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A Call to Conscience for the U.S. Congress

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January 16 to March 20, 2006
MLK Day until the Third Commemoration of the Iraq War

A campaign of nonviolent action to compel our representatives in Congress to meet the demands of justice and peace:

End the War in Iraq! Not Another Death - Not Another Dollar!

Despite the voices and actions of millions of Americans, it is clear that President Bush has neither the desire nor the wisdom to end the war in Iraq - a war based on lies from its inception.

As the death toll in this war continues to mount - having taken the lives of more than 2,000 U.S. soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqis - and as the monetary cost of the Iraq war closes in on a staggering half trillion dollars, nonviolent activists must take the next step and demand that our Representatives and Senators in Congress who approved the beginning of this war now bring it to an end. There is neither victory nor stability to be had in our continued military occupation of a foreign country - only more death, more destruction, more fear and more hatred.

The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance - which organized the “Remember and Resist

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The lack of ethics and humanitarian principals have been well documented and exposed in relation to Bush and his despicable cabal. The main stream media has also been exposed for its own lack of principals and its complicity with the Bush agenda. It is now right and fitting that congress is made to face its own complicity as well. It is an indictment on congress that, despite number of dead, on all sides, the horrific destruction, the inhuman use of torture, the abuse of civil rights and international law, and the mountain of evidence of the use of lies and deception used by Bush, that congress has to be made to react. If congress is having to be made to represent the people who voted for them, then who is congress representing at this moment?

That congress was at first misled in their support for Bush is accepted. What cannot be accepted is the continued support by congress of Bush after what has been exposed. Is party loyalty more important to congressional members than human life, truth, integrity, morality, ethics and the rights of fellow Americans and the rights of others who also exist in this world. The continued support by congress given to Bush must also include them in the debacle that is taking place. What is it then that still keeps congressional members from opposing Bush? Is the Jack Abramoff case just one tip of just one ice berg? How many more ice berg scenarios exist. Are there others in congress who are compromised and dare not oppose Bush? If congress is the means by which Bush can be removed, then congress is the means by which Bush is kept in the position of authority. Does congress itself need to be fully investigated?

Peace activists must scrap their "aggressive strategy of sit-ins and social disruptions". Instead they should insist that plans be realistic and not engage in “civil disobedience

I have been involved in both activist "rebellions".
No, all avenues haven't been tried yet, but there is a vast difference - in Vietnam we still had a draft. The Iraq war is a war achieved through deceit and lies. People have fallen under a mass spell of propoganda, unlike anything the world has ever seen before.

I think your article is INCREDIBLY racist and unaware. If more people weren't hurting from Katrina I think they'd be marching in DC.

It's not an either/or situation in the US -- it's a both/AND. Everybody does what they have to do. I wish more people would have supported the Thanksgiving event in Texas but I think people are in deadly SHOCK from all the revelations of deceit, graft, extraordinary rendtion flights, wiretapping, etc.

When the final cut comes and people discover the bankruptcy in America and the effects of the budget cuts are felt, chances are that activism will take a much more nonviolent approach.

Jim; I agree wholeheartedly with your peace advocating electoral activism and eschewing civil disobedience.
I hope that anyone reading this will take a deep breath and think about whether he or she wants change bad enough to go beyond the feel good impulse and action.
To all, please help, there is no substitute for effective compassionate government. A progressive humane government is within our power if we will only discipline ourselves and perform the work needed to achieve it.

Surely you jest....congress with a conscience? I had to lay on the floor laughing aloud as I read that one.

That's like Teats on Boar Hogs, Republican's with I.Q.'s higher than '12' (multiplied by some factor unbeknownst to most of us, by the way) and lastly, it's like politicians actually doing something for the people of the United States for once.

god damn, that's a knee slapper. where'd you guys get that one, it's
enough to make even a cockroach (republican) laugh!!!!!

"Don't be fooled by Trotskyites and anarchists who couldn't care less about the war and only see it as a great on-going recruitment gimmick with “civil disobedience

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