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Protest- Vote for Kucinich on CA Primary Ballot on Feb 5

Protest the (un) Democratic (DemoRatic?) Party for excluding Kucinich from debates as the only candidate standing up for Impeachment by VOTING FOR DENNIS KUCINICH ON THE FEB 5TH CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATIC BALLOT. Also, protest w/ other Kucinich supporters this Thursday at the Kodak Theatre, along with World Can't Wait and Code Pink. We'll have literature in Spanish on issues affecting immigrants written by DK. END NAFTA/ CAFTA and the WTO! Fair Trade, Fair Wages! INVESTIGATE! IMPEACH!

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I Remained D to vote K in the primary, and now have this here absentee ballot with DK already enshrined (also BR and JB, but no MG?! Gravel isn't on the NY ballot? Surprise for me--).

So can NY also vote DK in protest along with CA? (There's not a live candidate on this paper I can tick off without pain, to one degree or another).

Any thoughts? (one always dreaded politics for this very reason, the splitting of hairs over which is the least worser...)

Too late to re-register green (which it ain't easy being, more power to you, Congresswoman McKinney~ Ralph was right! just a season too soon...).

I Remained D to vote K in the primary, and now have this here absentee ballot with DK already enshrined (also BR and JB, but no MG?! Gravel isn't on the NY ballot? Surprise for me--).

So can NY also vote DK in protest along with CA? (There's not a live candidate on this paper I can tick off without pain, to one degree or another).

Any thoughts? (one always dreaded politics for this very reason, the splitting of hairs over which is the least worser...)

Too late to re-register green (which it ain't easy being, more power to you, Congresswoman McKinney~ Ralph was right! just a season too soon...).

My Absentee Ballot was also pre-enshrined with DK (as you say!) , which is fine by me, I would've still voted for him to send "THE MESSAGE" to DC , but mainly to encourage DK to go Independent in the general election this coming November. I do not know if they are going to take "stats" on Democrat Candidates or not in Florida , because technically they are not votes since Democrat Party will not accept them from Florida (long story, I can't explain it, and I don't understand the policital in-fighting anyways).

I figured at the very least my local elections office will get "THE MESSAGE", since I sent my Absentee Ballot via express mail and will look like a white elephant when it graces their doors today. ;-D

I wish I could answer your question more definitively, Natureboy, but please protest anyways , the absentee way !

I so suffer for y'all.
There was a buoyancy of hope, an astringent, citrus-infused sunshine suffusing the state just before the count got quashed...

(Fla's like the last thing I actually remember before 'the bushes reappear'd, and everything got weird'...)

Right On with the express-mail presentation, I even ordered my ballot via trackable ups overnight letter and will return same.

So: A vote for an indy Kucinich it is then.... (goping once?) Thanks so much for the guidance-- we have till like 2/4 postmark and 2/12 receipt-date to be 'Cast and Counted'.

Outkast, yet Kounted... For kucinich!

I regret that I have but one vote to sacrifice for Peace, Justice and Life on Earth.

I so suffer for y'all.
There was a buoyancy of hope, an astringent, citrus-infused sunshine suffusing the state just before the count got quashed...

(Fla's like the last thing I actually remember before 'the bushes reappear'd, and everything got weird'...)

Right On with the express-mail presentation, I even ordered my ballot via trackable ups overnight letter and will return same.

So: A vote for an indy Kucinich it is then.... (goping once?) Thanks so much for the guidance-- we have till like 2/4 postmark and 2/12 receipt-date to be 'Cast and Counted'.

Outkast, yet Kounted... For kucinich!

I regret that I have but one vote to sacrifice for Peace, Justice and Life on Earth.

Thank you AfterDowningStreet for being the only online forum I've found to support what I believe is SO IMPORTANT, including:
Voting for Dennis Kucinich in the primary wherever/however we can, and letting ALL our friends, family, co-workers, etc know why they should be also. Perhaps even convincing other on-line groups like PDA, and others.
IMPEACHMENT. Whether DK is able to come forward with Articles against Bush, Articles against Cheney (HR333) are alive and must continue to be valiently lobbied for every day! Make phone calls to Pelosi and your Reps.
Network, talk it up, wear your DK button when you go shopping, it never fails to start a conversation where you have the opportunity to share the nature of his leadership; connecting our hearts to our minds and to the TRUTH that we are living with LIES.

