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Israel---stop it

To defend Israel in this action in Gaza is insane and goes against everything humans are suppose to be about in the 21st century. Can you at least wonder why Israel invaded this tiny place now? Why Now? What caused the leadership of Israel to start a war with a group of people called Hamas and kill anyone in the way to get to them?

I say the Israel election coming up showed that Barak and Livni were going to lose and a war is always good to boost your standing with the citizens who are frightened of the big bad Hamas guys. Barak is now ahead in the polls in Israel; they even used the words of bush to say there would be “Shock and Awe!” Israel has a right to exist but does not have a right to invade countries at will. America cannot stand up today and tell Israel not to do something that bush has said is the way to go. America invades. Israel invades! Maybe Israel invaded Gaza now because they knew bush would go along and blame Hamas----which he did. What President Obama would say is an unknown.

Why are reporters not allowed in to report real stories instead of what Israel tells them is happening. The schools that were attacked were UN schools; one of the few places the civilians felt any sense of safety, why?

Are they using Phosphorous shells, as we did in Iraq? Why?

What is it that Israel could do before our government will say----enough! Stop it or we will cut off all funding!

Bomb UN marked buildings-----done that
Kill women and children---------done that
Arrest reporters----------------------done that
Blockade a place that is no more than a refugee camp for 18 months------done that

What will it take you to say OK that is all I can take---we must have a cease-fire, end the blockade, give back the land that belongs to the Palestinians and remove the illegal settlements. Help with economic aid to build an independent Palestine and send in UN peacekeepers for a period of time to cool off the area.

The majority of the world has called for a cease-fire, that is only the first step; can you at least agree to that? Israel has said no as of today. They will, in the coming days, agree and maybe we can get some kind of peace in the area, but the US must be an honest broker and not just say Israel is right. The stupid Congress is now attempting to pass a resolution showing support for Israel, that will happen and the wars will go on and on. The question is no longer, “Does Israel have a right to exist?” The question for all of us now, “Will we allow the Palestinians any chance to survive and prosper?” Would it not be great if the Congress would just pass a resolution reaffirming the Nov. 1947 vote to partition Palestine between Arabs and Jews, creating the State of Israel? This was the first attempt to the two state solution, needs more work, but a start. Every time the US comes out just to support Israel, we alienate 1 billion+ Arabs. We could say something like we do not takes sides and every time you kill or seriously injure a civilian, it will cost you 1 million dollars in aid----goes for both Jews and Arabs! We do support Israel financially and indirectly support Arabs in the Middle East; we could do something like this.

Lone vet
joe walsh

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They don't include Arabs in their ECUATION. As you can see in these Quotes i posted and told by Most of their prime ministers.

The real issue is that: NOT A SINGLE Israeli Prime Minister has supported the SHARING of JERUSALEM and in particular EAST JERUSALEN as it was Demanded by the UN.

They claim is was given to them by "GOD".

Now by using "The war on terror" cliche, they want to END any opposition to their IMPERIAL FANTASIES.

The same way NEOCONS did here with 9-11.

If MSM had not censored this truism for so many decades , even when the Fairness Doctrine was in force, then we would not see as much spilled blood of innocent civilians today .

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


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