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Cindy's Stand in Crawford

Core Values?

By Cindy Sheehan

"Everybody likes to dance to a happy tune." -Weezer

After President-Elect, Barack Obama, officially appointed Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, he had this to say: "Senator Clinton shares my core values." Really? I thought that the two dueling Senators had diametrically opposing "Core values." Isn't that why most of the US anti-war movement supported Obama over Clinton? Wasn't Obama the so-called "Anti-War Candidate?" I am amazed that there is no outcry from the "US anti-war movement" over Obama's foreign policy team that includes Robert Gates who will remain as Obama's Secretary of Defense. I don't care how any Democratic shill wants to spin this one; it's not spinnable if one really cares about peace and security.

Troops home…Eventually!?

By Cindy Sheehan

George Bush is the most hated president in American history. Number Two, Harry S. Truman, left office with a 64% disapproval rating and George Bush's is now a very dismal, yet richly deserved 76%. I can't remember a time when Americans have been so united in anything since we were actually a compassionate country after the tragedy on 9-11.

Cindy Sheehan Faring Well in Exit Polls, Dems Harassing Sheehan Volunteers

We've been all over the city at the polls since 7am this morning. We have 12 teams on the streets getting out the vote in CA-8 and we've been cruising all over the city in the Cindy mobile talking to voters everywhere.

Already four of our teams have been harassed by poll workers and police and it's barely past noon. We are complying with all rules and regs, making sure that we are outside of the 100 ft. marker set by the Dept of Elections - but that's not stopping them from trying to keep us away from the voters. Four times in precincts that favor Cindy, workers from the Department of Elections have come out mid-day and recalculated the distance to keep us across the street and far away from people going in to vote. In one instance a city worker actually blocked the poll entrance with a city truck.

In each of these incidents the police have also been called - it seems like someone is working hard to find everyway way they can to intimidate our volunteers. We won't be moved!!!!

Cindy for Congress

Pelosi Won't Debate Sheehan, But Cindy Phoned into a Radio Program Nancy Was On

From IndyBay

Pelosi: Good morning Cindy.

Sheehen: Good morning Ms. Pelosi.

Pelosi: Good morning to you.

Sheehan: It´s nice to talk to you.

Pelosi: My pleasure.

Sheehan: Um. Well first you answer the question about the debate which I think that you-- if you really cared about the voters in San Francisco you could find an hour to debate your opponents, because you do have some opponents here in San Francisco. You haven´t had a town hall meeting...

Krasny interrupts: ´Scuse me, Cindy Sheehan, you had a question you wanted to ask the Speaker?

Sheehan: I do. I do. Over 60% of this district in 2006 voted for an impeachment resolution and I just want to know why you haven´t represented the people of your district and why you haven´t impeached George Bush and Dick Cheney. And you still have time.

Krasny: Alright, thank you for that direct question.

Pelosi: Thank you Cindy. First may I commend Cindy for her race for congress and again express the respect that I have for her for her courage in speaking out in what she believes in, so articulately.

The issue of impeachment is a very controversial one in my own caucus and certainly in the country. The idea that if we disagree with the president we should begin impeachment proceedings is one, that is again, controversial. There are those who believe they have the evidence that the president would be convicted if impeached. Um. I don´t know that we have seen that. I have said that the people who would like to see the president impeached the most are the Republicans. They should love to see the Democrats, as soon as we took power, go down the path of impeaching the president, dividing the country, and neglecting what we wanted to do on minimum wage, and children´s health, and veterans´ benefits and the rest of that, because it would totally consume the congress. It is, again, again, controversial, but if I honestly believed that the president had violated the Constitution of the United States, and if my colleagues believed that, I think you would have seen the president impeached.

Front Window of Cindy Sheehan's Campaign Office Shattered

From Ann Wright and Ray McGovern, working at campaign headquarters of Cindy Sheehan in San Francisco:

At 3:30 AM Oct. 30 (Thursday), just five days before the election, the large front window of the campaign headquarters of Cindy Sheehan was shattered with pieces of glass flying all over the office. Steel grating prevented anyone from actually entering the office, but there was enough space for records and perhaps a computer with sensitive data to be taken. We are now taking inventory (8:30 Pacific Time).

Police responded about 8 AM and left a case number and a form to report missing items. They evidenced no concern that political intimidation may have been part of the motivation, or--worse still--that this may be an operation by a resuscitated "Plumbers" group. (And we do not mean "Joe the plumber." For younger readers, search on "plumbers AND break-ins AND Nixon".)

