently true in Canada, and parts of South America, if not all of it. I'm not sure about S.A., but the U.S. and Ca definitely ignore the ongoing genocides in these countries; very much anyway. Meanwhile, the govts and corporations continue these genocides.

We need to wake up in more universal terms.

Barack Obama cannot govern.

Members of Congress are more concerned with their job preservation than with acting on conscience.

The Military Industrial Complex has executive power.

True, but the MIC is far from alone to have executive power. The financial, Big Finance elites, are just as bad, or worse. They basically could "pull the plug" on the MIC, which'd be consequentially crippled.

It's "The Money Masters" who really rule. And they have the govt in their "back pocket".

The Gulf of Mexico is toxic wastewater despite government assurances that huge amounts of the oil have disappeared.

Truth has been smothered along with marine life. Forty-six US Senators are “employed” by the oil industry.

The latter is certainly not heartening at all, and the Gulf is dying fast.

They're new web sites to me, since last week, and while I haven't read articles there since, I have seen that there evidently are important articles that continue to be added and recommend that people check out both resources. There are some articles at, but certainly not to the extent of these above resources. But GR might be useful for getting articles by Dahr Jamail and Washington Blog on the crisis in the Gulf. might be as useful as GR, but am not sure about this. It sometimes has articles by Dahr Jamail that are not found at GR, but I don't recall seeing Wa. Blog articles at Uruknet and Wa. Blog articles are sometimes useful, providing additional resource links and information. Most articles I've read by Dahr Jamail have been for, but I also read one over the past week on the Gulf crisis that was for IPS.

But the two above website resources seem to certainly be better, I think. Just checking them over the past week, they seem to add more articles every or nearly every day, and we should be well informed about what's going on in the Gulf and coastal states. It evidently is a very serious or major crisis, and consumers definitely should be informed about [not] consuming any fish or seafood from the Gulf; nothing caught over the past several months.

The fishing industry people there don't want us consuming anything caught in the Gulf over the past several months. Their reputation depends on providing safe food. And this is only one of the ways to be in solidarity with them. The rest depends on getting the govt and, therefore, Obama and his adminikstration to stop being BP's "stooges".

Yes, it is, but then I wonder if it's really regression. Did we evolve enough for the present situation to be really regression, or are we rather just not progressing, evolving; like being stagnant, say?

I'm not sure, but if we consider that ancestors certainly didn't have means for information like we do today, then I guess regression is very and tragically likely. Germans of East Germany who supported Hitler certainly didn't have the information means we have today, and I've previously said that this certainly makes us worse. But I have a questioning and debative mind.

Well, I think regression is likely. And one thing is certain and it's that we haven't evolved, improved. That is for sure.

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