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March 20, 2006 marks the day, three years ago, when the United States invaded Iraq. More than 2,200 American soldiers have been killed. Thousands more have been wounded and will bear emotional scars for a lifetime. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have perished. And, under the Bush administration, there appears to be no end in sight. We have written letters and asked for meetings with Mr. Bush, we have demonstrated in large numbers, we have met with our representatives in Congress. Now, we confront the war machine—the Pentagon.

The National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance [NCNR], a campaign of the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, is organizing a march and civil resistance at the Pentagon. The NCNR along with United for Peace and Justice organized the September 26, 2005 mass action at the White House. The U.S. Park Police arrested more than 370 antiwar activists who were taking the names of the dead to the White house fence. This was the most arrests in Park Police history.

In the spirit of King and Gandhi we will march to the Pentagon to deliver our message. Please join us.

Please contact Max Obuszewski at 410-323-7200, ext. 31; or at mobuszewski [at] or Pete Perry at 571-271-1313 or at

More information will be posted at

Mourn the Dead.
Heal the Wounded.
End the War.

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According to a new provision in the Patriot Act that Bush is trying to get passed, Americans may no longer be allowed to protest in public things like the Iraq war. This part of the Act is really scary!!

What BushCo wants, according to the fine print (Sec. 605) of the new PATRIOT Act, is a permanent Praetorian Guard, or Cheka, or Gestapo. It’s all too easy to come up with apt historical analogies—but not with any from this nation’s history.

“A permanent police force, to be known as the ‘United States Secret Service Uniformed Division,’

The final and lasting legacy of Bush-Clinton-Bush will be the tens of thousands of tons of depleted uranium that has been deposited in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. This garbage has affected soldiers and civilians everywhere it has been used. Multiple cancers, birth defects and death.

The resulting radiation will last for millions of years, not only changing the human species, but all life on the planet. DU is an outlawed WMD, yet the US and Israel have both used it in battle, and 27 other countries have it.

This is the paramount reason why these thugs need to be stopped.



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My condemnation of unruly street demonstrations comes from long bitter experience from the sixties and early seventies. Former Senator Gary Hart popularized the term “yuppies

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