“Stink Eye Politics”—Running Against the Republicans AND the Democrats: Why I’m Campaigning for Cindy Sheehan

By Ann Wright, retired US Army Reserve Colonel and former US diplomat

I am in San Francisco this week before the election, campaigning for Cindy Sheehan. She is running against both the Republican and Democratic establishments, but more specifically against Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi.
As the Speaker of the House, Pelosi represents and leads the Democratic Party that failed to end the war in Iraq, failed to hold the President and Vice-President of the United States accountable for the lies in the war in Iraq, taking impeachment out of the constitution and “off the table”, knowing about the torture program and refusing to make it public and stopping it, voting for FISA eavesdropping on American citizens, ok-ing the $700 billion and a lot more. She knew these things and didn’t stop them.

Cindy for Congress

We are in the final days of our historic campaign against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. We have come so far with your help and I would first like to thank you for that.
We have accomplished so much against the odds and against every naysayer out there who said that we wouldn't even get on the ballot and have to compete as a "write-in" candidate. Well, we did achieve ballot status and won the luck of the draw by being number one under U.S. Congress.

We have dodged the slings and arrows of outright lies and smears, to the doggedness of the mainstream press' determination to silence our campaign. Through this all, we have been able to raise over a half a million dollars to mount a fierce campaign that will never back down or bow to the status quo of corporatism over the interests of the people.

"The Party's Over?"

By Cindy Sheehan

The title for this piece was a very unfortunate statement that Nancy Pelosi made after she handed the banksters on Wall Street 700 billion dollars of our money. This was a whopper of a crime that bailed out fabulously wealthy people who took risks that made them rich on the way up and now again on their ways down. I don't know about you all, but I could have a heckuva party with 700 billion dollars!

One of the corporations that has now received around 100 billion dollars in federal bailout funds is AIG. This firm has continued to party all over the country: treating its associates to fabulous retreats at taxpayer's expense. Not only is AIG still partying hardy, but according to the Pelosi's recent financial statement, they own between 250-500 thousand dollars in AIG stock. Can we all say, conflict of interest?

Help Cindy Sheehan Run This TV Ad In The San Francisco Right Now To Defeat Pelosi

You asked for a totally pro TV ad for Cindy Sheehan on the Banker's Bailout and here it is! You are absolutely going to love it. Is this a great ad or like what?

New TV Ad Action Page:

This is real simple. We have a Speaker of the House who is determined NOT to listen to the people, has never listened to the people, and never will listen to the people. We have one and only one chance next week to send the one message than cannot be ignored, by electing Cindy Sheehan INSTEAD of Nancy Pelosi.

When we vehemently opposed the obscenely wasteful and wrong footed bailout for all of Pelosi's Wall Street buddies, she would not listen. When we pleaded that Congress bring our troops home immediately she would not listen. When we demanded that the White House be held accountable for their boundless impeachable crimes, Nancy Pelosi would not listen.

Roseanne hits the robocalls for Cindy Sheehan

By San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco voters are getting automated phone calls from comedian Roseanne Barr, asking them to vote for anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in her congressional race against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Putting aside for a moment the question of whether the robocalls are legal in California (they may not be, but as any voter with a phone knows, that's not stopping any politician this fall), is Roseanne really the person any politician wants as the face -- or the voice -- of the campaign?

Take, for example, Barr's comments last week at an event for Sheehan's independent campaign:

"Sometimes me and Pelosi end up in the same circles," she said. "I will walk right up to Nancy Pelosi and slap her right across the face, as I will everybody else in the damn government."

Help Cindy Sheehan Run This Ad In The San Francisco Chronicle To Defeat Pelosi

To see a picture of Pelosi kissing up to Bush, as she prepares to cave in yet again, should help to get the people of San Francisco motivated to vote for her mandatory replacement, Cindy Sheehan. And that is the precise picture you can help run as a full 1/4 page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle this weekend. You can see the ad on this page:

Chronicle Ad Action Page:

The vicious attacks are starting again

By Cindy Sheehan

When I was in Crawford, Tx at Camp Casey in the Summer of '05, I would receive hundreds per day. Of course, I am dishonoring my son's memory and I am un-patriotic and even a "whacko" "nut job" "bat shit crazy" and their favorite: "mama moonbat." I dared to question their President and the lies that led to my son's death. I refused to be an appreciative Gold Star Mother wearing a wilted carnation at the Memorial Day observances and accepting my grief in patriotic silence.

At least when I was in Texas, I had some support from some people who agreed with me on the war and about George Bush. Back then it was not too popular to protest the Emperor, but it made me very popular with the "left" and with the "peace" movement. I knew when the right attacked me with such hateful vigor, I was on the right track. Now, most of the country realizes that the war was/is wrong and that George Bush is a dangerous moron.