Kucinich has dropped out of the race.

Ron Paul 2008, He's our only Hope

spam is spam

We know the difference.


He has a huge grassroots support following. Is fighting for the constitution, smaller government,
end the irs,repeal the 16th amendment, supports our individual freedoms, whats us out of
nafta,cafta, wants to stop farmers from having to biochip their animals, supports small family
farms. Wants to stop socialism of gov. Return to gold standard. Get rid of the WTO,NAU
stop National ID card, Bring the troops home from middle east, japan,korea, and europe, Ron Paul a strict constitutionalist wants to
stop any unconstitutional war. Bring all of our troups home, and have diplomacy, trade
and friendship with other nations, but stop this empire bldg, dictation of others nations governments,
and help, vets,childrens, and seniors. Let the young get out of ssi system, but support those
who still need it and are near retirement age. He opposes internet taxes and regulation.
He has never supported in 10 yrs as congressman in texas, any bill that is against
the constitution. We need your help to get his message out. We don't want more
war in Iraq, we don't want government that is not for individual rights and freedoms.
He wants withdrawal of all organizations and trade deals that interfers with Americans
rights of freedom and independance. We have had media blackout, saying there are
only 2 republicans left in the race. Thousands of us across the nation support Dr.Paul,
are money is raised from us poor little guys trying to save the economy and downfall of
this nation. He has more support from active military they all the other candidates, including
democrats combined. Please send this along and I hope and pray you'll
help us. Thank you. Sincerely, Dawn Otto Registered Nurse from Louisville Nebraska.

I Want you to see this video at.

We must get out of the united nations.

Ron Paul 2008, He's our only Hope

Rumor has it your beloved gun-totin' texan wannabe red-state redneck racist xenophobe is finally dropping out of the race- now that he's succeeded in quashing Kucinich and taking the alternative vote by force of red-neck religious cultist paranoia alone.

My question is, does he get to keep all those $millions the enlisted military murderers dumped on him in all those ‘money-bombs’?

His only value was to divide the sleaze of this land and weaken the Mcbomb vote. But with Mcbomb the only remaining red-state miscreant (excepting huck-nut and his minions of squirrel-eating dispensationalist bible-belted, holler-dwellin’ believers) I'm reiterating my prediction: McBomb will win. The wars will get worse, and the only thing that can possibly stop the gluttonous born-again militaristic atrocity that comprises the ENTIRE us electorate (right and 'left') is complete economic collapse, which can't come soon enough.

But thanks to small miracles, we won't be hearing from you paranoid spamming PAULBOTS any more! Go put your fanatical cultist obsessive energies behind hucklenut where maybe you can do some good derailing the most dangerous of the three warmongers vying for the control of the button.

If McBomb gets in, Iran will be incinerated, Botchcorp will be given full pardon and immunity, and the amerigoons will be back to spreading their insane end-times gluttony at the point of a tactical nuke for the foreseeable.

Oh, and all you enlistees who supported the ron paul crackpot paranoia and dumped your ill-gotten minimum wage on the NOLOVElution? Here's a more practical idea for ya: You think warmongering is illegal and you were deployed for a lie? DESERT! Walk off the battlefield at once, refuse to kill for lies ever again, and then put yourselves on trial in the Hague for WAR CRIMES. Without that you know you’ll do it again, why? Because enlisted militarists LOVE TO KILL, just like the psychopaths did blowing up frogs as sick little boys.

Enlistees need to either disappear into the dessert, or confess to your crimes and get locked in zoos, but we DEFINITELY don’t wantcha back. We have enough de-limbed and deranged PTSD vets from your prior illegal wars of aggression, we definitely don’t need you eating up all our revenue with bogus VA medical bills. You are war-criminals, now go away and disappear. Society needs to be purged from enlisted militarists who deploy in illegal wars of aggression, and who refuse to dissent as required by international law.

