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Arrest bush and cheney here in Little Beirut

Protest in Portland, Oregon will start on Thursday at high noon across from the fed building and will continue until the war criminals are brought to Justice. Our group called “Individuals for Justice” call on all citizens to join us if you can, otherwise when bush/cheney/rice/rummy or any member of the bush administration comes to your city/ town for a gig, go and protest their presence in your community. They should be hounded for the rest of their lives.

We will use the time at the fed building to plan or announce other actions that must happen, going for a visit to a congressional office with our demands etc. This project will allow you to do something to bring these monsters to justice and accountability. We need your help and assistance in getting the word out that this is an ongoing protest until we get the torturers and murderers before a judge and jury of their peers. Republicans and Democrats must stand up and be accountable. They all need to explain what, how much, when, and who told them of torture, invasion, and murder of the men and woman of our armed forces and the over 1,000,000 civilians of Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Gaza.

Veterans for Peace will be there, I am a member of Vietnam Veterans Against the War and will be there---the Pissed Off Grannies will come, some members of Code Pink will make an appearance. This is the beginning of our effort to call to all of good will----Arrest Bushco and any democrat who knew and said nothing about illegal acts. Harry Reid and Pelosi got to go. Democrats need new leadership in the Senate and the House. Can you just imagine how much we could get done if Bernie Sanders was Majority Leader and Rep. Boxer was House Speaker?

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland--“Little Beirut”

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If more communities and groups would devote at least part of their time, money, and efforts into what you are doing, then something might get done to better our country.

I watch a community near me put all kinds of community activists on tv news programs to take up space, and they do all kinds of would be benevolent deeds- good deed-doers, but they never get to these critical issues, only the politically correct timid pablum stuff.

Every time the national mainslime media networks get a chance they go back over the airliner that landed in the Hudson, River to remind everyone how close death was, etc., and even though it was a good deed, we've heard it so much that it's like mind control. We've heard it already and they don't tell anything of the real nature of the junk debt which will be backing the dollar instead of the good cash funds approved by the G-7 Nations, and World Court.

Keep up the good work! joe martin

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