Pro-Cindy Sheehan, Anti-Pelosi Rally This Thursday, 10/23, Noon-1 PM, SF Chronicle Building

TIME: Thursday, Oct 23, 12-1 pm

PLACE: In front of the San Francisco Chronicle Building, 901 Mission St., San Francisco. One block from Market Street and the Powell Street BART Station.

BRING: Your sign supporting Cindy Sheehan, denouncing Nancy Pelosi, or whatever you feel. Or just yourself – and your friends.


Every Thursday at noon since mid-September, a group of sign-carrying activists have been walking circles around the Chronicle Building, drawing attention to the Chronicle’s coddling of Nancy Pelosi, and its willful ignoring of the Cindy Sheehan campaign. On the 23rd, Cindy Sheehan (and perhaps other notables) will meet the media on the steps of the old Mint (just across the street). At 12:20, protesters will start walking circles around the Chronicle Building. Walking will continue for approx 20 minutes, allowing office workers time to get back to work.


There are many good reasons to be upset with Nancy Pelosi: single-handedly blocking the impeachment of Bush and Cheney; funding the war instead of ending it; warrantless wiretapping; off-shore drilling; the Wall Street bailout...

But perhaps the most disturbing, the most damning, and the one reason that might explain WHY Pelosi has jumped into bed with the Bush administration, is the torture saga.

Cindy, Charlotte, and Our Constitution

By David Swanson

As you watch the presidential debates, here's a game to play that won't even get you drunk (unless you want to add tequila shots to it): every time you hear John McCain tell a lie write down $10 under the name Charlotte, and every time you hear Barack Obama agree with John McCain write down $10 under the name Cindy. You can also play this if you're broke by writing down 10 hours.

When you're done you can still plan to vote for Obama, with rapture or a clothespin or anything in between. You can still plan to do everything you can to deny Republicans as many seats as possible in both houses of Congress. But you can do something more as well. One thing you can do is send a powerful message to the woman who has managed the war funding, the wall street funding, the Bill of Rights shredding, and the elimination of the power of impeachment from our Constitution over the past two years.


Replace Nancy With Cindy

The solution to this failed leadership of Nancy Pelosi, is over-throwing her in San Francisco.

It's not about being a bad "leader," it's about going against the wishes of her constituents, time and time again!

For Pelosi and her cronies, and against US, impeachment for the criminals George Bush and Dick Cheney was OFF HER TABLE; but war-funding, demolishing FISA and the 4th Amendment, torture and bailing out corporate pirates were ON HER TABLE.

Take Nancy Pelosi's re-election "OFF THE PEOPLE'S TABLE"

Volunteer for Cindy Sheehan for Congress

Donate Money

Spread the Word

Join us for our protest against the bailout at 101 Market; Monday Oct 6th: 7:30 AM

Nancy Pelosi has given San Francisco

$850,000,000,000.00 More Reasons to Vote for

Cindy Sheehan

Respond to the article below which was in the Chronicle On-line today, that never mentions Cindy Sheehan and her courageous and principled stand against Nancy Pelosi:

Support for the Oct. 12 National Day of Action to "Stop the ICE Raids and Deportations" and In Defense of Immigrant Rights

Statement by Cindy Sheehan, Independent Candidate for U.S. Congress in California's 8th District

The vast majority of people who risk their lives to travel to the United States without the certainty of documentation are good, hard-working people who deserve nothing less than respect and dignity. They deserve legalization and the rights we all should be entitled to, including full labor rights and the right to join a union of their choice.

As someone whose family immigrated to this nation, I stand side by the side with all my sisters and brothers who've been forced to migrate to the United States as a result of the policies of our own government, particularly the "free trade" policies, which have destroyed the economies in their countries of origin.

"Small People"

Bailing Out Wall Street by Selling out Main Street
By Cindy Sheehan

I am watching the debate on CSPAN over HR 1424 the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act." As you can imagine there is empty rhetoric on both sides of the issue and there is bi-partisan support and opposition. If anything, it's a little more interesting than usual.
Rep Gary Miller (R-Ca), in a rare lapse of guarded "poli-speak" said that this bill would help the "Small People." Meaning, you and I. Fundamentally, that's what we are to the Congressional-Wall Street Cabal---the "Small People."

But, watching the proceedings, I am underwhelmed how these people are all of a sudden worried about we "Small People."

Tax Revolt

By Cindy Sheehan

"Desperate times call for drastic measures."

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
Declaration of Independence

There are a thousand striking at the branches of evil, to one who is striking at the root.
Henry David Thoreau

The Two Things to Do

By David Swanson

If you want Bush and Cheney prosecuted and/or impeached there are two very useful things you can do.