<1>"The Arc of the Moral universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards justice" ~MLK. "John Conyers and his Committee Needs to Align With The Friggin' Moral Arc Here!" ~io

Ron Paul succeeded in quashing Kucinich? I'd love to hear exactly how you think THAT happened. Last time I checked, Paul wasn't part of the media that did everything it could to ignore and minimize Kucinich at every turn. Paul has been getting the same treatment! And it wasn't RP that went whining to the Nevada Supreme Court when a judge said MSNBC had to either include Kucinich in the Vegas debate or cancel it completely. It was NBC, which is owned by General Electric, which profits from the illegal occupation of Iraq that both Kucinich and Ron Paul are against.

Paul is NOT A RACIST and certainly not a xenophobe. The real xenophobes are the ones who want to bomb the hell out of countries that pose no threat to us, and those who agree with such insane foreign policy.

Have you ever wondered WHY those military people that you call murderers have given more money to Ron Paul than any of the other candidates? Do you think it could be because they also oppose our presence in Iraq and agree with him that we need to just get the hell out? Do you think it's possible that at least some of these people made the calculated but extremely painful decison to deploy to an occupation they know is wrong so they could support their families (which is pretty hard to do from prison), while also supporting the presidential candidate they KNEW would bring them home?

We have some bad seeds over there for sure. But to lump all enlistees into the same category, calling them all murderers, is just ignorant ranting that makes YOU look like the crackpot.

For the record, I think Paul vs. Kucinich would have been the best chance this country had a real election this year. They were the only two willing to truly tackle the ugly realities at home and abroad, and the only two offering real solutions, while the rest continue to rely on the well-worn buzzwords and disingenuous, emotionally charged rhetoric.

It's not hard to see, NatureBoy. You just need to pay attention.

Latest video commentary:
Bush Promises to Break the Law (again)

Mr. Perry,

Unfortunately my dream of Paul dropping out was refuted by his campaign today, apparently one can't believe him even about that.

Interesting also that he did not refute his own magazine's racist spewings, when anyone managing anything published under their name in which anyone spewed racism should have been fired on the spot and a retraction(s) and apologies issued.

Interesting further that you link to the man's own website to prove your point (how’s about an independent source if you have such passionate positions?).

As to undermining Kucinich, well it's not all RP's fault, and as you may note DK would not agree with my venom about RP. DK is a diplomatic peacemaker, I am no politician so am not beholden to show such forgiveness. RP did divide the progressive vote. Case in point my former sexiest mind alive, Naomi Wolf, apparently supports Paul. Why? Because of her somewhat paranoid delusion that we’re headed for a fascist Nazi state. It’s absurd (all due respect, she’s still an amazing individual).

Ron Paul & Alex Jones (all due respect Mr. Jones) are just propagating more fear-mongering with this talk of fascist police states. I for one am SICK of fear mongering, whether it’s about commies, terrorists, Mexicans or fed oligarchies. It’s the oldest trick in the book and I for one ain’t buyin’ it.

This land is far too large and diverse to run it as a dictatorship under martial law, etc. You’d need an ethnic or religious conformity to get that many people to follow, and despite RP’s aryan and kkk supporters who mourn the reduction in ranks of waspy whitey in the USA, it’s likely physiologically impossible to run this place militaristically like it was Germany or Italy ca 1935. None of those worked out too well, even the Stalinist brand of central control didn't work out too well for the Russians.

Why did we get the neocons? Apathy, the people just don’t care— the current cult was ‘elected’ by half of the 30% who vote. More reason the nation will never be fascist, there is no consensus, because there are no general opinions. Americans are simply obviously just daft, and hold no opinions because they don’t think, they just wanna shop and watch TV.

Amerigoons care nothing about anything, except their comforts and gluttony at the expense of everyone and everything else. The only thing they apparently agree on is their right to watch the superbowl and buy cheap gas, regardless of consequences. All their claims of exporting ‘democracy’ were long ago dismembered and disproved when they exported and supported genuine iron-fisted fascism for decades where US business interests are concerned.

NOW, this being an impeachment-related forum, answer this one question:

(Oh wait. let me guess, he's playing party politics-- and yet Nixon was impeached with bipartisan support). SO, RP was an activist in impeaching Clinton over a stain, but can’t find the credible evidence to impeach Botch? Don’t give me that malarkey about wanting it to go to committee, he wanted the bill tabled. And he knew full well that the bill had already gone to Conyers 6 months prior, and that a vote to ‘committee’ meant a vote to file it in Conyers’s circular file.

