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Rep. Conyers Releases 36-Page Timeline of March to War

Congressman John Conyers has produced a 36-page timeline of the Bush Administration's march to war.
Get it here.

Here is Congressman Conyers' summary.


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Holy F*#@ing Moly this is kick Ace !!!

Blow on Conyers, blow on...

To any DSM event you are attending...

It's an excellent discussion resource!!

Could have mentioned Dr./Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski's input, as well as Katharine Gun's, the British UN translator perhaps.

please insert September 2000 white-paper of PNAC's "Rebuilding America's Defenses" by Wm. Kristol's PNAC thugs (AKA Bushco currently.)

It contains that eery wishlist of PNAC's for "a new Pearl Harbor". I think Bushco "OJ'd" us... Bushco(alias PNAC) had the motive and the means, yet is getting away with it:

Please leave OJ out of this.
He is innocent and a victim of a frameup.
Bush is not innocent nor are any of his co-conspirators.

The gloves are off! We support you Mr. Conyers! I think we are finally going to turn the corner.

far too few politicians asking for a Resolution of Inquiry to get moving, which would lead to an impeachment. Based on the facts that have been brought out over the past several months, the president, the vice president are eligible for impeachment, and the rest who had a hand in this, condo-lez rice, colin 'the colon' powell, all of them who signed onto this treason wagon need to get fitted for striped pajama's
and shipped off to a maximun security facility that has no VCR's, no TV sets, now internet, no weight room, no tennis courts, or other wonderful country club furnishings. These folks should get to make a whole lot of very large boulders into very small pebbles for their time in the can,
next to Prince Albert. back on track with Conyers though, he's the only one who really had the guts and the nuts to keep hammering this
stuff home till it started to stick. it's a shame that so few of his
fellow so called representatives, were bereft of gonads enough to lay low and pretend nothing happened.

by January, we should have a new president, new vice president, and
in the next election, a whole lot of incumbent sleaze out the door and
back to private used car selling lives.

I love his bio on his site= "reserved and studious" - yeah , but you know what they say, watch out for the quiet type!

As in anything it can mean or be, good or bad. Quiet can mean observant and analytic. 98% of the loud and boisterous women that i was familiar with, ended up being a "dead lay". Kinda like Bush & Co. For now im ridin in the same pickup that Mr. Conyers is driving. Rep. Conyers knows and won't forget he's under high scrutiny.

I love Conyers, Waxman, Boxer, Waters, and any of the Congessmen who show some cojones, and who refuse to sell-out or kowtow to the Bush Regime!I am so very sick like most of us seeing the Bush regime and Repubs lying, cover-ing up, and being the most corrupt Administration in our history!

Entering the brain-freeze Zone; actually it started before, but was active when 51% of the frozen brains of Americans voted for George Bush in a vote that was hardly a mandate!

It continued when a second questionable election happened and except for a few, not too many wanted to take it further and expose the corruption.

When Americans, our Congress, and definitely the media, did not ask the hard questions about claims of dissenting voices, which were either shut down and/or pressured to go along with a “FIXED POLICY

Great post! I agree with you completely. I have opposed the current occupant of the White House since I heard about him when he was govenor of Texas. I believe that he is criminally insane and should be removed from the Presidency per the 25th ammendment and then Dick"Go F**k Yourself"Cheney, Condoleeza"Not my Husband"(Spoken in I believe late 2000 or early 2001. When I heard it, I thought, "Wow, the evening news is going to be great tonight" and what do you know; it dissappeared.),Donald"You don't get the war you want"(Even though
WE started it.)Rumsfeld, Alberto(torture boy)Gonzales and the rest of this criminal regime should be put in prison. I can dream, can't I? I think that finally the normal American citizen is paying attention and complaining to their local represenatives. I wear an ". . .Impeach" T shirt on my local walks and I've had a lot of people positively respond. I tell them that it's up to us. We have the power to remove the crooks, as long as Diebold isn't involved.


Sue Gronemeyer
Nevada City, CA

This is so good its scary!

Rep. Conyers,
We love ya man and you can have our bus(c)h........on a silver platter. Looks as if we have our own "International Coalition", too! GREAT! Liars and thieves are eventually, always exposed, unfortunatly its the damage the've done along the way before they're stopped. Lying and thievery only beget more lying and thievery. These "Turkeys & Traitors" of the "American People" and "American Dream" are GOING DOWN!!! Mr. Conyers as i said before "excellant" and "sic em." THANKS!

This timeline needs to go to all neo-cons and repugnuts that can read and write. This is absolutely a piece of art. Should be put under protective glass next to the Constitution when it's done! Conyers... you have more than earned your salary... you have earned the respect and eternal gratefulness of a nation on the edge of collapse and dispair. Damn man... I'd be willing to make you King dude! deserve it! Can't wait to see Bush get the rape of his life!

after reading the time-line with all of the fear tactics used, it occured to me that the anthrax letters were sent shortly after 9/11. but bush/cheney were both put on cipro THE DAY OF the attacs. kinda makes you wonder...

Recently as some Democrats stood up and began to challenge the honesty of the Bush Administration's campaign to sell the invasion of Iraq, the Bush Administration responded that this was an attempt to re write history - yet all it takes is a glance over the facts of the Campaign to sell the invasion and occupation of Iraq, to understand that Bush and company were either totally incomopetent in reading intelligence, and understanding issues - or that this administration deliberately misled and misfed information to Congress, the press, and the public. It is Bush and his cohorts who are attemptng to rewrite the history of their actions.
Why the press, and the public outcry is not greater is astounding to me. I figure it must be that we are so embarrassed by being taken in by this scam that we do not want to admit it - or on a more sinistere note, that indeed this nation's powers that be are truly bent on the neo con vision of military acquisition of resources, and territory that we dare not admit in public what is pretty much well known to the rest ofthe world.
I do not need a timeline to understand the situation I was there and I remember; but I appreciate John Conyers putting this together and I hope this as well as much of the material on After Downing Street can becomes the driving force in bringing justice to a situation that is long overdue - that is the removal from office of this criminal regime and its figurehead talking clown, George W. Bush.
Let's hit the road ad get it done!

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