Charlotte Dennett is a candidate for Attorney General of Vermont who has committed to appointing Vincent Bugliosi special prosecutor to charge Bush et alia with murder. She now has a website that accepts donations. Give everything you can:

Read more about this effort and other efforts to prosecute:

Cindy Sheehan is a candidate for the Congressional seat currently held by the woman who stripped impeachment out of our Constitution, Nancy Pelosi. Give Cindy every dime you can spare:

Read more about this effort and other efforts to impeach:

Mondale and Me (More FISA Revelations)

By Cindy Sheehan

I was flying back to the states from Kristiansand, Norway, after receiving an award and was flying on the leg from Oslo to London. The flight's purser pointed out one of my "countrymen" sitting in 2D. I had already been recognized on the flight by the crew because I had won the award and been on Norwegian TV. The purser pointed to seat 2D and told me that it was Walter Mondale.

I looked and did a double take, because he did not look so much like Mondale from about 10 feet away. I was eventually convinced that it was Walter Mondale (Former Senator from Minnesota; Jimmy Carter's VP, Democratic presidential Candidate in 1984 and Ambassador to Japan during the Clinton administration). So being the shrinking violet that I am, I immediately went to introduce myself.

Cindy Sheehan: Reflections on 9-11

Reflections on 9-11
Cindy Sheehan |

The 7th anniversary of September 11, 2001 is approaching and it seems like a good time to reflect on what our nation has lost since that tragic day and what we can do to go forward.

I do not think that anyone alive on that day will forget the shock that struck our nation when the symbols of US capitalism and militarism were struck out of the clear blue sky. I was in panic mode for a few days, because I did not hear from Casey who was stationed at Ft. Hood on that day and his base went into lock-down and he was too busy to call. Even though we mourn with our fellow Americans, the loss of over 3000 innocent people and the pain their families have had to deal with, the attacks of 9-11 have touched every American.

There are several ways to look at 9-11:

  • 9-11 was planned and executed by the US government.

Movements and Elections — You Can Ignore Politics, but Politics Won’t Ignore You

Movements and Elections — You Can Ignore Politics, but Politics Won’t Ignore You
By Brandon Madsen |

Given how the corporate media presents elections as one big personality contest, and corrupt politicians lie and cheat to get ahead, it’s not surprising that many working-class people have become fed up with elections.

Pelosi Ridicules Protesters: "Can we drill your brains?"

Pelosi to protesters: "Can we drill your brains?"
By Ryan Grim |

House Democratic leaders and protesters waving McCain signs had a war of words Tuesday at a press event outside an old train station. The demonstrators interrupted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with chants of “Drill here! Drill now!”

Pelosi paused and asked the group, “Right here?”

Seeming to enjoy the back and forth, she followed with another question: “Can we drill your brains?”

She went on to refer to the protesters, who continued to chant sporadically, as “handmaidens of Big Oil.” Arguing that increased offshore drilling would reduce gas prices by only a couple of pennies a decade from now, she referred to the demonstrators as the “2-cents-in-10-years-crowd.”

Cindy Sheehan Bugged in Denver

Cindy Sheehan Bugged in Denver
by Rob Kall

Cindy Sheehan returned to her Denver hotel room today to find the door unlocked and ajar. She walked in to discover a man working on her phone, screw driver in hand.

Sheehan reported, in an email,

"As I walked toward my room, I noticed that the door was opened with the security bolt blocking the complete closing of the door. I knew immediately that I had not left the door open, and I double checked to make sure it was the right room because, as a frequent traveler, I have been known to forget my room number, but it was the right room.

I was upset at first thinking that housekeeping had made a mistake and left my room open and I was worried that something might be missing. So I walked into my room and bigger than life, there was a man standing by my desk holding the room phone with a screwdriver in his hand!

John Perry Asks: "Speaker Pelosi, Does the Oath of Office Matter?"

This iReport is a question for the Digg Dialogg interview with Nancy Pelosi. Think it ought to be asked? Cast your vote on by clicking here or .

Here's what you can do to get this question asked of Speaker Pelosi.

  • Watch it and click the link to cast your vote. This campaign ends this Wednesday, 8/27, so please do it now.
  • Use the "Email this page" link at the bottom to email it to others, or send them this link: - and ask them to send it on, too.
  • Remember that this thing is judged on the number of Diggs, so please Digg, Digg, Digg!
  • And by the way, who ever thought we, as citizens and constituents, would have to resort to this gamesmanship to get an answer out of an elected official on such high crimes and misdemeanors?
  • One more thing: If you haven't yet signed Rep. Kucinich's petition aimed at a "Million and More" signatures supporting impeachment to present to Speaker Pelosi on September 10th, please drop by to sign and forward to others, too.

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