The problem is you all believe that Mister Magoo smile and concerned-looking brow, while anyone can see he’s full of bunk, on just about everything. It’s called CULTISM. Paul-bots should all go to Waco, TX, rent yourselves a ranch and secede. Then you all can wall out as many Mexicans as you want, and we’ll have dumped a whole hideous uninhabitable dessert-full of red-state gun-mongering, misogynistic cowboy-wannabe macho rednecks all in one shot.

SO, a few more of the classic incongruities about Dr. Paul for starters:

1: He's against gay marriage (now don't say it's because he's a constitutionalist, he's tried to change the constitution before, so that's a blatant hypocrisy-- Some “libertarian”. Truth is he's a bigot about gays, like most all these god-fearin’ fundy republicans).

2: He's against the civil rights act: So again, he's a bigot. No other possible excuse (don’t even try, its all BS, he’s a straight-up bigot—not even the head of the local chapter of the NAACP can convincingly refute that—you can’t be against the civil rights act unless you’re a bigot, period).

3: He's for states rights over fed regs, why? Perhaps it's because:
A: States can bring back Jim Crow and the Lynch law.
B: Corrupt un-watched deregulated state governments can succumb to graft and greed, and log, hunt, and mountain-top remove the entire Rockies in search of his precious GOLD if business interests want to.

4: He doesn't believe global warming exists, or that it's caused largely by CO2 human emissions. That's complete crackpot-ism, show me the science, and I'll show you hundreds if not thousands of scientists who swear otherwise. Why? Because RP is pro business, and backward, and wishes we were living in a Rockwell reprint with ‘America Good Thins by John Wayne strummin’ in the background ( ) .

5: He's for the gold standard. He hoards gold. Yet he doesn't get nor care that gold is perhaps the single most destructive metals mining operation, and with this big run-up, the mines are trashing everything, and they will knock down the entire Andes to get it. (see )

6: He's pro militia gun-nut. Why? Because he claims that state militias are the bulwark against fed martial law. COME AGAIN? These fat gun-totin' rednecks are gonna actually get out of their fat trucks and hold off the fed Blackhawks and bunker-busters with their shotguns?? You KNOW that's absurd (almost as absurd as the militia movement's idea that the feds are gonna parachute down on Denver like Red Dawn and subjugate the nation, when they can't even control the Taliban in a country the size of Texas).

You and all the other Paulies know FULL WELL that the reason redneck goons like ther gunz is because they love to shoot animals for sport. And they’re freakishly addicted to firearms. Not a good addiction. Guns should be massively more restricted and controlled (Oh yeah, I forgot, you hunt deer with your M-16 machine gun, right? Well how come you can’t have grenade launchers and stinger missiles? Because perhaps the ‘right to bear arms’ means just that: Roll up yer friggin sleeves!).

7: He’s anti-immigrant, and want’s to keep the Mexicans out at the point of a bayonet. Why? Because he want’s to keep the ill-gotten wealth on this side of the Rio Grande. Why is Latin America so poor that they risk all to work miserable jobs for $2/hr?? Maybe it has something to do with Paul’s lapdog Raygun and his SOA trained goons with CIA support. slaughtering and torturing all those campesinos in order to overthrow their democratically-elected Latin governments. Why would Paul’s raygunite friends do such a thing, because of the socialists? Wrong again: Try US business interests.

Ron Paul owes the entire Latin American continent REPARATIONS for the decades of US sponsored terrorist atrocities made worse mostly by Raygun whom he sponsored and promoted. The least he can do is care for the ones brazen and brave enough to escape poverty and work in the USA for peanuts. But then, he’s against minimum wage, or helping Katrina victims who lost all due to a fed levy foul-up, so basically there’s no difference between the local poor and the immigrant poor, they’re all screwed, and Paul wants to see to it that they stay that way forever. Ron Paul and Lou Dobbs need to cordon themselves off in some whitey-only country club and get out of the public eye, they are both elitist racists and have no place in government nor broadcasting.

8: He’s an anti-environmentalist. No? you show me ANY environmental concerns he has, other than the piddling backwards points he mentions back-hand on his website. Show me bills he’s signed. It’s right along with the global warming thing.

9: He refutes ANY conspiracy other than the NIST report about what brought down the towers. Now all you Alex Jones loyalists who think they’re for RP, how do you explain that one? Party politics again?.

10: He believes that the answer to “pollution” (try environmental catastrophe and documented mass extinctions) is to deregulate everything, (including the endangered species act which is the ONLY thing slowing down habitat destruction and the clear-cutting of the last 3% of virgin forest in Humboldt) and leave it up to individuals to sue AFTER the damage is done, and with no resources to go up against an illegal behemoth like Pacific Lumber. Fed regs are not perfect, but it’s all we have. Take that away and say goodbye to the last of the ancient trees and about a half-dozen critically endangered species with dozens more to follow. He knows all this, yet he approves, which means he’s a pro-business sociopath, and he want’s to make you feel comfortable about it all when we all know better. He’s also, I believe, pro nuke, which means, again, he’s a sociopath (as Helen Caldicott would so aptly point out).

As to Paul’s anti-war stance? First off, I don’t think it takes a revolution to be anti war, so RP’s no genius about that, it’s that the entire electorate and their candidates are just completely corrupt, complicit and stupid. But all the baggage that RP comes with (which Dennis did not have, I’ve heard NO critique of Dennis kucinich, he’s a visionary politician) is NOT worth his anti-war positions. The fact that he’s the only other candidate in the nation who’s against the war is testament to the sheer daftness of the electorate and the corruption of US politics. Although he’s been great about war in the debates, this is his entire function in US politics. As to the rest of his platform? As scary or scarier than any of them. Hucklenut is also anti fed reserve, why aren’t you supporting him?

As to your troops supporting the campaign: They don’t need Ron Paul to be in office in order to end the war in Iraq, they only need to obey their individual obligations under international law:

( )

The Nuremberg Principles, established at the Nazi trials after World War II, declare that it is the right and responsibility of individual soldiers to refuse to follow illegal orders or to participate in war crimes.

The Geneva Conventions of War define a legal war as one that is undertaken as a last resort in the legitimate self-defense of a nation, and has the support of the international community of nations. It also defines what kind of weapons may be legitimately employed in war, and how civilian populations and captured soldiers should be treated during wartime.

The U.N. Handbook on Refugees calls on countries to provide refuge to soldiers "who refuse to participate in wars widely condemned by the international community as contrary to accepted standards of human behavior."

(Oh yeah, RP want’s to disengage from the UN, the ONLY possible organization of nations in existence other than hideous NATO— good one Ron, way to make peace on earth for real (but oh yeah, he doesn’t care about peace on earth, now that the USA has robbed the planet blind, he want’s to pull within the borders and chow down our blood-soaked ill-gotten wealth-- it was only Kucinich I heard talking REPARATIONS to the Iraqis for the war-crimes of his precious troops).

So, you see, I just might have a clue.

And I do somewhat support a FEW of the troops, but ONLY those like Ehren Watada who obeyed their legal obligation to refuse deployment. As to the rest of them who willingly deployed and willing carry out illegal orders to commit atrocities? Indeed they are all criminals, and that’s not a crack-pot belief, it's a matter of international law. If their commander in chief disavows the law of the land to which we are bound signatories, then that does not nullify the obligations of the individual troops to abide those laws (even if they apparently love to play target-practice and torture ‘rag-heads’ as they so compassionately call them).

Anyone stating otherwise without citing proper law in rebuttal, is the crackpot. Anyone actually carrying out their orders to kill in Iraq? They are murderers, no other term can possibly apply.

Paul is NOT Obi wan Kenobi, and he’s NOT our only hope, so please save it for the paulbot-cult forums?

Thank you.

At least you called me "Mr. Perry." Thanks.

So you have a few clues. I stand corrected. That said, however...

If I had linked to an independent source to make the point that Ron Paul is not a racist, you would have no doubt said that the source was not credible. So I linked right to the man's own words, where he admits that he made a mistake in letting a publication go out (however many times it did) with his name on it without checking the content, and says that for more than a decade he has been trying to make up for that mistake. To hear Ron Paul speak, and having read many of his written messages, then to read some of the quotes attributed to him on those articles (as I did), it's pretty easy to tell that those quotes did not come from him. And it's not what was said, but HOW it was said (words, punctuation, phrasing, etc). I pay close attention to that stuff. I have talked and read commercials for a living for about 20 years.

I would have to agree that "This land is far too large and diverse to run it as a dictatorship under martial law, etc...."

But it doesn't mean they're not trying it. The neocons may not the smartest people in the world, but they don't need to be. They just need to be smarter than the masses they're trying to control. And in today's dumbed-down America, I'm sure you would agree that's not such a tall order. On top of that, the radical minority right has been working on the religious conformity part for decades. Can you say "Intelligent Design?"

If we continue to ignore the signs, we do so at our own peril. Blackwater on the streets of New Orleans, the "mainstream" media favoring exposure of certain presidential candidates over others, a presidential administration that is by far the most impeachable and most criminal this country has ever seen, a Congress that refuses to do anything to hold them accountable in any way whatsoever, and the list goes on.

Mussolini himself, the guy who invented fascism, said it would be more accurately described as corporatism, because it's actually a merger of state and corporate power. I'm not sure what the number is today, but the last time I checked, there were 65 corporate lobbyists for every member of Congress. Call me crazy, but I don't think they're all non-profits working for the interests of the people.

Here's my take on Alex Jones: I think he is absolutely right on a lot of stuff. On other things, not so sure. But the way I see it, far better to speak out about the concerns you have and be wrong, than to keep silent about it and be right.

I am by no means a "Paulbot". I thought long and hard before I decided to speak out in support of him. I am not a gun nut. Don't own one, don't hunt, never have, never will. Don't like guns. But I do support any law abiding citizen's right to have one, AND I believe that just because some groups are making honest efforts to reduce gun violence in our country, it doesn't mean they want to take all the honest peoples' guns away. Jeezus, talk about being paranoid.

I do think Paul's stance on impeachment is completely wrong. I don't agree with him on abortion. I think we need a truly independent criminal investigation of 9/11 (which has yet to happen).

But what he is saying about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan, not having a military presence all over the globe, reducing the insane spending and bureaucratic policies of government as usual, getting rid of the Federal Reserve (which is actually not "Federal" at all - it's a private banking cartel) and eliminating the personal income tax (which could easily be done if the government could stop the insane spending) make perfect sense.

If we're ever going to really turn this country around, people desperately need to stop hanging their hats on a single issue when they get behind a particular candidate. This just feeds right into the divide and conquer elitist strategy. We need to do some homework and make some decisons that can be pretty tough to make. We need to break some molds.

Ron Paul may not be perfect, but he is a hell of a lot closer than certainly anyone who has stood on a GOP debate stage in this campaign, and most of the dem candidates as well.

Latest video commentary:
Bush Promises to Break the Law (again)

You speak the truth here, ron paul may not be perfect, but he's our only and last hope to save this country from tyranny from both parties.

Ron Paul 2008, He's our only Hope

It's a cynical psychological turn from years of this nation’s incomprehensibe marching lemming-like off a militaristic cliff, their believing in Botchcorp’s atrocities, and now all they have to talk about is Huck's hair and Hill's hysteria. Nothing, not even your astute observations about signing statements raises eyebrows, Botchcorp can become increasingly brazen because nothing stops them, not a stitch of resistance from anyone regardless of the broken laws and atrocity propagated by the highest officials in the land.

But then their willing subjects all get their news from Faux, and no amount of break-thru evidence about the farce of faux changes a thing. The people love hate-mongering, lying shock-jocks like billo, and they view elections as golf tournaments, just another game to watch (or not, depending on which evangelical is spewing on the mega-church channel).

The befuddling collapse of Conyers, the scuttling of Kucinich, it all leads to what can only be a government not only bent on illegal manipulation, but likely intimidation and covert threats of foul play.

I keep going back to the likely assassination of Senator Wellstone and family for thumbing his nose at Cheney:

Perhaps this is why Conyers crumbled, Kucinich’s Bush impeachment bill appears to be off the table as well, and nobody backed Kucinich except the excellent Mr. Wexler and a few other fearless rebels.

Were I an activist, or brilliant and driven like Swanson, Ritter, Sheehan, et. al. who took it upon themselves to singlehandedly be the entire bones of the anti-war peace/justice movement), I'd be posting a more intelligent outrage.

Unfortunately this all came right after watching S. Brian Wilson's excellent talk from 2003 ( , courtesy Dandelion Salad, hope all will subscribe to her blog, it's one of the best compendia of alternative news and views around and my personal fave: ).

It’s a riveting analysis by a Viet-Vet from the early stage of the invasion, and a beautiful vision of a possible popular 'paradigm shift' potentially to arise from the absurdity of this war (dissent from a few recent vets re-blogged here: )

But the great shift never came. The atrocities and lies only grew vastly worse since 2003, and like Dr. King’s vision of a transformation of values from a “thing oriented society to a people oriented society”, the awakening never occurred.

In fact popular opinion if anything went the opposite way for most of this time, only recently perhaps drifting into a different fashion-season, a new ‘look’ for the emperor’s new clothes, but no popular outrage at all. People have changed the channel on the war, the ‘surged worked’, so let’s talk religion and fried skwerl ala hucklenut ( ) instead.

Even the left sequestered themselves in the comfort of their multi-$million upper left side co-ops with their lox and bagels and NY Crimes. Perhaps they shook their heads a little, reminisced about their hippie activist past when a nervous white house actually cared about demonstrations. But then the ‘left’ all piled into their SUV for a drive to the country-house in the Berkshires, while Iraq burned at their behest via their unbroken half-decade of complicity.

After Davis Fleetwood (another fave) analyzed of the likely outcome of the elections: in which he likely correctly predicted that McBomb will ‘win’ (as I’ve been saying all along, even when McBomb looked down & out, not that I’m a pundit), is even more reason to get with the reality of the situation. In any case McBomb’s people will eat Obama alive.

But the truth is this population voted for this corporatocracy when they fell headlong in love with raygun almost 30 years ago. They still worship raygun. No amount of MAD near nuclear incineration and the categorical failure of trickle-up economics shakes the heartland’s religious devotion to that senile actor.

The country bought and paid for any plight it must now endure. If that consequence is to be fascism and a dramatic curtailing of liberty via force of blackwater psychopaths, so be it. Nations have endured worse at our own behest. If it’s to be an interminable depression (unlikely, they will incinerate Iran before letting the economy collapse), bring it on.

It’s not that the nation fell asleep during the game, they actively pursued this path through fanaticism and addictive, gluttonous religious mindsets. They’ll just ‘believe’ like they believe in ‘divine design’ and the rapture of the second coming (any born again evangelical who has ANY problem with the so-called ‘virgins’ of the suicide terrorists, better look at their own hyper-violent fanaticism.

Question: What could be more deranged than a suicide bomber? Answer: A Hagee following zionist Bushite who believes he’s doing gods work by fulfilling the dispensationalist scriptures where the ‘jews’ return to ‘israel’, and Botch cleanses the earth by nuclear fire, while the believers are enraptured in orgasmic corporeal glory).

The people’s reward? numbing comfort, irrational self-obsession, and gluttony. Even the poor of this land have it better than the vast majority of humans on earth, who get no food stamps, and are left to decay and die of preventable hunger and disease, while we fund zionists to far greater degree than the whole of Africa, and grow obese on the ill-gotten produce of the planet.

The ONLY matters at hand are impeachment, accountability and demilitarization. All this talk of ‘libertarianism’ ala the-ultra rightist ideology of Ron Paul, or all this other hair-splitting about a health care plan that will never, ever happen here, or all the other visionary ideals of Mr. Kucinich which would have been EXACTLY the right path for the nation, was categorically ignored and rejected by the electorate.

So my conviction is that these amerigoons get what they deserve. The amerigun troops also get what they deserve: brain injuries, catastrophic burns and amputations, a life of grief and pain and PTSD for the blatant war-crimes they committed. And the people again get what they deserve dealing with and paying for these deranged killers when they get back devastated to one degree or another. All I care is that the horrific military assembled by Raygun be brought under control. But it’s clear now this will never happen. Our lives will pass under an increasing din of Orwellian war propagated by the USA, which has been the given for decades now. “The war was never meant to end”.

It is immoral, and actively aiding and abetting war-criminals to vote for any candidate whose main platform position is not impeachment, prosecution, arrest and jail for the current administration. We are safe from Ron Paul’s party-pandering farce about impeachment because Ron Paul will not be elected simply because his one redeeming position, his anti-war stance, is itself wholly unpopular.

This nation LOVES invasions and combat, and no amount of war wounds and deaths has any lasting effect on their obsession. No sooner does one illegal endless horror prosecuted by these deranged citizens en-mass conclude, then they are off to another one, gung ho, ‘support our troops’, nuke the commie bastards (I’ve gone head to head with many active service personnel, and they STILL run that one out, they’re still fighting the anti-communist lie, even though the moving target has changed a couple of times since; now it’s ‘ragheads’, and they long to take on Iran. Mention Mossadeq and the fact that it was the USA who overthrew his model democracy, and their like ‘who? Is he a mullah or the Blind Sheik's brother?).

I don’t think I’d be so cynical and resigned if there was ANY indication of a groundswell of ANY sort of resistance ANYWHERE. I’ve called and written Conyers so many times I’m facetiously thinking of taking on a few aliases, since I suspect my letters by now are piled atop the unread script of H-Res 333 in Conyers’s trash can.

There comes a time when we acknowledge that the electorate is not only a pawn of the military industrial/finance complex, but that they LOVE this, and support the whole thing willingly, and always will despise and slander as ‘unamerican’ anyone who threatens that addiction to gratuitous militarism. These people don’t want to be ‘saved’ unless it’s by Swaggart. And if their son has his face blown off, he must have died for a good cause.

One suspects It will be this way until the end, until Rome burns and the people are finally cut down at the knee by economic destitution as they more than deserve. There simply is no redeeming value to the USA any more. We see how the rule of law is (and likely has always been), a mockery. This ‘glorious’ nation was built on slavery and the ethnic obliteration of Native America. People who say ‘support our flag, support our troops, support our president for better or worse’ are the majority, and they are part and parcel of the crimes of the American electorate.

I don’t blame the president, nor the congress, they’re just manifesting their american dream of selfishness as sanctioned and mandated by the will of the people, as that 70% approval rating of a couple years back showed. I blame the people, and I blame the troops. There is no excuse. We too were raised saying that stupid pledge (what’s a ‘wichit’ anyway?), yet we don’t go along with this for a minute, never did, never will.

Republicanism is likely a chemical imbalance. You can spot right-wingnuts a mile away, they look different, smell different (the ghastly cologne?), they are practically born angry, hostile, anti-compassionate and deranged, like Hannity and Billo. They hunt animals with impunity because they like to kill, and they enlist for these wars for secretly the same reasons. You saw them all lining up behind Newt during the contract on amerigaah. It's omething in the hairline, the jowls, something in that Nestle formula they were fed, (the one we were boycotting all those years ago), or perhaps a preservative in the amerigoon ‘cheese-food’ and baloney they thrived on as kids.

If the congress won’t impeach, and the electorate won’t become outraged over that, then there is no reason to fight for them. What the people and the troops have done is unforgivable, as horrible as any crimes of their forefathers if not worse. People love ameriga out of religious fantasy for a country of laws that simply does not exist, and they’ll stand by their delusions till death do they part.

Why am I a typical amerigoon hating american that Coultergeist loves to deride? Because America is indeed the Beautiful. But the USA SUCKS.

(But don’t take my word for it, as I said. I’m now an incurable cynic, and not of much use to this cause, I did give democracy my all this last year +, but it’s a dead issue for this citizen. Please keep up the fight if you believe, I will still call Conyers, but when this nation again elects a warmonger as is preordained by god it seems, then I will be out of here for real).

The only hope is NOT Ron Paul. Paul is history, and almost completely nutty. The only hope is David Swanson, and those like him who relentlessly and independently speak out above the vast, unbroken din of the brain-dead citizenry of the USA.

David Swanson is a national hero. Thank you David.

"The Arc of the Moral universe Is Long, But It Bends Towards justice" ~MLK.

"John Conyers and his Committee Needs to Align With The Friggin' Moral Arc Here!" ~io

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